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Vicki Byrne groaned as she awoke in the schoolhouse. The light shining on her face made her squint and cover her head with the blankets. She didn't want to get up today, not with her and Judd fighting.

Yes, they had yet another fight the previous day. The two seemed to be constantly bickering, and it was getting to the point where the others didn't so much as glance up when another fight occured. Sure, they were only teenagers. They weren't expected to be perfect. But the fighting was getting worse and worse, and it was getting to the point that Vicki wanted Judd Thompson tojust disappear for a day or so.

To make matters worse, Mark was getting under her skin as well. He sometimes argued with Vicki, although never as much as Judd. Vicki didn't get as annoyed with him; after all, he just lost his cousin John because of the meteor that hit. But with him challenging her decisions, and with her constantly occuring fights with Judd, the teen was getting really annoyed. At the same time, Vicki felt some guilt. Judd must have felt like this whenever she challenged his actions. But, she thought stubbornly, it's always HIS fault. HE'S the one that always makes me feel like I can't come up with any ideas!

She understood that Judd was simply trying to do what was best for the group, but wasn't that her goal as well? When Vicki had the vision of the schoolhouse, Judd wouldn't hear of her sending the group there. Although she had been acting crazy when she went to rescue Phoenix, Judd was the one that pushed her to it. And hey, she ended up helping Charlie escape the GC, so it ended up okay.

Judd was now bugging her about allowing Janie, Melinda, and Charlie staying at the old schoolhouse. "Charlie might tell the GC information about us if he's caught again," he had said yesterday.

"Charlie understands that he can't rat us out," Vicki had spat back. "Besides, he's a good guy. Would you please give him a break?"

"Listen, I'm just saying this..."

"...for the good of the group," Vicki finished sarcastically. "What, do you think I can't handle this? Do you think I don't worry about the Young Trib Force's safety?"

"Of course not! You're putting words in my mouth. Anyway, maybe Charlie won't talk, but Melinda or Janie would. She's a Morale Moniter, remember, Vick?"

"I know that. But Melinda knows Global Community is after her. She knows they'll kill her sooner or later. Besides, she's stuck with us this long with no issues, except that one time when she ran away, but that was at the beginning. It's been a month since then."

"She might not have to tell on us. Maybe she'll do away with us without having anything to do with the GC. And if Melinda doesn't, Janie will surely spill information over to them if it means she can watch as many music videos as she wants."

"She will not!"

"How do you know, Vicki? You're not God; you don't know what's going through her head..."

"No, I'm not God. But I do know that He has a purpose for letting us stay here, and it's not to be killed." With that, Vicki had walked away.

Vicki mentally scolded herself. Part of the reason she and Judd would fight so much was because of her attitude. She had given the same attitude to her parents, although for different reasons, as she did now. The thought of her parents overwhelmed Vicki, although it wasn't as painful as it was at the beginning of the Tribulation. Still...

She wiped her eyes and breathed deeply for a few moments to keep the tears away. The girl took out her prayer journal and wrote,

Dear God, please let Mark, Judd, and I get along better. Help me control my anger, and help me do what's best for everyone.

Vicki hid it in the drawer, then got up and stretched. She hoped God would let the day go fight-free.

Vicki got dressed and went downstairs. It was already ten in the morning. "Morning," she said, as everyone was already awake. Numerous replies were said with various levels of enthusiasm. Shelly had already prepared pancakes, and everyone was chowing down. She took a seat between Charlie and Mark while Shelly got another plate. Vicki happily ate, filling her empty stomach. Mr. Stein was talking about the Meeting of the Witnesses in Israel, which would occur in a few months. The group encouraged him to go if he could.

Mr. Stein said, "I will take one or two people with me, although I wish I could take all of you. It will certainly be a remarkable experience."

Janie sighed. "It sounds more like the dullest experience ever," she muttered. The group ignored her.

After a while, Vicki felt someone staring at her. She turned and saw that it was Mark. "What?" she asked.

"N-nothing." He quickly at his pancake, his eyes downcast and his face slightly red.

"Okay. But if you have a problem, you can always talk to me about it," she said, smiling.

"Yeah, okay," Mark said, still looking away from Vicki. She wasn't sure, but she had a feeling something was up.

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