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Chapter 1

He walked a dark corridor. The walls had a faint organic smell to them. His long black cloke wrapped around his body as he walked. He came to his lover's door. Knocking it lightly, it opened. Come in whispered in his mind. AS he walked into the apartment he nearly ran into Michael. His lover wrapped his arms caringly around his waist, kissing him lightly on the lips, his eyes hungry. The Wraith took his hand and lead him deeper into his apartment. He passed by Michael's bedroom mirror, in which he saw himself. His chocolate brown eyes had turned golden, and his fair pale skin blue.

Carson saw himself as a Wraith.

Carson woke abruptly, sitting bolt upright. He was drenched in sweat, as were his very damp sheets. Moon light from the twin moons casted a soft glow in his room. He places his head in his hands, curling up in a ball. He had thought the dreams had stopped. He had dream of Michael every night for a month after he and major Sheppard blew up the campsite. They had tapered off after a month or so, and he hadn't had a dream like this for almost three weeks.

Carson had never wanted to blow up the Wraith campsite. The Wraith- Humans, who were still human, would've—did—die. And so had Michael. One of the few people who truly understood Carson for who he was.

Deciding he couldn't sleep he headed out on to the veranda.

He gazed out onto Atlantis. With all the moon and star light, even the most deserted areas of the Lost City were lit up. A cool breeze, smelling of the ocean floated around him like a cool blanket. He leaned against the rail, feeling the cold metal press against his skin, closing his eyes.

He was thinking of the night in the camp with Michel. How the Wraith's mind had pressed up against his and broke through his defenses. How Michael had walked through his mind.

Tears fell from his eyes, like a summer rain.

He wondered if the Human- Wraith knew how hard the Scottish doctor had fallen in love with him.

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