Final Author's Note

Nwfairy: Wow guys, I can not believe that we are at the end of all of this madness. What started as a simple one scene story in my head ending up being a MAJOR Epic. And let's just say this is not a story that I am going to forget. –Laughs-

I have some special shout outs to very special reviewers:

Amaruk Wolfheart of the Wraith: You have begged. You have pleaded. You put up with my BS. You have rocked my world. I wish all reviewers were like you, no kidding. Cookie?

Manic Tater: You too have rocked my world, even offering to beta this sorry piece of space junk so I can put it up on Wraithbait. You even go and read my other non-slash stuff. You get a cookie.

Flubber: Your cheerful reviews have brought me back to the bloody computer, sit my butt in a chair, and write out more chapters. For making the world a better place, you get a cookie.

Cocoa Girl 12: Let me put this down in cyber ink, this girl sits there are writes literary a freaking paragraph of detailed questions to almost every chapter. Every time I see her name pop up in my email, I simile, knowing if I answered every single one, she'll won't come read the next chapter. You get a major cookie

Nwfairy: Don't get me wrong, there are still many that deserve my thanks.

Ja'tent: What 'bout me? I'm your favorite character! And you killed me!

Nwfairy: -pats- sorry love, you were really born to die.

Ja'tent: -pouts- no one loves me

Nwfairy: Well you're not getting a fan club, but I still like you. And I made you a good enough villain that people weren't sad to see you go.

Ja'tent:… -goes to sit in a corner and write emo poetry-

Michael: And what about me and Carson? I mean we are physically celibate, but not mentally? Does this even make sense?

Nwfairy: -shifty eyes- mmmmaaaayyybbbeee….

Carson: -sighs and starts dragging Michael away-

Michael: -was about to suck the life from the fan fiction writer- whhhaaatt?

Carson: -raises suggestive eyebrow, then turns and walks away-

Michael: -weights options, picks Carson-

Nwfairy: -pretends to ignore very LOUD noises that the boys are making-

Ja'tent: -comes out of the corner long enough to see Carson and Michael going at it- -goes back to his corner to cut himself-

Nwfairy: See people what I deal with? Yeah…

Nwfairy: So ends a major chapter in my writing career. I don't know what I'll write next, but I think it might deal with McKay, and Radek being turned in to a small animal… Well that's the current plan anyway…

Nwfairy: So with a sad farewell I bid thee goodnight. This book is closed, but be on the watch out. I think I see something over the horizon…