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Prologue: It All Started...

Sweat slowly dripped down his brow as the young ninja went through his routine training. Jiraiya was working him like a madman...Though Naruto couldn't really say he expected anything less from the Perverted Hermit. While he was being worked like a slave, his sensei was probably out at a tavern getting ultimately wasted with seductive women.

"And with my money too!" The blond shinobi growled, focusing back on his training. It was the same routine he'd been going through for the past six weeks. It didn't seem like much to the untrained eye...and Naruto, but Jiraiya wasn't satisfied with the "progress" his pupil had made.

It was driving the blue eyed Ninja insane.

"Next time I'll give him something to really research..." the teen grumbled while he danced through the fluid movements once again, trying to remember the exact way he was supposed to move. Apparently, it was going to make him move faster, more fluid. Like water rather then the not-so-down-to-earth-clump-of-dirt he was. (According to Jiraiya of course.)

He let out a sigh as his concentration was broken yet again by his own thoughts. He was like record stuck on repeat. No matter how hard he tried, his mind always drifted back to his black-haired once friend, Sasuke Uchiha. At this point, Naruto was certain he was supposed to hate his ex-companion, but despite everything he couldn't bring himself even close to it. They always say that there is a fine line between love and hate, but Naruto could sure pinpoint his feelings as so not hate.

"UUUGH!" He cried out, defeated, tried, and heartbroken. "Stupid Sasuke, if you hadn't left then none of this would be happening noooow!"

You're whining again Kit...The ever unhelpful fox demon, who was ultimately locked inside our hero ninja, snickered. He was rather amused by the boys whines, complains, and over all tantrums when it came to the infamously famous Sasuke. (Liv:...does that even make any sense at all?!)

Naruto chose to ignore the demon, a wise decision if he ever made one, and try once again to train.

"Okay, here's how it's going down Naruto, Sasuke Uchiha never existed. You never met that stupid black haired jerk. Now, do as the Perverted Hermit said, and TRAIN!" He cried out, his little pep talk already motivating him to get this show on the road.

"This...isn't working." Barely five minutes had passed and he was already sitting on the ground, blue eyes downcast. "Heh, this must be how Sakura felt when Sasuke first left." He whispered, picking up a leaf. "Damn it." He groaned, "Why'd you leave!? What's so special about that stupid Itachi and who the hell ever anyway!?" His eyes burned. "...you could've stayed with me...living in the past...will get you no where."

You should fallow your own advice Kit...Kyuubi stated. At the moment it seems like you're the one living in the past...

His chest felt tight, but he wasn't going to cry. He hadn't cried in so long. At least not over heartbroken matters.

"Looks like you're all beat up." Jiraiya stood before his pupil, a grin on his face. "Care to show me what you learned?"

Naruto rubbed his eyes and took a deep breath. "Stop living in the past..." he scolded himself. "Sasuke's not coming back. It's over...he's gone." The blond Nin stood up, a new fire in his blue eyes. "I'M READY!" He cried, grinning from ear to ear. He began the steps, concentrating-for once in his life-solely on those steps.

Jiraiya watched him, black eyes alight in satisfaction. He's finally ready.

-Two Years Later-

Blue eyes stared down at the village he knew and loved. Nothing had changed in the last two and a half years. And for that he was glad. Everything was still the same, it was still his home. Even though he'd changed. Though most would commend his changed as only physical, and maybe just a bit of mental, Naruto knew better. He felt like a new person. Of course he stilled whined like a child, and jumped into things before thinking, but at least now he could think. He thought for himself, rationalized, and planned things. Though his plans were rash and a bit unorthodox, they were still plans made by Naruto Uzamaki.


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