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Chapter One: ...With a Kiss


-Chapter Begins-

"Grr, Naruto! Stop being such a Jerk!" Sakura cried, pushing a loose strand of pink hair behind her ear.

"He started it!" Naruto whined, folding his arms defiantly.

"Yeah, but I'm ending it."

In the year that they'd been together...absolutely nothing between Sai and the sixteen-year-old blond had changed. They both snapped, hissed, and spat at each other like tow ally cats. And Sakura wasn't exactly grateful about always stepping in. As she felt inclined to beat the black-haired boy to a pulp herself...

Naruto sighed, sitting on the ground. He wrinkled his nose and pushed out his lower lip, caught somewhere between a pout and a frown. Sakura laughed, happy to know Naruto hadn't changed over much. In the last year that they'd been reunited, Sakura continuously noticed how much her blond teammate had grown. It was expected of course, but she hated it. She had half hoped Naruto would come back, the same as always.

She stood beside him, hand absently playing in his hair. They had grown close, bonding over missions and such in a way neither had expected. Sakura viewed Naruto as something like an 'older brother' and Naruto's childish crush had slowly weaned away.

"Sakura...do you-"

"Don't. Say. His. Name." The pink haired ninja hissed, broken between hating their ex-comrade Sasuke Uchiha, and loving him.

"I was gonna ask if you think we have time to get some ramen." The Uzamaki lied smoothly.

Sakura laughed shakily. "Yeah, sure Naruto."

"And maybe we could even invite Sai to come!" Naruto added wickedly, his eyes glittering queerly.

"Yeah, just remember the last time you tried to jump him?" Sakura snorted.


"Yeah, that's because you woke up in the hospital a week later."


Sakura laughed as they walked down the dirt path towards the ramen shop. Naruto turned his head for a second. He could've sworn he saw a pair of red and black eyes...


He watched them walk away from him. He'd watched them replace him with some pasty-skinned black clad ninja. Watched Naruto become stronger, smarter, independent. Watched as they rebutted him the way he had once rejected them. He watched the people he once grew to care about leave him without a thought. Just as he had.

He watched them...and hated them.


Naruto let out a sigh, settling down on a bench and ignoring the world around him. He turned his focus inward; a process that even Naruto couldn't believe he achieved.

'Oi! Fox!' His inner thoughts called.

Yes, kit?

'...what I saw...was it...was it really?'

The fox demon refused to answer, settling instead on laughing darkly.

Naruto huffed before tuning out the demon locked away inside him. He focused on his self, trying to achieve that inner peace that meditation was supposed to bring. He cleared his mind, relaxed his body, and promptly let out a frustrated growl.

"Are you okay, Naruto?"

Blue eyes blinked open slowly. "HOLY CRAP!" The blond Nin flew backwards, hitting into the bench's back.

Kiba grinned mischievously, dismounting an overly large Akumaru. "Scare yaw?"

"It's been a year, and I still can't get over the fact that Akumaru is...really...really...big." he gave a shaky laugh before climbing off the bench.

"Hehe, yeah the same goes to you."

They grinned at each other before lapsing into silence. Naruto studied the ninja he had always called friend. He, Shikamaru, Choji, and Kiba had always gotten into trouble in the academy when they were little. But, even since graduating...everything had began to change...

"Naruto?" Kiba broke the silence, tilting his head. "Take a picture, it'd last longer."

The blond rolled his eyes. "What are you and Akumaru doing out so late?" he asked, unable to come up with anything witty.

"Couldn't sleep. So we decided to take a walk. Being outside...where everything's calm and peaceful, it relaxes you, ya know?"

The blond nodded in agreement, smiling at the duo. He felt calm, less jittery, around Kiba.

"Wanna go for a ride?" Kiba whispered, leaning towards Naruto.

His body tightened and his breath caught somewhere in his chest cavity. This happened every time Kiba got too close to him. He couldn't think, he couldn't breathe, and everything was spinning. He felt hands running along his shoulders, down his arms, over his back; felt lips moving against his, felt a body pressed against him. The spinning became worse, his thoughts out the window, leaving only a snarky laughing in the back of his mind. He ignored it, a desperate feeling taking hold of his entire body. A tongue passed against his lips, and he opened eagerly. Soon, the two teens were locked in a furious battle of the tongues, over who would be dominating.

Akumaru lay down, placing a paw over his muzzle. As much as he adored and loved his master, he didn't want to watch the make-out session.

Finally Kiba broke away, breathing heavily. Both boys laughed nervously as they pulled apart.

"I'll...I'll see you tomorrow." Kiba declared. The blond nodded and waved, his lips still tingling.

Well that was interesting kit. Since when did you start spontaneously kissing guys? Kyuubi snorted.

Naruto ignored him, walking off in a daze.


Maybe it wouldn't have hurt if it was a girl. Maybe Sasuke wouldn't care if Naruto just had a girlfriend. But watching his blond dobe kiss Kiba Inuzuka stung. He hated it. He wouldn't allow it to happen again.

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