Title loving you

Chapter 1 Confessions

Shadow watch out, as Razor shouted across the room.

Before she could duck a bullet riped right through her knee. Dark Kat slowly came up behind her ready to take the final shot to end Shadow's life forever. Shadow looked up from the floor to see dark figure looming over her. Razor and T-bone were held up with the monsters that Dark Kat had released upon them. Shadow started to crawl on her hands and knee's despite the horrible pain shooting up her leg and try to make it to some where safe. But Dark Kat just stepped in front of her and laughed. Razor and T-bone had finished off their monster's and tried to take down Dark Kat before he killed Shadow.

T-bone you take the left side and I'll take the right side, said Razor.

Got it Razor, yelled T-bone.

Razor and T-bone were coming from the front but Dark Kat was to busy to see them coming. Then Razor and T-bone jumped up into the air and pinned down Dark Kat sending the gun flying through the air. Then Razor hit him so hard that he knocked the massive Kat out cold. After that they ran to Shadow who was still on the cold floor holding her knee.

Shadow can you walk, Razor asked.

Yeah I think so, Shadow answered.

T-bone and Razor helped Shadow carefully off the floor. They started their way out of the of the building.

You okay kid, T-bone asked

Yeah I just need a few bandage's and I'll be fine, answered Shadow.

Then Shadow looked at Razor who was looking away like he was hurt by the thing that she had said.

Razor you okay, said Shadow.

I'm fine Shadow nothings wrong, Razor said as he lied to her.

Okay Razor, But if there is something wrong you could always tell one of us.

Okay Shadow I will, answered Razor.

She's right Razor you could always tell one of us because we're your friends and friends will always listen to you Razor, T-bone replied

Thanks guys come on lets get you to medical attention Shadow, said Razor.

They walked down the hall and to the outside world.

This is Ann Gora and the Swat Kat's have just walked out of the building and with a wounded Shadow in their hands.

She ran up to them and stuck the microphone in their face. Ann started to question them.

Shadow are you okay, Ann asked.

I'm fine thanks to T-bone and Razor if they weren't there I would be dead right now.

Thank Kat's that you have such good friends Shadow, Ann replied.

Yeah thank kat's , Shadow answered.

Then the medical team ran up and took Shadow to the ambulance so she could go to the hospital.

Razor and T-bone couldn't go with them in the ambulance so they jumped into the Turbokat and flew to the hospital .

T-bone can I tell you something, Razor asked nervously.

Sure buddy what is it, T-bone answered.

Back in the building I lied there is something wrong, Razor replied.

Okay what is it Razor, T-bone answered.

I think I'm in love T-bone, Razor said.

With who Pal, T-bone replied.

I've fallen in love with Shadow T-bone replied, Razor.

Shadow, T-bone answered.

Yeah I can't stop myself from thinking about it T-bone, Razor answered.

When are you going to tell her Razor, T-bone asked.

I don't know T-bone but don't worry I'll tell her T-bone, Razor answered.