Chapter 2 Telling you

Razor and T-bone finally reached the hospital and were waiting in the outside the ER. Thats when the press came in looking for the Swat Kats.

Oh Crud Razor its the press, said T-bone.

Yeah looks like we have to face them T-bone, answered Razor.

Looks like it kiddo, replied T-bone.

They looked at the mob of kat's down the hall only to hear the word there they are. Before they could reach them Enforcers stepped in their way. Then out of the mob was Miss,Briggs when she saw them she ran to them.

T-bone, Razor are you guys okay, Callie questioned.

We're fine Miss,Briggs, T-bone answered.

But not Shadow she's still in there, said Razor.

Why is she in there anyway, Callie questioned.

She was shot in the knee and I think their trying to get it out, T-bone replied.

Whats wrong with Razor T-bone, Callie asked.

He's upset Callie thats all, T-bone answered.

About what T-bone, Callie replied.

It's about Shadow we both are its the first time she's been hurt and we've had to go to the hospital Callie, said T-bone.

Well all I have to say is that they hurry up because the press really wants to talk to you guys, Callie replied.

Thirty minutes later the doctor came out of the ER.

T-bone, Razor, Miss,Briggs we're done you can go in and see her down by the way I'm Dr. Talonson, she said.

Nice to meet you Doc, Razor answered.

The bullet did minor damage to her knee. There is going to be a little scar on the front and back of her knee. She won't be able to fight for a few weeks, said Dr.Talonson.

Thanks Doc we'll tell her, answered T-bone.

Wheres her room at Doc, Razor asked.

It's down the hall take a left and it will be the first door on your right, answered Dr. Talonson.

Thank you Doc, Razor replied.

Razor, T-bone, and Callie walked down the hall to Shadow's room and went in.

Hey guys, said Shadow.

Are you okay, Callie asked.

It hurts but I'll live through it Callie, Shadow answered.

Dr.Talonson said that you won't be able to fight for a few weeks Shadow, said T-bone.

Okay thanks for telling me T-bone, answered Shadow.

Guys can I talk to Shadow alone please, asked Razor.

Sure Razor come on Callie Razor wants to talk in privet, said T-bone.

Okay T-bone see you guys later, Callie replied.

T-bone and Callie walked out and closed the door behind them.

Shadow I have to tell you something, said Razor.

Sure Razor you can tell me anything, Shadow answered.

Shadow back at the building I wasn't telling the truth there is something wrong, replied Razor.

Whats wrong Razor, Shadow asked.

Razor walked over to Shadow and sat on the edge of her bed.

The thing is that (sigh) I've fallen in love with you Shadow, Razor answered.

Razor back at the building when we were fighting with Dark Kat you weren't thinking of your safty you were thinking of mine, Shadow questioned.

Yeah, Razor answered.

Shadow put her hand on Razors warm cheek and brought him closer to her. Then their lips met they kissed for five minutes. Then they broke away.

Does this mean you love me Shadow, Razor asked.

Yes, answered Shadow.

They both laughed. Then T-bone and Callie ran in breathing heavy.

Whats wrong with you two, asked Shadow.

The press got by the Enforcers and their looking for us, said T-bone.

Then Dr.Talonson and Commander Feral walked in.

You Swat Kats are causing a lot of trouble, Feral shouted.

Well it's not our fault Feral, yelled Shadow.

Oh really then who's fault is it then, Feral questioned.

Dark Kats if he hadn't shot me in my knee we wouldn't be here right now did that ever a cure to you Feral, Shadow answered.

Yes, Feral replied.

Okay Swat Kats Shadow can go home with you but remember no fighting Shadow. Said Dr.Talonson.

One question Feral, asked T-bone.

What Swat Kat, Feral scold.

How are we going to get out with out being ran over by news reporters, replied T-bone.

There's a barricade leading to the roof so you can get to the turbokat, answered Feral.

Dr.Talonson walked over to Shadow and took the IV out of her arm and gave her crutches. Shadow took the crutches and got of the bed and walked over to were Razor was standing. He raped he's arms around her waist they looked at each other and smiled. Razor put his head on her shoulder.

Hey we're ready to go, replied T-bone.

Let's go guys, replied Shadow.

Shadow, Razor,and T-bone walked out of the room and into the mob of news reporters. There was yelling (don't even think the Swat Kats could hear themselves think.) They made it to the roof. Razor picked up Shadow and ran to the turbokat. T-bone, Razor, and Shadow jumped into the cockpit and took off toward the hanger. Shadow sat in Razors lap. Shadow looked up at Razor and kissed him

the end