Entombing Gabrielle
Entombing Gabrielle

Author: Adelaide
Rating/Pairing: PG/A/G (Ares POV)
Disclaimer: I don't own 'em...wish I did...not doing it for money...please don't sue...
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Author's Note: After "Looking Death in the Eye" I felt that we were cheated not knowing what Ares said to Gabrielle when putting her in the ice tomb. This story was also a challenge, to the ARES-GABRIELLE Mailing List, from a very talented bard named Gabs. So, Gabs if you read this, much love to you.
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Ares stared at the whole scene. His Warrior Princess screamed while kneeling at Gabrielle's side, she was dead. Eve was somewhere in the burning heap of boards. He had wanted to stop the fall of their wagon, but he was no match for three gods. Plus, he knew the two would never forgive him.

Once he saw Xena lift her sword to kill herself he knew he had to stop her.

Appearing just in time, Ares grabbed the sword and threw it behind him. However, Xena pushed him aside and drank the small vile of what he could only assume to be poison.

Ares caught the falling warrior and laid her down next to her Amazon friend.

The three other gods disappeared looking rather smug and satisfied.

That's when Ares really looked at the young bard.

Kneeling down, he picked her up and cradled the limp body. When he disappeared all time stopped.

He reappeared on a snowy mountain, as far north as he could go.

Lying Gabrielle in an ice tomb, Ares leaned against the side of her coffin. He stroked her hair and forehead.

"Gabrielle." He sighed.

"You are with Xena forever now, just like you always wanted." He paused and looked upon her closed eyes, wishing that he could see the fire and passion on her face one more time.

"Every sign should of told me that I would love you. Joining my old chosen. Becoming an Amazon Queen, a warrior under my protection. If that wasn't a sign I don't know what was. I knew I had fallen for you. I just hadn't realized how hard until this moment. Gabrielle you are my source, my essence, and without your light to shine for the world I wish Hercules had turned and used the Cronos rib on me. But you cherished life and for your memory I will too."

He ran his finger over the lips that had poured out all the insults and heated words between them. He thought back and tried to think of when their mocking fights had actually turned into innocent flirting, but it all seemed to be blurred together.

Bending down, he lightly kissed her upon the lips, just like he had always wanted to. He pulled the ice lid across the coffin and shut it. Finally, he placed her psis in a criss-cross on the cover.

"I love you."

He stared for a few more seconds at her blurred image, then he disappeared to get Xena.

The End