Bad Smerek!

Summary: Derek ruins Casey's evening by interrupting Casey while she's watching her favorite movie, What Derek doesn't know is that Casey's birthday is coming up and the movie means more then he could ever realize.

Derek walked down the stairs and noticed Casey watching a movie from the 80's. The 80's weren't that bad, some great movies came out then and who can forget the premier of MTV, not to mention the greatest birth in history: his. He was bored, so bored that he was actually attempting his homework, that is not good for his rep.

"Hey Case, what you watchin'?" Derek plopped down on the couch next to her and started digging into her popcorn.

Casey was so entranced by the movie she barely noticed him, that was until she heard the crunching of popcorn. "Hey that's my popcorn, go make your own."

"But the bowl is so big, Case. Can't you share, I share with you?"

"No you don't." She did not want to be interrupted, she was watching her favorite movie. "Can't you leave, as you can see I'm watching a movie."

"No, Case, you're writing a novel. Of course you're watching a movie. If I do recall, I asked which one and you snapped at me fro eating the popcorn you so graciously wanted to share with me." Casey glared at him, his sarcasm was really annoying, and that smirk was just as bad.

"Sixteen Candles, you happy. Now go away and find something that one brain cell of yours can concentrate on." Casey growled turning back to her movie while snatching her popcorn back.

"No I think I'll watch, it looks interesting, something my one brain cell seems to like." Just so happen that Anthony Michael Hall was in the process of showing the panties to the paying customers.

Casey tried to watch her movie in silence, but every so often Derek would ask a stupid question. She was sure he already knew the answer but he wouldn't relent unless she answered. He asked his questions until Casey got fed up and smacked him. He was not going to ruin her favorite part.

"Thanks for getting my undies back."

"Thanks for coming over."

"Thanks for coming to get me."

"Happy Birthday Samantha, make a wish."

"It already came true."

"Come on get it over with it, it shouldn't take that long to kiss-" Casey's hand clamped over Derek's mouth and she shot him daggers before turning back to the t.v.

If you were here

I could deceive you

If you were here

You would believe

But would you suspect

My emotion wandering


Do not want a part of this anymore

Derek grabbed the remote and switched the channel. Casey attempted to grab the remote from him, but Derek had a slightly stronger grip and wouldn't let go.

"You're a jerk you know that."

"Now why would you say that." That smirk was back and Casey wanted to slap it off his face, but she wasn't willing to let go of the remote.

"You ruined my movie, you ass."

"Aw poor Casey's movie was ruined," Casey was sick of his crap. She let go of the remote and he fell back on to the couch. He looked at her with a smirk as if he had won the wrestling match. Then out of nowhere Casey's fist landed hard in the middle of Derek's face, and they both heard the crack from his nose breaking.

Derek's hands flew to his face to catch the blood that was now streaming from his nose. He shot Casey a look that showed how much he had underestimated her. Then she was gone up the stairs and her door slammed shut followed by loud girly music. Before he could make it to the stairs the front door opened and Nora, George and the kids came in.

"Hey Derek...what happened to your face?"

"It's nothing dad."

"Son your nose is bleeding."

"Really, I couldn't tell." George gave him the look,'Don't get sarcastic with me boy, I'll make that nose bleed more.' "Sorry dad, Casey hit me, and I think it's broken. But it's okay."

"Wait, Casey did that to you." Edwin followed the comment with a chuckle. He quickly shut up when he saw the mean glare from his older brother.

"Yeah, she got mad and punched me."

"What did you do this time?" Lizzie asked. She knew her sister wouldn't hit anyone with out a really good reason, even Derek and he was the bane of her existence, apparently.

"Me do something..?" Derek could never pull off innocence, especially with his family before. What made him think he could do it with Nora's, they were on Casey's side in the first place.

"Because you have a bloody nose, and you say that Casey did it? I think that's proof enough that you did something." Lizzie glared.

Everyone looked at him waiting for his witty comeback, but it wasn't there. "She was watching some movie, I was bored so I bugged her through out the whole thing."

"And she hit you for bugging her, but you bug her all the time?" George asked glancing at his wife to see if she was just as confused. He had never seen the two of them actually get in a physical fight, but he didn't think that Casey was the type to haul out and break someone's nose.

"What movie was she watching, Smerek?" Marti asked in that innocent little voice he couldn't say no to. He picked her up and looked her straight in the eye, giving her a funny disgust face.

"Smarti, she was watching a dumb movie called Sixteen Candles." Derek wasn't expecting this. Marti smacked him hard, well as hard as a little girl can, in the cheek.

"Marti!" George and Nora said in unison.

"Ouch Marti, what was that for?"

"Bad Smerek, you ruined Casey's favorite movie. Don't do that agin it's very rude." She wriggled out of his arms and headed up the stairs to her room.

"What are you two laughing at?" Derek eyed Edwin and Lizzie, they looked like they were ready to fall over from laughing too hard.

"Nothing, it's just now not only will you have two black eyes and a broken nose, but you'll also have a small red hand print to show off at school tomorrow." Derek barred his teeth and the younger siblings took off up the stairs and Derek followed.