Chapter 1

Pre-story bios and a note from the author

This story is my very first Fanfic. This was written as a half-assed gift for my girlfriend. Anyway, now that that's out of the way, its time for the actual prologue. This fanfic was actually a bit fun to do, but lots of work im as lazy as Shikamaru and was very difficult my computer has been so badly addled its sad . Anyway, personally, I like a lot of the characters I make fun of, and I hate a lot of them. Try to figure out which ones I hate and which ones I like. And finally, I have to brush onto this subject, yaoi. Pretty much, I find yaoi tolerable as long as my favorite characters aren't involved (anyone from Final fantasy and FullMetal Alchemist, and Shino). I put it in because no story is complete without some kind of gay side story. Anyway, now I'm going to shut the hell up and drink root beer. Enjoy the story.


Naruto, the orange wearing, loudmouthed, smart ass, dumbass, foxy, ninja lad

Sasuke, the gay ninja no one cares about, went to be Orchimaru's assistant

Sakura, the pink haired chick that has a crush on the gay ninja, but has a relationship with Lee

Tenten, the girl with questionable sexual preferences, loves to have sex, a lot

Neji, has a crush on his cousin, and he teamed up with Jiraya when he discovered his evil eye could see through clothes

Lee, a spandex wearing lad, enjoys training, hard work, and the pink haired chick

Shino, the ladies man, if you have one girl, he has 5, you have 2 girls, he has 14.

Kiba, the dream team of Kiba and Akamaru broke up; Kiba is now in the process of finding another animal to pair up with

Akamaru, went off to dental school, quite unusual for a dog

Hinata, pretty much unchanged, the quite, unconfident, slightly odd, little girl.

Choji, enjoys eating pork, chicken, beef, hotdogs, ramen, guinea pigs, and dog.

Ino, a huge bitch, there's not much else to say about her

Shikamaru, aka Chicken wuss, still says troublesome and bothersome a lot, currently dating Temari

Gaara, has a crush on someone he once tried to kill (so, it could be anyone), that person is a certain spandex wearing fighter

Temari, decided to become a chef, has a bad tendency to add chocolate to everything she cooks, is currently dating Chicken wuss

Kankuro, has finally come to the conclusion that he likes dolls

Haku, a little gay pride advocate

Kimimaru, Wants to work in showbiz, is widely thought to be gay, he isn't

Iruka, teacher at the local school, has an unhealthy obsession for Root beer

Kakashi, recently became obsessed with the final fantasy series

Anko, the crazy ninja instructor, has a crush on Kakashi

Jiraya, Pretty much the only unchanged character

Orchimaru, likes wearing a glove on one hand and dancing to thriller

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