Chapter: 5

Beast Boy had taken a moment before looking away from the screen. That had been...brief. He was hoping he could at least say hi to Terra, but they all had jobs to do. He gave a half hearted sigh before turning back around to look at his new teammates.

Their tower was still under some minor construction, some walls needed put up, things needed installed, just the minor stuff really.

The recreational room set up was a lot like the one back at home- well... the main Titan tower. Only this one had a bookshelf over in the corner, Jericho sat on the red seat that was by it, reading of course. Beast Boy looked around, he had thought he seen Pantha in here, maybe she was in the gym again, putting up that speed bag.

Beast Boy shifted slightly, it felt... awkward at the least. But he pushed that feeling aside and looked around once more. He had fought with these guys before, he knew their basic attacks, and some combos, but they really should get to practice. Instead of waiting for the last moment to try and re-learn each others moves.

See, this isn't so hard... yet He thought with a small grin to himself. "Hey guys, anyone up for some practice?" He asked out with a friendly, toothy grin.

Herald was currently sitting at the breakfast bar in the kitchen, drinking from a water bottle when he heard Beast Boy. He grinned at the green teenager. "You're leader," he reminded, hopping off the spinney stool.

"It's a good first order as leader," Argent approved as she stood up from the couch and walked over. "We need the training."

Herald nodded his agreement. Sure, they were good. But they needed to be better then 'good' and you know what they say: Practice makes perfect.

Beast Boy laughed nervously, "Don't call me that, it sounds too...uptight." He joked before walking towards the exit to the hall. "C'mon, let's see who can find the training room first." He joked.

Jericho shrugged and set his book down before standing up, and jogging to be within the small group, since he had been on the other side of the room.

"It's only true though," Herald stated, Argent nodding in agreement.

It wasn't too much of a walk until the group made it to the training room. Of course it wasn't quite finished, but you couldn't expect it to be. Titans North still had a long way to go before their Tower was perfectly homey.

"It's not much, but it's something." Argent crossed her arms as she examined the training area almost critically.

"Better then nothing," Beast Boy agreed with a toothy grin as he looked around the training area, that Pantha was still working on.

"Just stay away from that side over there-" Pantha pointed to the far left when she saw the others come in. "-And you should be fine."

"Cool with me," Beast Boy jogged forward. He looked back at the others, dang this was awkward, "Teams cool with you guys?"

"I'm down with that," Herald agreed.

"We'll have uneven teams though," Argent commented in indication to the fact that there were five of them, not six like Beast Boy was used to.

"Nah, I'll just sit back with my popcorn and let you guys duke it all out." Beast Boy joked with a toothy grin that only he could pull off. "That will make it even." He got a raised eye browed, yet humored look from Jericho, and laughed. "Just joking, watching you guys beat each other into dust isn't as much fun as doing it myself." He again joked, this time with a mock evil grin. He then looked over the team, thinking for a moment who would do best with who. "Okay- Herald, you got Jericho and Pantha, and Argent, you're stuck with me." He decided.

Argent sighed and rolled her eyes as though regretting that decision already. "Shame," she joked. Yes, joked. Just because she's usually serious doesn't mean she can't have a good laugh once in a while too.

"Alright," Herald approved, nodding to Jericho.

"Okay, let's do this thing." Beast Boy grinned at everyone before jogging to one side of the room, while Pantha and Jericho went on the other. A red painted line marked the middle of the large training room, so this area could be used for the purpose it was about to serve. That was also why the ceiling was high, fifty feet up or so. It gave any flying Titans enough head space, or anyone that might get thrown up too high. Still, the room seemed slightly smaller then the one Beast Boy was used to, not that it mattered anyways. This one was a good size for any team.

Argent followed Beast Boy as Herald went after Pantha and Jericho. The pale skinned girl held her clenched fists up in her battle stance, Herald in his own posture, the Gabriel Horn in one hand. However, he couldn't really send these guys to another dimension…that wouldn't be cool. So, he'd have to rely on hand-to-hand combat for this one.

"Guys ready?" Beast Boy asked, bringing his fingers in and cracking them with his thumb, before releasing them with a smug grin.

"Ready," Herald confirmed as Argent nodded her head once.

"Okay, ready, set, go!" Beast Boy said quickly before sprinting ahead- his body quickly changing into a swift cheetah to avoid the sudden mock punch Pantha made at him.

Herald showed no hesitation in leaping towards Argent. The girl held her hand out before herself, keeping her eyes locked on Herald in a fake glare while her hand glowed. The moment before Herald through his punch at her, a shield formed between the two, held in Argent's left hand with a silver knife in her right. Of course she'd never seriously go after Herald with it. Duh. Instead, she pushed the shield into him, pushing him back a bit before he leapt forward again and threw her a kick which she blocked.

Beast Boy was a bit on the sidelines- watching the others whenever he could. The more he knew about their powers and what all they could do, the better the chances of him making them work together. He then noticed something-... someone was missing here... wait a minute- he looked over at Pantha to see her with green eyes. Duh- Jericho, the posser. He grinned in his cat like way before leaping to the side and morphing into a bull- making Pantha...or rather Jericho back off a little.

Argent and Herald went on fighting, sooner or later getting really into it and quite competitive. They were, however, also tiring. Argent had made two swords out of her power, the plasma, and was currently teaching Herald how to sword fight. She'd had extra time before she was part of a team, and it's only like a teenager who has extra time on her hands to get bored.

And Argent had never been one of the 'Let's go shopping and paint our nails' kind of girls. Plus, it gave them some time to learn and rest, since it was slow going work to learn how to sword fight.

As the training session went on, it went from battle, to more of power teaching. Beast Boy was telling Jericho how to use his powers, how to change from one animal to the other by keeping focus on the animal, while still keeping his mind open enough to know what was going on around him. Beast Boy even let Jericho try a few times, it felt weird. Like he knew what was happening, but could only sit back and enjoy the ride. It had taken Jericho a few times to get down the basic shapes, but even after over a hour of trying he couldn't get the hang of the more difficult shapes, but they finally decided to call it quits for now.

Later that night, after the supper of four large pizzas and the clean up of three empty boxes and some plates, Beast Boy was sitting on the couch flipping through the TV channels. He passed adds for flower pots, action figures, some sitcoms, and other shows of the sort. What caught his eye though, was the news channel. He stopped the flipping when he caught a glimpse of a familiar purple monster on a news recording.

"For the first time in a long time, Jump City was under attack today. The apparent "quiet streak" seems to have worn off with the attack of the infamous Plasmas, luckily the Teen Titans-"

Beast Boy didn't listen to the rest as he watched his friends fight Plasmas. His face turned stern and cold when he studied Plasmas closer. The vision was blurry, but he caught sight of the symbol on the monsters chest. The sharp S made him set his jaw tighter in hatred. Beast Boy's green eyes looked to where Terra was on the TV screen, and worry built inside. He almost missed the rest of it, by not paying attention. Instead was deep in thought, thinking about it all. Just the other week he had been worried about the quietness in Jump City, what a time for his worry to pay off. When he wasn't there.

Stop complaining. Besides, they'll be fine! They're Titans. He told himself with a half hearted sigh. He slipped out of the room a minute later, he was tired anyways. Beast Boy walked down the half finished hall way. Some walls were still bare dry wall, buckets of siding and paint where set aside and against other walls. He grinned; they planned to get some of these walls finished tomorrow if nothing came up. Beast Boy walked into his room, it was about the size of his old one. It was pretty simple, since his suite case was still laying at the foot of the bed, unpacked. It wasn't painted yet either, but he didn't care really. He sat on his bed that was in the corner closest to the door; he pulled out his T-com and looked at it for a minute, before grinning and hitting the call button. "Beast Boy calling Terra." He spoke into it, hoping she wouldn't be too busy to answer. Or just forgot to leave her T-com on her, or had it turned off. He was already missing her, he was having a blast here... but part of him wished he could be back at the tower with the others, putting up with Cyborg's boyfriend/girlfriend jokes while flirting with Terra.

Its just the first day, your just not used to being away from the others yet, he thought while listening to the T-com ring.

A certain blonde teenager had just been leaving her room. She'd been sitting by the window earlier, holding her T-com, waiting for an expected call. She'd left it on the window sill earlier, and upon hearing its ring, instinctively reached for her belt.

"Crap," she muttered, rushing back into her room and frantically searching for it. She checked under the table, the bed, on the shelf, and under the pillow. She bit her lip on the last ring, eyes scanning the room wildly before the ringing yellow contraption finally caught her eye.

She dove for it, hitting the wall bug managing to pull the screen up at the last second. "Hello?" she answered hurriedly and out of breath. Yeah, for a minute she'd forgotten it wasn't a phone. "Beast Boy," she smiled.

Beast Boy smiled, "The one and only." He joked. "Sorry I didn't call earlier- got caught up, you know?" He paused for a minute. "How did your day go?"

"It was okay," Terra shrugged, not sounding quite so sure herself. "We had a fight earlier. Plasmas again." She would have bragged that she'd done really well as a joke, but she didn't. It was harder for her to joke around when Beast Boy wasn't there.

"Yeah- I saw on the TV." Beast Boy smiled, "talk about rocking your way into TV." He joked with a half fake laugh, only half because he personally thought it was funny. He paused again... sawing on his bottom lip for a moment before going on. "I um- saw that… uh- symbol... thing... are you okay? I mean like... I don't know." Beast Boy scratched the back of his head with his spare hand, confusing himself in his speech.

"Yeah…we saw it too. I suspect Robin's been working on it all day," she shrugged. "I'm fine though. No one's hurt or anything." She vaguely wondered how they'd gotten footage for she hadn't seen any cameras around during the battle. Her blue eyes drifted to the window which she stared out a moment.

"That's good. It's been pretty good here too; we're hoping to get some of the tower finished up." Beast Boy grinned again, trying to push back that feeling of worry in his chest.

"That'll help," Terra nodded. "Having a finished roof over your head is always nice." Her attempt at a joke was weak and she knew it. She barely managed a small smile and an even smaller laugh.

Beast Boy laughed, mainly to help lighten the mood. "Yeah- and having a working door on the bathroom is something I think we would all love." He joked back.

"Yeah, no kidding…" Terra trailed. "So…how was your day? What'd you guys do?" she asked. She wondered if he liked it there better, wondered if it was more fun. She hoped not, even though she wanted him to be happy.

"It was great, well, for the most part." Beast Boy laughed, "we did a lot of practice, kinda get used to one another all over again, ya know? It was pretty cool." He was trying not to go crazy with going on how cool his first day was. He guessed he didn't want her to feel bad or anything, or think he didn't miss her. "It would have been better if you where here though." He smiled at her again.

Terra nodded. "Yeah…that sounds cool," she agreed, forcing another smile. It did sound cool, but she'd rather have him back here. With her and the others. He was too far away.

Beast Boy shifted on his seat, making the springs well... make springy noises. He hated when this quiet thing happened between them. "Well…I guess I should let you go, huh? It's probably time for my bed time anyways. Can't really sleep in anymore, something I wish I could change." He laughed.

"Oh…okay," Terra nodded, the smile gradually falling from her face. "Well…I'll talk to you later then, I guess." Things really just didn't seem right anymore.

"Yeah, night Ter, miss ya." He grinned for her one last time before hanging up. Beast Boy sighed heavily before tossing the T-com onto the night stand and falling back on his bed and staring at the ceiling. You would think he would be happier for himself, and spend at least an hour telling Terra about his first day as a leader. But for some reason he hadn't been able to do it, he didn't want to make it look like he didn't miss her, or the others. He had caught himself a few times- almost calling out for Cyborg to check somthing out, or for Terra. But he was too stuborn to go back, and he still really wanted this job. Beast Boy sighed before falling asleep, not bothering to change tonight.

Terra stared at the screen as Beast Boy's picture went out and was replaced by the blank black screen. "Yeah…night…" She closed the T-Com and looked back out the window as though expecting a green hawk to fly up to her window any minute.

When no such thing happened, the blonde stood up and quickly changed into her pajamas. The lights were off and it was quiet as she crawled into bed. She looked over at the clock and stared for a moment. It wasn't even that late…but the time had seemed to drag on and on.

She hadn't gone to bed this early in a long time. But there was nothing to do with Beast Boy gone. The others were still up, sure. But everyone seemed down in the dumps. So, she just settled back and turned over on her side, falling asleep shortly afterward.

Oh. My. God.

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