Lullabies... I grew up knowing them. They're supposed to be cheerful and sometimes help the baby sleep. and the songs, they're all innocent too. But I looked up lyrics to half of them are like really depressing. But I try and use some of the lullabies I know the best.

How many Chapters: Minimum: 7, Maximum amount: 12. I'll let you know

I might not update this one a lot but it's on the top priority list, along with WCS and Slow Down for Danny Phantom. Besides I'm going to be really busy in the coming week so updates to any story will come later and later. (sorry about that)

Max's POV

At Anycase, Enjoy!


Chapter 1:

You Are My Sunshine

It doesn't make sense. How are lullabies the most wonderful thing in the world? They don't really mean anything and they just put little kids to sleep. What a bother.

"You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…"

I whipped my head around at the person singing softly behind me. An old woman petting her cat. Oh. I remember this lullaby. It used to be the way of telling me that everything was fine. Well, that's what it felt like whenever Jeb would sing it to me.

I always thought of sunflowers when I heard that song. It used to make me feel warm inside. Now it's just haunting...

"You make me happy when skies are gray…"

Stop it! I ran away from that woman but the song became haunting in my ears. Stop it! I shook my head in fury. I wanted out! That song brought up so many memories I wish I could forget. It used to be my comfort but now it's my torture.

I wheeled around the corner, heading back to the small flat the flock and I found. They would be waiting for me to come back. I told them I'd scope out the area. Every second my feet pounded against the ground the more that lullaby etched its way into my mind.


My mind screamed towards the song. I slowed to a walk when I reached the building. I didn't want the flock to worry.

I walked up the stairs as calmly as I could with that lullaby stuck in my head, opening the door to the flat feeling sick. The flock was playing cards in the middle of the room. I could only smile meekly. "There are a few Mom and Pop grocery stores around, we should be good for a while." I closed the door and sat down in their circle.

They were playing poker, how amusing. I don't even want to know how Iggy knows what cards he has. Iggy gets weirder by the second. I looked around the circle, there's Fang, a perfect poker face. I grinned at that, he always has the same expression, no matter what. Angel was showing her cards to Total and Gazzy looked as if he was planning to rig a bomb soon. Nudge was abnormally quiet though…

I gazed at her in question. She looked depressed. I wonder what happened to make her fall so silent. I shivered slightly; Fang lifted his gaze from his cards to look at me. I gave him a smile telling him I was alright. Don't you ever get those random shivers telling you that something's going to happen? I do, and I seriously hope Erasers aren't going to attack us.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy when skies are gray…

You never know dear, how much I love you-

I sat beside Fang during his watch. "Did Jeb ever sing a lullaby to you?" I asked. Fang looked at me, surprised at my question. I wouldn't blame him. A stupid question, a childish question, and I had asked it.

"He sung one to me. I never heard him sing it to anyone else." Fang's voice was quieter than normal. "I knew he sung a lullaby to you but I know it wasn't the one he sung to me."

"Can you sing it?" He looked at me as if I were crazy before nodding. I know I'm crazy, in your eyes anyway. I shivered again but this time it was because of the wind. Fang wrapped an arm around me, rubbing one of my arms to warm me up.

"It's pretty stupid though." Fang frowned at the sky. I nodded in acknowledgement. "Hush little baby, don't say a word, Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird. And if that mocking bird don't sing, Daddy's going to buy you a diamond ring." I snickered at the song. Fang glared at me. "I told you it was stupid Max." We sat in silence for a few minutes before he sighed. "The only thing I don't understand is that whenever he sung it something bad would happen afterwards."

"Coincidence?" I asked. Fang shrugged, his hand running up and down my arm continuously. I leaned my head against Fang's shoulder and breathed in his scent quietly.

I felt safe in his arms. I looked up at Fang; his eyes were scanning the area for intruders or attackers. His jaw was set and firm, so serious I could almost laugh. I didn't laugh; it would've been rude.

The lullaby played softly in my mind, a little girl seemed to be singing it. We didn't bother going in when it was Iggy's shift; in fact, we took Iggy's shift. Both of us, we didn't want to leave.

I looked up at Fang once more, just as the first light was coming through the cloudy skies. He looked slightly tired and I could understand that, we've barely got any sleep in the past two weeks. I hate to admit this to you but I love him. I mean he's the best friend anyone can ask for but he's more than a best friend, a brother or anything else. He's more than that. His silence causes me to wonder but he's so helpful when I'm down or out. And really, I wouldn't be anything without Fang.

I began humming the lullaby softly as a tip of yellow flooded the sky. Fang looked at me, slightly surprised I was humming. "You are my sunshine, my only sunshine…" I began singing softly. Why was I singing anyway? I hate this song to the extreme.

"You make me happy when skies are gray…" A faint crash came from within the flat. I stopped singing and looked at Fang, his eyes were wide, did an Eraser sneak in without our knowing? We jumped to our feet and burst into the flat to see Iggy, Nudge and Angel struggling against five Erasers.

How did we miss it? How did we miss ten Erasers getting into the flat? I hurled myself at an Eraser, making it drop Angel. Two Erasers were stuffing Gazzy and Total into a sack. "Fang!" I yelled, directing his attention to Gazzy as I hit two that were struggling with Nudge.


Insert–cuss–word–here. Ari slammed me against the wall, choking me. I kicked at him but he held firm, his other hand pinned my hands to my stomach, I was unable to move. I was struggling for air while the rest of my flock was losing to a pack of Erasers. No! This can't be happening!

Fang yelled towards me as three Erasers began stuffing him in a bag. No! Don't take them! Don't take Fang! The Erasers tied all the bags and threw them on their backs. You can't just take my flock! One by one Erasers jumped out the window.

Strangely enough as I continued to struggle against Ari's hold and watch my flock get kidnapped, that lullaby popped into my head once more. What a wonderful time to have a flipping lullaby pop into my head. Not.

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
You make me happy, when skies are gray…

Ari threw me across the room and jumped out of the window, following the other Erasers. Great. I'm coughing, I lost a battle against Ari, and I just lost my flock. What else could go wrong!

The clouds rumbled threateningly. I glared at it. The rising sun disappeared in the storm clouds and I was now stuck in darkness. Wind blew hard into the flat, making my hair billow around my face as I continued to glare at the window where my flock was taken.

They took my flock; they took Nudge, Gazzy, Iggy, and Total. They stole my Angel again. THEY KIDNAPPED FANG!

I'm more than ticked off. I'm past mad. How would you feel if the love of your life was suddenly taken from you along with your family? Depressed? I don't have time for depressed.

I faintly heard my lullaby being sung as the wind gusted through the room. I glared at the sky thinking of how I would rescue my family.

"You never know dear, how much I love you,
till you take my sunshine away.

Ow... That, for me, was a stab in the back at the end. But then again that's just me... At anycase the sunshine song. I used to sing it a lot when I was little, I sing it often now but that's not the point. Max gets the song cuz, well, it fits her character. I tried to find lullabies to fit in with the flock's personality or with the plot. You'll see.

Preview of Next Chapter:

Chapter 2: Mockingbird

(Fang's POV)

I hear that lullaby again... I haven't heard since Jeb left all those years ago...

Hush little baby don't say a word,
Daddy's gonna buy you a mockingbird.
And if that Mockingbird don't sin-

I let out a frustrated cry. Do you have any idea what it's like to be stuffed in a crate too small for you? My crate's a little bigger than Angel's and she's already cramped in hers. I need room and that annoying song out of my head!

Whenever I hear it bad things happen. When Jeb sang it to me, it was before Iggy broke his nose, Max sprained her ankle, Angel came down with some sort of bird flu, and when I sang it, Erasers attacked. I hate that song. "I hate mockingbirds." I muttered, looking out of my crate in search of the rest of the flock.

"Now why would you hate such an innocent animal?" I knew that voice from anywhere. Jeb.