Raito walked down the street, his hands placed in his pockets, ignoring Ryuuk, who was floating gracelessly above him.


Raito froze and whipped around, staring behind him with wide eyes.

"Somethin' wrong, Raito?" questioned Ryuuk, floating upside down, above the teen.

Raito slowly shook his head. "n... No. Nothing..." his voice was shaking slightly.

Turning, Raito picked up his pace and quickly walked into his house. He'd been hearing that voice for three days...

Raito dodged Misa, who tried to hug him in a 'welcome home' manner, walking feverishly strait to his study.

He needed to think.

"What's wrong, my love?" Misa questioned from the doorway as Raito sat down at his seat and started typing quickly.

No answer.

"Misa wants to help Raito! Tell Misa what to do!" Misa whined dramatically to her fiancee's back.

"Commit suicide. That will help me." Raito growled softly under his breath.

Half an hour later, Raito was still in his study, writing quickly on a piece of paper, ignoring Misa, who was talking in her annoying, high-pitched manner on the phone to one of her model friends down the hall, and Ryuuk was going through their basket of apples on the kitchen bench.


Raito froze, his pen poised above his piece of paper, eyes wide.


The paper slowly started to get dotted with ink as Raito's hand started shaking.


Raito could've sworn he felt someone's breath ghost across his neck.

"Oi! Raito!"

Raito's head snapped up and stared at Ryuuk, who was floating, upside down, his face inches from his own.

"'sup, Raito? You look like you've seen a ghost." Ryuuk said curiously.

Raito gave him a flat look.

"Figure of speech, of course." grinned the death god, flashing razor-like teeth before floating up, up and away, to the kitchen.

Raito looked around his study silently. Finding everything normal, Raito frowned. Was he going crazy? Why did he keep on hearing that voice?


Raito froze, hearing the voice come from just behind him. Just like every other time he'd heard it.

"... I hope you can hear me..." whispered the voice, it's breath ruffling the ends of Raito's hair ever so sightly.

Raito placed a hand to his forehead, closing his eyes tightly, trying to find a logical explanation for this.

"... I could just be going crazy..." Raito reasoned after a moment, running thin fingers through his golden brown hair.

"How so?" questioned the voice, a thin, cold finger poking Raito in the back of the neck experimentally.

Raito gritted his teeth. "Because you're dead, Ryuuzaki."

"Oh, yes..." sighed L's voice softly, almost sounding amused. "I am, aren't i?"

Raito felt his jaw protest as his teeth were gritted even more tightly.

"Do you not have questions for me, Yagami-kun?" L asked, Raito hearing a ruffle of baggy clothing as the ghost shifted to stand on it's other foot.

"Many." Raito gritted out before standing up.

"Don't turn around." L said softly, still behind him.

"... Why not?"

"I'll disappear if you do." a soft, almost depressed sigh.

"... Is this what the death gods call 'haunting'?"

"I believe so. Ghosts contacting the living, only the living being forced to be unable look at them directly? A rather devious way to cause someone to go insane, wouldn't you say?"

Raito let out a sound somewhere in between a growl and a hiss, stomping out the door, hearing the soft tapping of bare feet follow him.

((TBC. I was soooo unhappy that L died. TT.TT so, i thought i'd bring him back somehow, in one of my meaningless fanfictions. it will be explained how L got to haunt Raito in the next chapter, if i ever write it. don't bust a ba-hoozit about it. :3 this will eventually be Yaoi or Slash. L x Raito. anyway, thank you for reading!))