"are we?"

Bare feet paused on sharp, jagged, hand-sized rocks, and messy black hair was scratched at with a thin-fingered pale hand, knee-high mist tickling at tattered jeans.

"Yes, I am afraid so, Cerberus-san."

The three-headed hound looked down at the young ghost, who was barely as big as one of his fangs, the hound's six large golden eyes staring down at him with a hunger, though, tinted with an ever so slight amount of pity.

"Do you" started his head on the right.

"have" continued his middle head.

"a sop?" finished his left head.

The late detective rummaged in his pockets, before removing half of a small piece of glimmering white cake, tiny pink heart-like petals sprinkled all over it, and he rose it above his head to the hound, a dark messy fringe obstructing his eyes from view.

Cerberus sniffed at the cake, before removing a lathered tongue from his mouth and lapped up the cake in a single pass of his tongue. He usually demanded a dead bull-cow at the least, but he had taken a liking to this human.

"Go ahead." Stated Cerberus' middle head simply, placing his three heads down on the ground, the young ghost climbing onto one of his large slippery noses.

Cerberus trotted silently across the jagged rocks that became bigger and sharper, but were harmless to him, and came to a cliff that was exactly the same height as he was, raising his nose so it was level with the cliff, Cerberus' eyes only just able to see the rusted black iron gates towering over him and balancing on the sharp rocks above him, the cliff making the gates seem more menacing.

L climbed off Cerberus' nose and navigated in between the sharp jagged rocks that easily reached his shoulders, his small pale feet being slashed by the terrible stones, but no blood leaking from them. Finally, L came to the gates, and squeezed through the gaps in between the rusted iron bars, his ribs groaning with the effort as the rust scraped at them, then,


L stumbled forward, free of the rusted bars, mist tickling at his clavicles as he walked forward quickly, only just able to see over the shoulder-high white mist. The sky was white, though, there was no sun. The mist ran on endlessly. There was no end to it.

L didn't stop to start calculating the possibility for a white, sun-less sky. He just continued walking, his feet brushing against soft, wool-like ground, then--

His feet met nothing.

L fell from the sky, hair whipping back, clothing slapping against his sensitive skin, tumbling as he fell, streaking past skyscrapers, unable to control which way he was going, continuing to fall, fall, fall. Down, down, down.

L saw a familiar apartment building under him, and he sighed, feeling himself zoom through the roof as though it was nothing but mist. And another floor, and another, and another. They sped past faster than he could blink, and he almost felt like someone was helping him, as he was slowly turned, so, instead of his face going through the floors first, it as his feet, and, WHAM.

L stumbled and fell onto the floor, only just catching himself before he smashed his non-existant scull into the side of the bedside table.


L looked up.

He was back in Raito's room. Just as he had left it, except, he left five minutes ago, and Raito wasn't sleep then.

Slowly standing, the late detective stared down at his so-called nemesis, who was currently sleeping contentedly, one arm tucked under his pillow, the other curled under his chin, akin to a cat, his golden-brown hair tangled about his ears and fanned over his pillow, a pale shoulder revealed under a warm blanket, his back to L.

Oh, how L wished he could sleep...

Large, dark-rimmed onyx eyes stared down at Raito as L raised one spider-like hand, his hand and Raito's sleeping form reflected in his large eyes as he placed his fingertips onto Raito's warm shoulder.

His skin wasn't warm to L. It was searing hot.

L's skin was cold, so, the temperature of Raito's own skin was amplified to unexplainable proportions. Trailing his pale fingers upwards, L traced Raito's jugular, his neck was hotter then his shoulder.

Raito squirmed slightly in his sleep, burying his nose into his pillow, L removed his hand from Raito's searing hot skin immediately, before sighing as he gently leant down, placing a single, cool kiss onto Raito's neck, just under his ear, Raito's pulse transmitting into L and, ever so slightly, making him feel warm again.

The detective straitened back up as though it was nothing, though, a tint of sadness glazed his large eyes as the warmth faded away, and he reached over Raito and removed the other pillow from the bed, and sat down in his usual way, his back against the bedside table.

Oh, how he wished he could sleep.

L cuddled the pillow to his chest and placed his cheek against it, looking away from Raito, a single glittering tear falling from his transparent eyelashes and falling onto the pure white pillow, leaving an ever-so dainty grey spot.

((TBC. I actually had this chapter finished eight days after I posted the last one, but I thought i should post it on valentines day instead, because it has the first direct show of shounen-ai in it. YAY! anyway, I hope you like it! Cerberus-san will be coming back, I think. But, anyway! A 'sop' is a small piece of food or something like a bribe, for those who didn't know!))