alright don't yell at me or message me about what a horrible author i am but prepare yourselves...

i'm putting this story on hiatus

i know i'm not the best at updating, but that's usually because i feel no inspiration.

now i can't update because my personal life is--for lack of a better word--shit right now.

i'm in the middle (more like the beginning) of a divorce and the emotional, financial, and social backlash from that is taking up my time and literally sucked my passion for writing out of my life. i can barely get the energy to get up to go to work, let alone write a story.

especially a romance...

i don't know how long this mood is gonna last, but if it's longer than two months, i'll hold "open auditions" for other authors who might want to take this story up and continue writing it with notes and outlines that i have.

again, i'm sorry about the delays...especially to those who've been with this story from the beginning.

nothing can really express the pain i'm feeling right now and no words i can put together can explain why my divorce is even happening in the first place...but my younger cousin played a song for me and the chorus hit me kinda hard:

I don't know what I'd do if I ever lost you
And all the loneliness I would go through
But if you wanna leave I won't stop you
'Cause I don't want you if you don't want me
To be the one...the only one you wanna run to
Baby boy you know I've just begun to
Realize what's important to me
So don't leave.
Don't leave
--"Don't Leave" by Vanessa Hudgens

yeah...I know...I'm not a fan of High School Musical, but those lyrics are especially meaningful to me right now...

anyone count the number of times i used "especially" in this message?