This story is based on the work Maximum Ride by James Patterson. The consept of Erasers belongs to James Patterson and do not belong to me.

All other characters adn the story itself is my own work

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Dangerous Choice


A feather, floating down through the darkness, pure white, directly contrasting the darkness, the shades of black versus the tint of white standing out from each other, the black dark, the white bright to the eyes. The feather comes in contact with something solid. Ripples of color emanate outwards from the point of the feathers touch with the surface.

Suddenly the world comes into existence; on a path, one that is familiar, yet can't quite be remembered. It was the old path that ran right next to the railway tracks of town. The world is quiet; all signs of civilization faded into the background leaving a feeling of isolation floating on the air. The sound of an approaching train breaks the isolation, the ground rumbles slightly underfoot. A motionless form lies on the tracks, a person, by the structure of the form. The tracks were lined with steep inclines, gorse bushes growing down them. A sharp pain breaks the feeling on unreality as the gorse bushes scratch and trip. Closer to the form, it is indeed a person, badly injured and unconscious.

The ground is rumbling noticeably now, the train coming closer, hearing the sounds of the wheels grinding against the rails. The person is a girl, blonde hair, matted with blood from a concussion on her head. Her arms and legs are scratched and she appears to have slash marks from a wild animal, although none are in the area. The sound of the oncoming train is now deafening, the ground rumbling so much the stones littering it were being rattled around, the vibrations moving them along the ground. A whistle pierces the air, shrill and loud, the train bears down on the girl, not able to slow down, not seeing the form on the rails, as it continues to bear down, coming closer and closer. A figure appears up on the path, looking down in horror at the scene folding out below, at the impending doom of the girl on the rails. He flings himself off the path, down the incline, attempting to save the girl before the trains arrives, the figure…

I awoke, laying in my own cold sweat from the nightmare I had witnessed. I looked at my clock, it was six thirty in the morning and I had school that day. I couldn't get back to sleep and so I got up and went to the bathroom off my bedroom. I stared at my reflection in the mirror. My dirty blond colored hair defied the laws of gravity by sticking up at all angles instead of the mop like state it is normally in. I was pretty average, about five feet nine with dirty blond hair, normal physique of someone who liked to stay fit, but wasn't interested inbeing a sports jock. The only thing that made me unique from everyone was my eyes. They were a natural pale violet color, although they occasionally changed to a startling blue. At times it couldn't decide what color it wanted to be, other times, it refused to change, but most commonly they were seen by most people as blue eyes. Only my family and my friends had ever seen my natural eye color, and even then it was a rare occurrence.

Bag hung under my eyes, not very noticeable, but there. For the past few days, I had been having the same dream over and over, yet still hadn't figured out what it meant. The figure, jumping off the incline was me. I shook my head to rid my head of those thoughts but it was fruitless. I could never fully get my head away from that dream, something about the girl…, something unique. I splashed cold water on my face to fully wake me up and had a shower to wash away the sweat that had covered me in my sleep. Once I was finished, I threw on a pair of jeans and a t-shirt that said, 'life sucks, but so does a vacuum cleaner, get used to it' and casually threw a jacket over top of the shirt. If the teachers gave me hassle about the shirt, which they would, the strict old nobodies, I had another thing for them; the back said 'bite me'.

Yes I know the chapters are short, but it is the way I write my chapters that it is because of this.