Authors Note: Ok people, here is the Epilogue for Dangerous Choice. I will me doing a sequel if you wish, I have already got other people asking me for one on the Maximum Ride site where I have also posted this. I would also appreciate comments on my other stories. Thanks for reading this everyone!


It was three days before Laura was strong enough to stay awake for the normal amount of hours before getting tired, another two days before she was allowed to walk around. It seemed her close encounter with death hadn't left any side effects. I can definitely tell you her strength recovered quickly; my cheek is still recovering from the slap she gave me when I told her Keira kissed me. She was upset I let it happened, even though I tried to explain it was a misunderstanding. She didn't seem to believe me until she saw Ryan and Keira making out in the garden courtyard below the bedroom window. She forgave me afterwards, although I honestly don't know why I had to be hit. I suppose I deserved it though, I did nothing to stop it from happening.

The message left behind that day still puzzled me. None of us seemed to understand what was meant by that, but it had something to do with Laura's attempted assassination and me. But what it had to do with me, I wasn't too sure myself. I've just started writing in a journal. We decided to write everything down, let the world know what was going on behind their backs, what we've had to go through to keep us together, how many times we've come close to death and who died because of all this. I wanted the world to know what had really happened to my family and I wanted the rest of the world to know : we are the forgotten, we are the lost, those people have had disappear from their lives, those that had been forgotten because it is too hard to remember them.

I signed it Dark, my codename. We all chose one based on our powers. Cass was Phoenix , Dan was Ghost. Keira called herself Mirage, Ryan was Magnus, Sierra was Reformer and the twins decided to call themselves Alpha and Beta. Derek was Alpha, as he was the oldest and Courtney was Beta. It was better using names like that, then people couldn't trace us.

"You don't belong with her," A voice whispered from the shadows, "Darkness cannot exist with the light, it thrives in the absence of it."

"But without light," I replied back, "Darkness cannot take on a form, a shadow or a life of its own. Darkness and light are required by the other to keep them in balance. Now what do you want with us?"

"Not with them," The voice whispered back, "just you. The Clans are after each of you, the rules don't allow renegades like you to roam free. Each will be claimed by a clan according to their power, or annihilated by those clan's opponents. It's just the way life is for us now. Fighting to remain hidden, claiming territory to keep our clans safe and going to war over the territory."

"Sounds like they have you right where they want you," I replied, "killing each other off just to keep you under control. I'd rather stay with these guys and make a difference, destroying those labs, like the ones that made us what we are now. I love Laura, I don't care if she's with the light or not. You can't make me go."

"No," The voice replied, "I can't. But the Clan council can and will. It's best to go without a fight. Unless you want their lives in danger from it?"

"So you want me to abandon the ones I care for and join your little clan?" I replied, "Forget it. I'll protect them from your wars and from everyone who tries to come and claim them. We are a family and you can just get lost."

"We'll see about that," the voice replied, "have your fun and games for a while. But soon you'll join our clan. People always join the clans. It's the only way to survive."

I didn't bother replying. I formed the gun from the shadows and fired it into the darkness from where I heard the voice coming from. There was some faint noise, as if at the end of a phone line, then silence. I had gotten rid of them for the time being. I walked over to where the others were sitting or standing in the garden outside and told them what I had learned, about the clans, the wars and what was coming. Keira had never heard of them before. Aaron had heard whispers from others minds, but never knew if they were true or not. The flocks decided to stay together and watch each others backs. We decided we were going to fight the system, all of us… together.

© Jamie Ross