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Boredom wasn't something that filled his life at the moment. He was very busy doing work for Voldemort. His time in Azkaban did harm his public reputation but his bank account spoke volumes and he decided to buy up some very influential businesses that would help support other less affluent Death Eaters. Through economics he held more power than the Minister of Magic. His wife benefited and helped in the business for she had an understanding of business that was almost intuitive.

With this new power that they offered to Voldemort the previous visits to Azkaban was forgotten and the money made was used to further his plans. Lucius Malfoy was the most powerful business man in all of England and used his wealth with a skill that was tantamount to art. Smaller business where bought up and used to support his already growing business. He captured the wand making market, many of the ingredients that where used for potions. As he dealt with many of the imports he made sure to have a stranglehold as to what could and could not be brought in. The highly illegal items always made their way in for his benefit as bribery worked in business as well as politics.

He was in bed holding his beautiful wife, stroking her shapely breasts. She smiled as she felt her self growing warmer as her nipples grew harder and more sensitive. His face breathed in the sent of her hair and moved to her ear, caressing it with small bites. They already made love a short while ago and where preparing for another round. Narcissa turned around and captured her husbands' lips with her own. Her hands found their way down his back and chest. She was happy with the effect that her hands where having on him. He grew hungrier for her each moment. Their petting and stroking grew more frenzied as they started to pull at each other. Lucius pulled his wife's hands over her head and entered her roughly, bringing pleasure to her as her face was a mix of pain and deep pleasure. Not to be outdone she forcefully turned them over with her now on top. Lucius greedily went for the breasts that hang down and nibbled on them as they moved in a motion that grew faster and faster. Each was trying to climax before the other. It was a game they played, whoever won could ask a favor of the other without needing to give anything in return. Narcissa cried out as she climaxed first. She relaxed a little. Lucius moved her under him and rammed into her harder and harder until he eventually came as well.

They breathed in each other for a while and then Narcissa spoke. "I won my darling."

"Indeed you did. What is it that you'd like? More dresses or how about some jewels as there's a new shipment coming in, in a few days time?"

She thought a moment but decided she wanted something more. "How about a pet? Something to keep us both entertained. They would need to be trained, I know but you have such a talent for breaking them in."

He smiled, knowing what she wanted. They had one before the Dark Lord was harmed by that brat Potter. Now things were different and he wasn't watched under a microscope anymore. "What a delicious idea. Do you have anyone in mind? I know you do."

"This time I don't I thought I'd let you choose. You have such good taste." She got out of bed and prepared a bath. He truly loved Narcissa as she complimented him perfectly. When they first met he never saw the potential that was in her. Now with his influence and her talent with money they both became the most powerful wizarding couple in England. That thought alone sent pleasures through him. Her twisted cruel nature that at time could outdo him was a very pleasurable feature.

"I have a few in mind. I'll return in a few days time with your present. I'll be town today and will be on the lookout. If I'm lucky well have someone to enjoy after our meal."

His wife smiled at him then leaned herself into the bath and watched at her husband walk over and entered the bath with her.


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