Another story for you all, the six week holiday have started for me and I have arse all to do so I am doing my stories instead yeah I know I lack a social life!

This story is a cute and a Wuya/Chase sort of, nothing heavy! it is also based in series 3 so Wuya is solid!

The summary is this; Wuya is feeling old and decides to make a youth potion to make her younger. Somehow the potion gets mixed with Jack's drink and Jack is turned into a baby!

Chase and Wuya reluctantly have to look after him until Wuya can come up an antidote, can Chase put up with a little one year old or will Chase give his cat minions something new to eat?

Chapter 1: God I hate wrinkles!

Wuya stared at her face in the mirror that was perched on the dressing table. At that moment she was living with Jack not at all a nice place but at least she was given a room and no Chase Young breathing down her neck.

However at that moment that wasn't her main woe, she felt old and she looked it too, fifteen hundred years can do that to you.

"God I hate wrinkles" she muttered and then flopped down on her bed; she looked up thoughtfully at the ceiling and then smiles to herself.

"Maybe I should come up with a youth potion, just because Chase stole my powers doesn't mean I still don't know a few spells!"

Meanwhile Jack was in his lair making adjustments to his chameleon-bot, he had been working on it all morning. Wuya walked down and headed towards his chemical-lab.

"Hey Jack have you got any snake scales?" Wuya asked.

"Yeah there in a jar in top left cupboard"

"Chicks blood?"

"Middle shelf to the right"

"Eel Salvia?"

"Next to the chick blood"

"Ent sap?"

"Say what?" Jack demanded "Isn't an Ent a walking tree?"

"So you haven't got it?"

"No sorry and I'm fresh out eyes of newts as well!" Jack cried his voice dripping with sarcasm.

"I don't need eyes of newt I need Ent sap!" Wuya muttered as she boiled the concoction together to produce a bubbling light brown liquid, she then poured the potion into a bottle, the potion needed to be kept cold so she put it in the fridge.

"Jack take me to Chase's I need to ask him something!" Wuya snapped and Jack looked at her.

"What's with all the friggin' demands?" Jack asked "Fine let me get a soda and I'll take you" he walked over to the fridge and reached for one of his ginger beer bottles.

"JACK!" Wuya screeched "I haven't got all day!" Jack gave an irritated sigh and reached blindly for a bottle and grabbed Wuya's potion instead. He took massive swig of it and then gagged.

"Eeyuch!" he muttered "must be a gone off one!"

"JACK! If you don't hurry up I'll…" just then a big heavy cog went flying towards Jack and he barely dodged it.

"Sheesh I prefer when she was a disembodied floating head, at least then I know she can't hurt me!"

Jack hopped into the jet and flew off, for some strange reason Jack felt really light-headed and woozy and on three occasions he nearly flew into a mountain and a flock of flying geese.

"Jack!" Wuya cried "Watch where you're going!"

"Sorry Wuya…man I feel funny"

"Die in your own time!" Wuya snapped "God finally we're here, come on land!"

"I do know how to drive you know!"

Wuya walked into Chase's palace with Jack in tow, Jack was beginning get sleepier and sleepier by the minute and soon he could barely keep his eyes open.

"Wuya…you know what you go ask Chase for whatever cos I'm just gonna wait here till…yawn" Jack mumbled and flopped down against a wall to fall quietly asleep, Wuya gave a sigh and walked on.

Jack shuffled uncomfortably and curled up on the floor, his skin was glowing and he began to shrink, in fact he shrunk so much that he clothes engulfed him and he vanished from sight leaving nothing but a pile of crumpled clothes…

"What do you want?" Chase demanded as Wuya walked up to him, he sat at his dinner table with his bowl of long mao soup. Wuya looked sheepish and smiled.

"Just some Ent sap" she said.

"Why would you need Ent sap?" he inclined.

"Just for a small youth potion, you know to put me back into my glorious self, nothing like immortality or anything I'm already immortal…" she stammered but Chase held up his hand.

"If it means you'll be easier to look at then fine one my tigers will show you where it is" Chase snapped and a tiger appeared and grabbed her by the arm to take her away.

She found what she was looking for and left, however Jack was no where to be found afterwards but luckily she got the idea of how to put auto-pilot on and left.

"If Jack decided to go wanders then that's his fault!" she declared to herself "I got what I wanted…"

Meanwhile Chase was helping himself to dessert when he stopped when he heard the shuffling of cloth but it stopped and he shrugged, the table wobbled as something pushed past it and Chase got up with a sigh.

"What is it that you want?" he demanded to the unknown entity but there was no reply and there was no noise, Chase gave a sigh and sat down again.

"Probably one of my minions!" he mumbled but stopped when he felt something grab his leg he looked down to see a baby hugging his leg happily.

"Who are you little one?" however the baby just gurgled and held up his arms as if asking for a hug.

"Answer me" Chase snapped so suddenly the little baby sat down roughly and looked up at him with big sad eyes, and it began to do what all babies do when they're upset…

It began to cry.

The baby howled so loudly Chase clutched his sensitive ears and glared at it.

"Stop that this instant!" he demanded but baby only howled louder, he picked it up and it stopped for a moment to look at him. It sniffled and tears continued to fall down its tiny face.

"Stop crying I'm not going to eat you" Chase said and then gave an evil smirk "I find children too chewy"

The baby held out his hands and it hugged Chase's neck, Chase peeled away its arms and glared at it.

"Do not do that" he growled, but the baby grinned and hugged him again, Chase glared at him and the baby just gurgled happily.

"I bet this is Wuya's doing!" he muttered, just the he felt a wet warm sensation running down his top the baby looked up at him and smiled.

"Pee pee" he squealed.