Title: Past Love, Uncertain Future
Rating: MA
Content: Love, Hate, Mild Sex, Mind Games and Manipulation
Distribution: Please Ask First
Characters: (Non Wrestling) Skyler and Ryan (Wrestlers) Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton & the McMahon Family. Also some minor parts from others.
Disclaimer: To Each Their Own
WARNINGS: There may be some mild language, sexual reference and sex
Summary by Chapter: Hunter gets some bad news how's he going to take it?

Past Love, Uncertain Future – Chapter 1

Inside a WWE locker room

Batista, Ric and Jericho were stood in the locker room getting themselves ready for the nights show.

"I can't believe this. How longs it been going on?" asked Dave

"Apparently a couple of years" answered Ric

"Years? This has been going on for two years and no one knew about it?" asked Chris in complete shock

"I have no idea but you can only imagine how furious Vince is about it?" said Ric

"Well wouldn't you be Ric? I know if one of my girls had a two year relationship with a guy and I only found out when they got engaged I'd be pretty pissed and that boy wouldn't be able to sit for a month of Sundays" stated Dave

"And him…" said Chris

"I know we've been talking to him about her all this time. We should have guessed with him not telling us anything or letting us meet her" said Ric

"Hunters not guna be too happy" said Chris

"Not too happy about what?" asked Hunter as he walked into the locker room. He walked over and placed his bag down and looked at Chris "Not too happy about what?" he repeated the question to a stunned Chris

"Maybe you should sit down?" said Ric

"What is it Ric?" Hunter said demanding his answer

"Skyler's here"

"Oh yeah?"


"Why would I not be happy about that?" he asked looking at Chris

"She err…she came with her boyfriend"

"She's got a boyfriend?" he asked furiously

"Yeah she came to see Vince"

"Who is he?"

"She had an announcement to make" continued Ric trying to break the news to Hunter

"I've gotta go see Vince" he said walking towards the door

"SHE'S ENGAGED!" shouted Dave causing Hunter to stop at the door and look back at the trio

"Engaged? She can't be engaged!"

"Well she is. She came here especially to tell Vince" Dave replied

"She wasn't dating anyone Vince would have told me if she was"

"He didn't know" said Ric

"So she meets this guy and in five minutes their engaged?"

"They've been dating a little longer than that" said Chris

"But not long enough for Vince to know?" asked Hunter

"Two years and we don't know that for sure it could longer" said Ric

Hunter stood and stared at the three men in front of him and a smile crept onto his face "Oh man you guys are good malicious but good. I almost fell for it. Well I'm guna see Vince anyway I need to talk to him about an idea I had" he said walking to the door

"It's Shawn" stated Dave

Hunter turned and looked back at the trio once more and by the looks on their faces he could see they weren't lying and silently he made his way out of the locker room and headed for Vince's office.


Hunter stormed into Vince's office where Vince sat alone on his leather couch he looked up and saw the rage on Hunters eyes and made his way to his feet

"Is it true?"

"Hunter calm down"

"IS IT TRUE?" he screamed

"Yes it is"

"She's engaged to Shawn?" he asked knowing the answer already he picked up the vase and threw it at the wall in anger

"Hunter calm down! She's engaged to him but this marriage is not going to happen and you and Skyler will be back together and Shawn will be as far away from my daughter as possible"

"How could you not know?"

"Did you?" Hunter shook his head "They played it very well no one knew not Linda, Steph nor Ryan. We couldn't have seen this coming we wouldn't have even suspected it. But just because we didn't see it coming doesn't mean we can't deal with it. In fact I already have a plan in motion so just calm down and stop throwing things ok?"

"You better sort this Vince because if you don't I will!"

"I've got it covered now you better leave before Skyler returns"

Hunter stepped into Vince and got in his face "Keep him away from me Vince because if I see him I'm guna kill him"

With that said Hunter walked out of the office and straight into a returning Skyler who stepped back from Hunter and saw the obvious anger on his face and with that she was sure he'd heard the news. Hunter closed the door completely and walked over to Skyler who stepped backwards into the wall. Hunter pressed her against it and looked down at her. He moved her soft golden hair away from her beautiful face.

"It's never going to happen…I won't let it" he said before leaning in and kissing her on the cheek. Hunter then gently stroked her cheek and Skyler turned her head away to stop him. "Who are you kidding Angel?" he said before walking away.

Skyler watched him walk down the corridor and turned out of sight she then gulped and breathed in and out deeply collecting herself. Once she felt calm enough she walked into Vince's office

"You told Hunter?"

"No I didn't someone else did"

"He's so angry Daddy"

"Well he loves you what were you expecting coming back here revealing a long term relationship and engagement to one of his best friends?"

"I don't know I didn't really think about him I was just so happy"

"Well maybe you should have thought Skyler"

Skyler noticed her Dads harshness and feared that he wasn't happy for her and Shawn.

"You are happy for me and Shawn aren't you Daddy?" she asked Vince who had turned away from his daughter. He rolled his eyes and turned to face Skyler.

"Of course I am sweetheart" he said hugging her

LATER – Back at the hotel

Skyler sat on the balcony and looked out onto the busy city as Shawn unpacked he watched Skyler as he did he noticed she'd lost her bubbly excitement and stopped what he was doing and walked out onto the balcony and wrapped his arms around her and kissed her sweetly on the cheek. Skyler smiled and faced Shawn kissing him fully on the lips.

"What was that for handsome?"

"You seemed a little low"

"No I'm fine" she lied

"It was hard today, telling your Dad and the guys"

"Yeah it was, did you get the feeling that my Dad wasn't too happy"

"He seemed happy enough why do you ask?"

"McMahon's don't do anything quietly or small. He didn't make an announcement he didn't order for a champagne celebration…nothing"

"You want a party?" asked Shawn

"No it's not that it's just that's what I was expecting from my Dad"

"Baby he didn't know we were dating this morning he's heard a lot and he's got to come to terms with it, give him a little time"

"Maybe you're right" she agreed standing up and walking over to Shawn and sitting in his lap. "And even if he isn't happy it doesn't matter because we are"

"Exactly!" said Shawn kissing Skyler


Vince is on the phone…

"I don't care Linda she lied to us"

"Vince she's your daughter and she's getting married she should be arranging her wedding with her family's approval whether it happened the way we wish or not. And anyway it's not like we don't know the guy, she's marrying Shawn we've known him long enough to know he'll treat her right"

"I can't help feeling deceived Linda. Two and a half years they've been dating I can't just forgive and forget. My daughter lied to me, lied to us"

"I know she did but if she'd have told you the truth from the beginning you'd have done everything to sabotage the relationship"

"I wouldn't have done anything…"

"Yes you would Vincent you and Hunter are determined that he and Skyler will be together well now you'll have to face facts that she's found someone else and her and Hunter are never getting back together. So have a sulk and then show your daughter how happy you are for her"

"Linda maybe you can live with our children lying to us but I am their father and they should show me some respect…" Vince waited for a reply from his wife "…Linda?" Vince then realised his wife had hung up on him after speaking her mind. Vince slammed down the phone and stormed out of his office.


Hunter reached over for his bottle of beer and sat back on his couch holding a picture in his hand. The picture was of himself and Skyler her smile radiant and her gorgeous big blue eyes were intoxicating. Hunter sipped at his beer as he stared at the picture moments later he stood up and walked over to the fire place where he placed the picture down next to a whole mantel full of pictures of himself and the Skyler. He looked at all the pictures and anger seethed through his veins and he swung himself around throwing his half bottle of beer at the opposite wall the bottle smashing and the contents descending down the wall he then turned and pushed all the pictures off the mantel in fury causing one to fall onto the naked flames.

"Shit" said Hunter dropping to his knees and carefully trying to fish the picture out of the fire. He successfully did so and patted the remainder to get the flames out he then picked it up and looked at the half charred picture the edges scorched and curled up and Hunter burnt out of the picture leaving only Skyler smiling at him from the singed picture. Hunter closed his eyes and rubbed his head in frustration.


Skyler walked into the room with yet another engagement gift she walked over to the table and placed it down next to the others.

"I'm just saying Skyler that maybe you should have a long engagement"

"And why would I want to do that Daddy?"

"Sometimes things don't work out and wouldn't you rather find out now than after the wedding?"

"We've been ok for the past few years I think we're good"

"Your father wasn't involved then sweetheart I wouldn't blame Shawn if he ran a mile from this family sometimes I feel the same way. Now Vince sit down drink your coffee smile and be happy for your daughter"

"Well when Shawn walks in one day with divorce papers don't come crying to me" said Vince in a strop sitting down and picking up his coffee cup

"I don't know why you can't be happy for her Vince it's not like Shawn's a bad guy"

"Why does this girl insist on driving me crazy?" said Vince pointing to a dark haired rebel sat looking out of place in the pristine apartment

"Like father like daughter I suppose" said Linda "And Ryan's right why can't you just be happy for her?"

"I am happy for her"

"Sounds like it" interrupted Ryan

"I am!" he stated staring at his youngest daughter "I just don't see why she's rushing into this we haven't even had time to come to terms with this thing"

"This thing?" Skyler asked double checking she hadn't misheard her father "This thing is my wedding it's supposed to be the happiest day of my life and everyone's already trying to ruin it for me" she screamed hysterically

"Who's everyone?" asked Ryan

Skyler hesitated for a moment "Well Dads against it and I know what everyone's saying behind our backs. I just wish they'd put their vicious tongues back in their heads and leave us to get on with this and just be happy for us" Skyler could feel herself welling up and sharply left the room. Ryan followed her.

"Are you happy now Vince? Is this what you wanted to make your daughter cry?" asked Linda ashamed of her husband

Ryan caught up with Skyler in the kitchen where Skyler tried to put a brave face on everything.

"Are you ok?" asked Ryan

"Yeah I'm just getting some more snacks" Skyler lied trying to divert her sister's attention

"What's he done now?"

Skyler turned and looked at her little sister and knew she couldn't lie to her because Ryan could read her like a book and she knew she was upset and she knew who about.

"He just took the news badly but we knew that was going to happen. It was inevitable…"

"What did he do to you?" asked Ryan knowing there was more to it as there was always more to it where Hunter was concerned

"He just got in my face a little bit…"

"And?" she asked seeking more details

"He said it was never going to happen because he wouldn't let it"

"Who does he think he is? He can't go around threatening you like that! And who is he to threaten you? A bitter old boyfriend who can't get a grip on being dumped by you! He's ridiculous and what could he do anyway?"

"Anything he wants!" Skyler answered timorously "And anything he can. He's not going to let me be happy is he?"

"Oh yes he is after the way he treated you he should be giving you away. Shawn is the best thing to happen to you and being the complete opposite to that jackass is just a bonus. Don't you dare let him stop you from doing this! You go out there and you make your dream wedding come true and you take your 'happily ever after' because you deserve it"

Skyler smiled at her sister and walked over and hugged her

"Thank you"

"What for? I haven't done anything yet!"

"For being the only one who truly wants this for me. People are putting fronts on…Mom…Steph but they don't mean it. They're thinking the same way Dad is and I don't blame them it was a big thing for them me just blurting out all this history about myself and Shawn that they didn't know about and on top of that announcing I was engaged it was a lot to take in"

"Yeah it was but as long as you're happy which it's so obvious you are then I can't see why they're so sceptical about things"

"Me either because you're right he is the complete opposite of Hunter. He wouldn't treat me like that, he wouldn't use me. He loves me and more than anything else he tells he does. No guys ever told me that they loved me"

"Honker didn't say he loved you?"

"Why would he? He never did. He didn't love me he loved me being a McMahon if I wasn't a McMahon he wouldn't have given me a second look"

"That's because he's a jerk!"

Skyler smiled at Ryan.

"Ok calm down now! I don't want Mom and Dad knowing anything about Hunter so just keep it quiet and act like nothings happened in here accept for we've prepared some more delicious snacks ok?"

"Sure if that's what you want"

Skyler squeezed Ryan's hand assuring her she was ok before picking up the plate of snacks and walking them back into the living room.


Skyler and Ryan were sat inside Vince's office as everyone around them prepared for the show.

"I'm thirsty I'm guna go get a bottle of water you want anything?" asked Ryan

"Oh yeah a coffee would be great please"

"Ok be back in a minute" said Ryan as she walked out of the room

Skyler sat alone and found herself with nothing to do she stood up and walked over to the TV set up in Vince's office and just stared at her reflection. She began to fix her hair and clean up her make up and without noticing she found she wasn't on her own anymore.

"You look beautiful" said the familiar voice

Without turning around Skyler knew who it was; she turned and looked directly at Hunter a little worried wondering what he was doing there but standing very confidently positive she wasn't going to allow him to intimidate her.

"What do you want?" she asked abruptly

"I wanted to apologise for the way I acted towards you the other day. I was hot I'd only just heard about you and Shawn and I was upset. I'm sorry"

Skyler couldn't tell whether it was sincerity in his eyes or just good acting but she accepted Hunters apology.

"It's ok"

Hunter and Skyler stood uncomfortably for a moment.

"Well congratulations I guess" said Hunter hesitantly "I better go"


Hunter smiled at Skyler and walked out of the room and into Ryan who was returning with hers and Skyler's drinks. Ryan gave Hunter an angry glare.

"Calm yourself Elvira" he said arrogantly walking away from the sisters

Ryan walked into the room and put the drinks down.

"What happened?"

"Nothing happened" said Skyler sitting down and taking her coffee

"Then what was that creep doing in here?"

"He was apologising for the other day if you must know"

"Apologising? And what was his excuse for being an ass?"

"He said he was upset which he obviously was…"

"Why Skyler? Why do you still do it?"

"Do what?"

"Defend him! All through your relationship you defended him and you're still doing it now"

"I'm not defending him but who are you to say he wasn't upset? You're so ready to see him hung, drawn and quartered that you can't stand the thought that he may actually be genuinely upset by me and Shawn getting together"

"And you're so sure that you got him wrong and that he really is a nice guy that you can't see him for what he really is a selfish, manipulative, fame hungry pig"

Skyler sighed at her sister and frowned realising she couldn't change Ryan's opinion on Hunter and that maybe she was right. Maybe Skyler just wanted to see the good in everybody, in Hunter but she found herself wondering if there was any good in Hunter at all?


Hunter just back from Vince's office walked into the locker room and stopped dead in his tracks as he saw Shawn stood in front of him.

"Hunter I just want to explain…"

"No need to Shawn" said Hunter cutting him off and shocking Shawn and the other guys in the room who were expecting a brawl between the ex boyfriend and fiancé.

"Hunter I really would…"

"No! I know why you did it"

"You do?" asked Shawn

"She's a great girl. Nobody here would blame you for doing what you did. You did nothing wrong man" he said walking over to Shawn and extending his hand "Congratulations!" he said as a shocked Shawn reached out and shook his hand


Skyler stood outside the locker room waiting for Shawn to exit. She watched each of the guys exit the room and could only hope the next through the door was Shawn as she watched Dave and Ric leave she knew that there couldn't be that many guys left inside the room. The door opened and out walked Hunter laughing he stopped and looked at Skyler

"Hi" she said to Hunter

"Hey" he replied as he did Shawn emerged from the room and a huge smile crept onto Skyler's face

"Hey baby" she said wondering why Shawn and Hunter were acting so chummy

"Hi" he said kissing Skyler on the lips once the kiss broke she immediately looked at Hunter who didn't seem fazed by the kiss one bit. She smiled hoping that finally Hunter was over her.

The trio walked out to the parking lot together talking about everything and nothing on their way. Skyler held on tight to Shawn as they approached Skyler's car.

"Well I'll see you later then man, Skyler" he said with a smile

"Cya Hunter" said Shawn as he opened the door for Skyler who was watching Hunter walk away.

Shawn caught Skyler's attention and she got into the car her eyes still fast on Hunter. Shawn got into the car and took Skyler's hand she turned to her man and smiled as he kissed her hand

"I love you" he said with complete sincerity

"I love you too" she replied

Shawn smiled and started the engine.

"What did Hunter mean by he'll see us later?" asked Skyler still wondering

"At the engagement party" he said pulling away

"You invited him to our engagement party?"

"Yeah he's my friend"

"And my ex boyfriend that would be like inviting Rebecca"

"You're not friends with Rebecca I am friends with Hunter I can't not invite him then invite all the other guys can I?"

"I suppose not its just guna be weird"

"He told me that he's completely fine about me and you. He's really supportive don't worry about it"

But Skyler couldn't help but worry. She sat back and her mind went into overdrive as Shawn drove them both back to her apartment.

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