Title: Past Love, Uncertain Future
Rating: N/A
Content: Love, Hate, Mild Sex, Mind Games and Manipulation
Distribution: Please Ask First
Characters: (Non Wrestling) Skyler and Ryan (Wrestlers) Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton & the McMahon Family. Also some minor parts from others.
Disclaimer: To Each Their Own
WARNINGS: There may be some mild language, sexual reference and sex

Past Love, Uncertain Future– Chapter 17


Everyone was sat down listening to Vince finishing his speech and congratulating his daughter. Vince sat down and the next to make their speech was Ryan she stood up all smiles and confidence.

"I like to begin by saying how happy I am that Skyler finally found a decent man" she said shooting a look at Hunter "A dependable man and a loving man. I'm going to bore you all with a speech because after Vince's what's left to say about the happy couple unless giving their social security numbers classes as a speech. I just wanted to ask that Shawn and Skyler, Mr & Mrs Michaels open my wedding gift publicly. Ryan handed Skyler an envelope and she opened it pulling out a bunch of folded papers. Skyler quickly scanned the papers and looked at her sister in awe as she passed the papers over to Shawn who quickly scanned them too.

"Are you kidding?" asked Skyler

"No I'm not, ladies and gentleman for my wedding gift to the happy couple I have given Shawn my shares of WWE" Ryan immediately looked for a reaction from Hunter and smiled as she saw the anger in his eyes. She then addressed the shocked room. "You see I never wanted to be apart of the company and I've only got a share as a birthright for being a McMahon, I never asked for them. Don't get me wrong I am proud to be a McMahon but I've never wanted to be apart of the wrestling business. That's all Shawn's ever wanted and I hope that after he says goodbye to the physicality of wrestling he can still leave his mark and legacy by working behind the cameras. In closing I can't think of another guy more perfect for Skyler or for the company. To Shawn and Skyler" she said raising her glass. She sipped at the champagne as she shot a look over at a disgruntled Hunter.


A furious Vince grabs his daughters arm and drag Ryan into the corridor.

"What are you thinking?" he screamed

"Vince I didn't want them, Shawn lives for this business it makes sense"

"You've given your shares to Shawn he's not a McMahon"

"Not by name no but he is family"

Vince cursed his daughter for taking after him for his wise mouth and argumentative nature. He knew he wasn't going to break her down.

"Get out of my sight" said Vince

"Lighten up Vince it's not like I gave him the whole thing you're still the majority shareholder. I had no say in anything so why should it be any different with him"

"I'm warning you Ryan"

"Fine I'm going you can stay here with that look on your face all night. You can kick and scream and make a complete show of yourself but you'll wake up tomorrow and everything will still be the same. So Vince get over it, what's done is done" Ryan walked away from her father and is just about to end the party as Hunter pushes her back out and corners her.

"You've made a big mistake. You think you've outsmarted me by pulling this little stunt? Well I guess its going to backfire on you because everyone's going to know what happened between us"

Ryan laughed to herself. "You're a joke, big bad my ass. You might be able to get away with it with Skye she's naïve but not me Hunter like I said I know you. You can show everybody what we did. I did it for the right reasons and honestly there's only one persons opinion I give a damn about he already knows" Ryan pushed Hunter away and walked over and joined Randy back inside. Hunter followed her into the room and watched her as Randy shot Hunter a look.

Vince approached Hunter and handed him a bourbon.

"What the hell happened?" asked Vince

"What?" asked Hunter not sure what he was referring to

"What did you do to her to make her sign over her shares to him?"

"I screwed her!" said Hunter knocking back the bourbon handing Vince the glass and walking away.

Because You Love Me by Celine Dion came on and the dance floor cleared as Mr & Mrs Michaels had their first dance together. They danced for a while then the floor filled up all dancing and watching the happy couple. As the song came to an end Shawn kissed Skyler and an announcement was made that the bride and groom would be leaving momentarily. Everyone rushed outside to see them leave and as they approached the car door Skyler turned and threw her bouquet into the crowd. The girls fought furiously for the bouquet and Ryan with Randy walked through the mayhem and Ryan kissed her sister.


"Thanks" said Skyler kissing and hugging her sister before getting into the car.

Ryan and Randy stood and watched Skyler and Shawn drive away as the rest of the crowd moved back inside to continue with the party. Randy then extended his hand for Ryan and she accepted. Randy pulled her in and they kissed sweetly.

"I love you" said Ryan

"I love you too" replied Randy

The couple began to walk back towards the door when a cop car turned up and the cops got out. They made their way over to Randy and Ryan.

"Ryan McMahon I'm arresting you for grievous bodily harm on one Daniel Matthews. You have the right to remain silent but anything you do say can and will be used against you in a court of law"

"What you're not serious?" asked Ryan as the police officer handcuffed her.

Randy watched on as she was taken by the police put into the police car and driven away in front of all the guests including Hunter who stood looking on pretending to be as confused as everyone else but knowing exactly what he'd done and feeling very proud of himself.


"So you're telling me you don't know where you were on the night in question?" asked a Police Officer

"I've been on the road with the WWE and I've been a little distracted haven't kept up with my diary. Sorry!"

"You're only hurting yourselves with the wise ass comments"

"We were here in New York"

"We know that's why you've only just been picked up because you left. You were out of our jurisdiction. Why'd ya come back?"

"My sisters wedding. How did you know I was here?"

"Anonymous tip off"

"That what Hunters calling himself now anonymous? Personally I'd call him Asshole"

"So you were in New York?"

"Yeah he turned up at the arena trying to apologise"

"So you beat him up?"

"No! He came from nowhere he's not even supposed to be out of prison yet. They promised me they'd inform me of his release"

"Why was he in prison?"

"For beating me within an inch of my life so you're talking to the wrong person"

"Domestic violence? That's enough to make anybody angry?"

"Angry I wasn't angry I was terrified and nothings changed. When he turned up that day at the arena I felt like nothing had changed. I was still as scared as I'd ever been around him"

"People do crazy things when they're scared"

"I didn't do it"

"So where were you around about ten o'clock that night?"

"Drinking in my hotel room"

"Was there anybody with you?"



"I wanted to be alone. I'd just had a fight with my sister and then Danny turned up my head was all over the place and the last thing I wanted was someone trying to comfort me and tell me it was all going to be fine because that's bullshit!"

"So you were alone, drinking, your head was and I quote all over the place and your ex-boyfriend who used to abuse you turns up in the hospital pretty beaten up claiming you did it. I gotta admit Ryan it's not looking good for you"

"I didn't do it!!"

"Ok let's say you didn't…"

"I didn't!!"

"Ok…you didn't you still have all this shit against you which isn't going to look too good to the courts. If you're innocent there's got to be some proof so I'd start thinking if I were you"

Ryan sat with her head on the table thinking about that nights events she suddenly remembered where she was.

"I was with Hunter" she said sitting up "I was with Hunter"

"You just said you were alone"

"I was in my room but I went to his, he wasn't there so I waited. I was sat outside his door at ten o'clock he turned up at about quarter to eleven"

"Will he vouch for this?"

"No he hates me"

"We can call him in and give it a shot take her back ok"

"Wait!" the officer turned back to Ryan "Never in a million years is he going to admit to it. There's DVDs though"


"That night I slept with him and recorded it I know there's DVDs I had one I saw it"

"Where is it?"

"A city dump in Texas"

"You threw it away?"

"I didn't know I'd need it as evidence I didn't want reminding of it"

"Why do it?"

"That's none of your business"

"Alright take her back and get a search warrant for this Hunter guy find out where he is"

"He's at the wedding and he told me only a few hours ago that they were in his car"

"Take her back" said the officer leaving the room.


"I want to know where my daughter is" said Vince to the officer at the front desk

"Your daughter is currently being questioned Mr McMahon"

"About what?"

"I'm sorry you're going to have to talk to Office Clemente about that"

"Then I want to see him" as he said the words Officer Clemente walked out

"Clemente this is Ryan McMahon's father"

"Yeah I know who he is. Avid wrestling fan it's nice to meet you"

"Where's my daughter"

"She's currently in a holding cell"

"Oh Vince" said Linda with her hand on her heart

"Why is she here?"

"Charges were made by a Daniel Matthews he said that your daughter attacked him"

"He's the animal not my daughter"

"We have to follow procedure sir. We're currently working on your daughter's case but as of this moment I can't tell you anything"

"Can we see her?" asked Linda

"No I'm sorry not just yet. I'll inform you as soon as I have anything"

"Thank you"


The police arrived at the venue and got the DJ to make an announcement for Hunter to make his way to the lobby. Hunter seconds later made his way out to see the police officers waiting for him.


"Hunter right?"


"We have a warrant to search your person and your vehicle. Can I please have your keys?"

"Sure" he said getting them out of his pocket and throwing them over.

The second officers searched Hunter finding nothing on him. Hunter then lead the officers to his car which they searched once again finding nothing.

"Ryan McMahon has informed us of her whereabouts on the night of July 19th. She claims she was with you from ten forty five onwards. Is this correct?"

"Are you kidding? Me and Ryan spend as little time together as possible. I dated her sister the one who got married today well actually both of her sisters but she took a disliking to me from day one and we've never gotten on so me spending any time with her is just absurd"

"Can you tell us where you were on that night?"

"In my room"

"Were you there alone?"

"No but I can tell you it wasn't Ryan I was with"

"Then who were you with?"

"A girl I met at a bar"

"Do you have her name?"


"Melanie what?"

"I didn't catch her last name"

"Did you catch her address?"

"No I did get her number though"

"Can we have it please?"

"Sure" said Hunter taking his phone out of his pocket a retrieving her number he handed his phone over to the officer who jotted down the number. He then dialled the number and waited for a reply.

"Hello is this Melanie?...Hi this is Officer Clemente of the NYPD. I'm here with a Hunter Helmsley and he's informed us that you were with him in his hotel room on the night of July 19th. Can you clarify to me whether this is true or not? You're positive? Then I'm going to need you to come down and sign a statement saying so. As soon as possible please. Ask for Officer Clemente when you get there. Bye" Officer Clemente looked over at Hunter "Ok your story checks out which is bad luck for Ryan. Thank you for being co-operative and here are your keys. I'm also going to need you to come and sign a written statement too"

"That's no problem. I'll follow you there"


Ryan stood in front of her family including Skyler who watched on with tears in her eyes. In front Hunter who had been called in as a witness and in front of Randy who watched on unsure of what really happened that night.

"Your claims of innocence have been noted but I'm afraid to say without a solid alibi there is no proof of your whereabouts that night from the attack that took place at approximately ten o'clock and Mr Orton discovering you outside his hotel room at twelve forty five on the morning of July 20th. Witnesses from the altercation in the morning of July 19th between yourself and Mr Matthews all said the same that you were very emotional and irate and that at one point you did strike Mr Matthews. Your history with the victim gives a plausible motive for you to conduct such an attack. I have no option but to find you guilty of grievous bodily harm and I am issuing a sentence of two years imprisonment affective immediately"

Ryan felt her heart sink in her chest and she gasped for air nervously. She looked over at Randy and then at Skyler. She then turned to see an emotionless Hunter staring at her. Finally she turned to Danny and saw red.

"TELL THEM!! Tell them I didn't do it!! I never did anything to you. Danny please!!"

"Miss McMahon I must ask you to remain silent or I will find you in contempt"

"But I didn't do it!!"

"Miss McMahon"

Ryan crying hysterically looked over at Randy and Skyler and mouthed the words out to them "I didn't do it. I promise"

The officers grabbed Ryan's arm ready to take her away.

"Daddy!!" she screamed emotionally and uncharacteristically to Vince who looked over at his daughter "Daddy help me!!" she pleaded with tears streaming down her face as the officers escorted her out of the court room. Vince consoled his wife and daughter and looked over at the door Ryan had just walked through. He knew there was something wrong when his rebel daughter asked for her Daddy.


Ryan had gone through the whole process and was now being taken to her cell by the CO her head and heart somewhere else. Dawned in prison blue with the other inmates screaming at her she walked into her cell and the doors closed on Ryan who descended down the wall and cried in the darkness of her cell the abuse from her inmates continuing as the CO screamed lights out before shutting off all the lights leaving Ryan in complete darkness.