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It was a well known fact that ninja's rarely did weddings. It had been done many, many years in the past, but it was, as Shikamaru put it, rather troublesome, to have to go kick enemy ass while wearing such nice clothes, since too many people, ninja weddings many ninja's in one place perfect opportunity for mass murders. This began the tradition of eloping, which made everyone involved rather unhappy. So then weddings were conducted in the utmost secrecy. But, all too soon, this to started to wear on peoples nerves, so, although ninja weddings were permissible, they were highly discouraged.

This was perfectly fine with Naruto and Sasuke, who had never really wanted one anyway. Sakura and Ino were both rather displeased at having been cheated out of 'their' wedding party, but it wasn't wise to argue with Sasuke. So, for all that they cared, they had said all that needed to be said the day that Sasuke had proposed, and any one who thought differently could shove it.

None of their friends could really argue. Hard though it was to keep any wedding secret, to keep the marriage of the Hokage hidden would be damn near impossible. Although for them, it wasn't enemy ninjas they feared.

No, they feared something far, far worse. They feared a force that no skill that they would ever learn could defeat. It was a horrible thing, feared throughout many years by males that spanned across dimensions and other manga's. They feared the Yaoi Fangirls.

However, it was very unusual for the Hokage to 'marry' anyone, as they were usually married when they came to the office, or they simply did not get married. And it was more unusual still to have it be between two members of the same gender.

But, as it was, it was still an issue that some villages might be offended that they had not been invited to this grand event. The fact that it had not even happened in the first place was of no importance to them. This was a matter that required great political tact.

"I don't give a damn what they say they'll do!" Unfortunately, this was as close as it got.

"I and Sasuke are tired, our village just got out of a war, and we don't need to add any more of that than we absolutely need to." He gestured to the window, where one girl was peering in hopefully. When she saw him looking, however, she squeaked and hid.

Tsunade sighed. "I see your point. But we need to do something to please the other villages."

Tsunade was his temporary advisor until someone else could be found. This was partly so that the others would still think that Naruto was new at this, and not figure out that he had actually been doing most of this since his was 15. It was partly so that some people could still think that Konoha was now being run by an idiot. Underestimation is one of the strongest advantages a side can have.

"Already got it covered. I figure that if we send a powerful Konoha nin to each of the villages, as an envoy, then we could work with the villages on a more personal level. I was thinking that we could send Neji to Sand for starters. Then we could send one of the more senior members of the Iburame clan to the land hidden in the rocks."

"Well, what about the other villages?" she insisted, slightly put out at not getting to enjoy a wedding and the gambling opportunities that it would present. Naruto waved a hand at her in a slightly annoyed fashion.

"Details, details." he said carelessly. Tsunade sighed again. Naruto seemed to have that effect on her. On most of his staff, really. He tended to give rather vague, big-picture orders, than left it to everyone else so figure out how to do that. Then, when they had finally finished, he would blink at them in confusion, saying that he had already thought of most of it anyway. He was a headache waiting to happen. But nowadays that was nothing compared to. . .

"What do you mean TO BUSY?" . . . Sasuke. There was a muffled sound of wood splintering, and Tsunade was willing to bet anything that it was the new desk in their lobby. Sasuke, well into his third month of pregnancy, was prone to rather violent mood swings, leaving him even more moody than before, a feat which she had not thought possible.

The door to the Rokudaime's office slammed open, but did not shatter or even splinter as lesser doors would have. The first and second Hokages had been smart, and made allowances in the architecture for the force of angry ninjas. Sasuke was storming towards them, looking like the force of evil that he probably wasn't, though with Sasuke you never really knew.

"You." he growled as he grabbed Naruto. "Have been working all damn week, and I just got back from the worst mission of my life. I am taking you home with me, and you. Are. going. to. like. It." he was dragging Naruto behind him at this point, pausing only briefly to shoot a venomous glare towards Tsunade, as if daring her to protest. She didn't .

Naruto only shrugged at her in a 'what can you do' manner, but didn't seem to be the least bit displeased at the turn of events. Tsunade heaved a sigh, not that Naruto not being here made a difference, whenever Sasuke was gone for more than three days; he tended to get nervous, this time being no exception. Oh well, at least she could relax now.


"If you give me one more mission like that, I will kill you." Sasuke hissed into Naruto's face. Naruto only blinked innocently, a look that was utterly lost on Sasuke. Relenting, Naruto sighed.

"It was the only thing left, Sasuke. The rest were all S-class or beginning gennin D-class."

"I don't care if I have to go on an assassination." at this Naruto winced, his eyes subconsciously flicking down to Sasuke's stomach, which had widened a fraction to make way for the new life within it. "or even on guard duty, but if I have to escort one more spoiled bimbo climbing all over me and , I can guarantee that I will fail the mission, since I highly doubt that the whole 'dead or alive' thing applies to this sort of thing."

Naruto blinked as Sasuke's rant came to an end, fighting back the momentary fury at the thought of one of those girls on his Sasuke. He pushed it down to a dull fizzle under his skin, and ignored it at the moment. "I didn't know that they were that bad."

Sasuke scowled. "The last two were the worst. The first one actually tried to attack me, so I told her that I was married. She actually demanded to see the ring, if you can believe that." his hand, whether he realized it or not, reached up to brush against the ring on a chain around his neck "and then she kept hanging on, telling me how she could give me more than my wife"-Naruto glowered-"ever could, that she was a real woman, etc. The second girl, I thought I'd go further, and told her I was expecting a child soon." he shuddered "Never. Ever tell a woman that. Thank god I didn't mention I was the one who was pregnant"

Naruto didn't press for details, tallying it on his 'don't want to know' list. Suddenly, he smirked, his eyes lighting up as he did so. "I have an idea." his voice was mischievous. "A new position has opened up, and personally, I think that you would be highly qualified for the job."

Sasuke was regarding him with a blatant suspicion. "What is it?"

"Weeeeell." Naruto drew the word out. "How about guarding someone of higher rank than those girls, and with more on their minds then the latest fashions. Like, say, the Hokage."

Now it was Sasuke's turn to blink "You don't have an opening there."

Naruto's smirk widened. "I do now." Sasuke was giving him a Look, so he decided that it would be in his best interest to elaborate. "Some of Tsunade-baba's old guards are less than thrilled over, well, me, and I get the feeling that one of them would be very helpful should it come to a genuine fight. Not to say that either of them would betray me, but they may be more hesitant than is necessarily helpful in a life or death situation."

Sasuke appeared to be thinking this over, and a corner of Naruto's mouth twitched upward even further. "Not to mention that Kira has been suffering from a near concussion since that time that you slammed the door open on him."

Sasuke has the grace to look sheepish, but sighed nevertheless. "Alright. But when all this is over I get to go back to regular high class missions, right?"

Naruto looked as though he would very much like to say no, but he was fairly certain that Sasuke would, to put it mildly, take it badly, so he shrugged grudgingly. "Fair enough, I suppose. As soon as Kakashi's got his team onto their chuunin ranks, I'm going to make him a guard. Somehow he ended up teaching Konohamaru and his group, and by the time they're through with him, he'll be jump at the chance."

Sasuke shared his smirk, though for an entirely different reason. "Speaking of positions" he purred. "If I'm your bodyguard, who will guard your body from me?"(1)

Naruto felt his eyes widen at the blatant seduction attempt, and wisely deciding against commenting on one of the worst come-on lines that he'd ever hear, unwilling to lose his chance. Sasuke's sex drive had been all over the place in the last few months, and, does to a long series on bad luck; his up moments seemed to occur in the middle of either Sasuke's missions or Naruto's.

Though the rumours that he had heard about something that one spoiled girl had seen were always enough to make Naruto start grinning. Naruto drew himself out of his reverie. He had far; he let his gaze flick over Sasuke, far more important things to worry about.

Naruto's cerulean eyes glimmered with amusement and love, and Sasuke felt himself fall all over again, surrounded by blonde hair and a smooth baritone, lust and adoration blending into harmony as a grin tugged on Naruto's lips.

"Guarding me? Well, it's just my iron will, now isn't it? But it's been rather insubstantial lately, so I guess I'm defenseless." he started to walk down the hall toward the bedroom, sending a smoldering look over his shoulder at Sasuke, who had been admiring the view. "So, are you going to do anything about it or not?"

Sasuke pounced, muffling Naruto's delighted laughter with his own mouth.


"A pound of apples, god Sasuke, a whole pound?" Naruto shook his head despairingly, pushing the cart forward some more and continuing to mutter the contents of his list aloud. "Three salmon, rye bread, gourmet noodles, kiwi flavoured soda." he paused, his nose wrinkling. "Ew." he moved a bit further, his sensitive ears catching the sound of a familiar voice on the next row over.

"Cauliflower, pineapple, Swiss cheese, peanut butter, wasabi-"

"I hope he doesn't plan to eat that all at once." Naruto commented smoothly. Kakashi, not missing a beat, replied smoothly. "But with those craving he's been having, you never know." They shared a collective wince. Kakashi shot him a sideways look.

"The Hokage does his own grocery shopping?" There was a highly amused quality to his voice. Naruto scowled.

"Not when Sasuke is involved, apparently. Last time I got one of the kids in my office to do the shopping, and Sasuke started throwing things everywhere because it was the wrong brand of pears, or something like that."

Kakashi raised an eyebrow, "Kid? Isn't everyone in that office older than you?"

"Well, technically yes, but clearly as Hokage, my maturity and all around awesomeness far outstrips theirs." his voice was teasing, and Kakashi grinned behind his mask. Yes, his students had grown up, but that had grown up well.

"Ah yes, oh wise Hokage, but if such is as you say, then why are you the one doing the shopping. Does it have anything to do with the fact that you, despite your infinite wisdom, can not say no to Sasuke?"

Naruto, with all his 'infinite wisdom and maturity', stuck his tongue out.


It was early June when it happened. Sasuke had been suddenly and completely been seized by the urge to clean, paint, and shop for the room that the baby would soon occupy. Startled almost to the point of alarm at this out of character behavior, Naruto had consulted Tsunade, who had explained that such a thing was natural, it was known as nesting, and that this was to be expected, because the baby was, after all, to be born just two months from now.

Iruka's, however, was to be born less than a month from then, and the two of them were panicking in a slightly less than dignified for highly trained ninja's, and it wasn't until Sakura's mother, (because her daughter had been taught by both of them) and come to them and told exactly what they could do with themselves in the remaining weeks.

"I want yellow." Sasuke had announced as they surveyed the blank wall, multiple colour strips taped to random parts of the wall. Naruto, who had been admiring a shade of pale red, blinked.

"Why?" he asked honestly.

"I like the colour yellow." Sasuke replied blandly, and Naruto saw the dark gaze flicker up to his hair before returning to meet his eyes. He blushed. "And." Sasuke continued, ignoring this, though a small smile lingered at the corners of his mouth. "It's a very neutral colour, boy or girl, it's a fair call."

Naruto, his face still a bit pink, could only nod, and Sasuke found himself smirk even wider. If the other villages knew how easy it was to make the Honourable Hokage blush like a teenage girl, he very much doubted that Naruto would ever be able to command so much respect again.


The day was June 27, hot, but not to much so, and Sasuke, having convinced Naruto to paint the room yellow, was now attempting to figure out where exactly the large crib would look the best. It was a golden shade of wood, from a very rare type of tree that had been a gift for a foreign embassy whose daughter had let it slip that her protector was to be a father.

Sasuke was standing to the side of the room, regarding it with pride, and Naruto smiled at the innocence of it all. That for once, they were doing something that did not involve killing, did not involve enemy ninja's. or chakra, or sneaking around. Just the two of them, trying to make for their child.

"It looks nice." Sasuke murmured after a moment, as was rewarded by his husband's radiant smile. They both knew that, as Hokage, Naruto could have ordered people to build this room for them, but both of the, that it was something personal that belonged to them and them alone.

Naruto was on a ladder, attempting to hang a mobile from the ceiling, and to which view Sasuke was referring to was unclear. Naruto finally hooked the stupid mobile on the hook that Sasuke had put in before Naruto had forbidden him to go up that high while pregnant. The mobile smacked him several times in the head before he was able to safely climb down. He glanced over to see Sasuke trying uselessly to hide his laughter.

Naruto grinned along, content just to watch Sasuke for ages. The past year was almost like a dream to him. He was Hokage, people respected him, he had Sasuke, and he was going to have a son or daughter!! Sure, being Hokage wasn't all fun and games, and not everyone respected him. And Sasuke did tend to get a little moody, especially in the last month or so, but to be honest, Naruto could care less.

Sasuke was gasping for air now, his hand moving down to hold his stomach, and Naruto, watching him contedly, lost in his own thoughts, took a moment to realize that Sasuke was no longer laughing.

Naruto was at his side in a second, grasping Sasuke's hand tightly in his own and trying to soothe Sasuke as best he could. It took a few moments before Sasuke finally straightened up, but as soon as he did, he doubled over again, clutching Naruto's hand as if it were a lifeline.

"Sasuke?" Naruto whispered, irrationally scared that the slightest breath would cause Sasuke to break. Sasuke, still sucking in air desperately, lifted his head just enough that his obsidian eyes met Naruto's blue ones, and managed to gasp out a single word. "Baby."

Naruto felt the world beneath his spin as the bottom dropped out of his stomach. They were coming! Their child was coming!! Finally, after all this waiting, here they were. But then his eyes met Sasuke's once again, and he knew that he had to do something. He gently released Sasuke's hand, but Sasuke just held it tighter.

"Don't go." He whispered, and Naruto nodded, his mind searching desperately for a way to help, without leaving Sasuke. His eyes roved around them room, an action of pure habit, missions relied on your ability to see everything, and if he didn't know what to do, there was something you couldn't see.

His eyes landed on the soft, sky blue blanket stretched over the small mattress, tiny kitsunes roaming freely on the surface. Of course. Kyuubi!!

He retreated into his mind, searching for the bond that linked his with his foster brother, who also happened to be his brother in law. He grinned in triumph as he 'located' Kyuubi, but it was short lived as Sasuke made another stifled noise of pain, and clutched at Naruto's hand tighter.

Naruto, to worried at this point to even remember the points of courtesy, and, instead of calling out to Kyuu to come , please, he took the mental cord connecting them in his 'hands' and yanked. He felt a moment's resistance as space and matter stretched, then a faint pop as Kyuu appeared next to him in a tangled heap.

"What the hell was that for!" he shouted, and for answer, Naruto jerked his head toward Sasuke. Kyuubi's eyes widened as he took in the scene, and even further when he realized what it meant. Naruto, however, was not so shocked.

"Get Sakura. And Tsunade, if you can. Tell them what you want, but get them here now!" his voiced was laced with the firm leadership that had become stronger during his reign as Hokage, and also with something that bordered on hysteria, thought whether it was joy, fear, or both, Kyuubi couldn't tell ."Go!"

He nodded, and disappered. The seconds stretched on like hours, and Naruto cursed mentally as he realizred that, of course, Sasuke would go into labour while in the only room without furniture. That was just the way it worked, wasn't it?

A faint popping noise marked Kyuubi's return, and he looked up eagerly, he was sure that if Sasuke gripped any tighter, he really would break his hand. There was no doubt that Sasuke possessed the strength to do so.

Sakura was at his side in a moment. Her well-trained hands were checking Sasuke's pulse, his breathing, and his temperature. She put her hand against his stomach, and swore loudly.

Naruto was to busy agreeing with her to be shocked by her out of character use of profanity.

"We can't move him like this, it's to late. Kyuubi, see if you can drag a bed in here. Is Itachi getting Tsunade-san?" At Kyuu's nod, she smiled faintly. "I'm going to do the best I can but Tsunade-san is much better at this than I am." She stood up and headed towards the bedroom door "Naruto, you stay and watch after him, I'm going to get some water and some rags, alright?"

Naruto nodded but she was fairly sure that he had only half heard her, he was so caught up in Sasuke. Sakura, pregnant with her own child, scurried out the door. Naruto, barely even noticing her exit, wiped some of the sweat off of Sasuke's brow. "Are you alright?" he whispered.

Sasuke scowled and tightened his grip. "I'm not a girl." He forced out between clenched teeth. Naruto bit back the obvious retort to this, saying instead.

"Be that as it may, you are still giving birth and I'm going to help you through this if it kills me." Sasuke opened his mouth again, but was interrupted by another 'pop' and Itachi and Tsunade appered. Itachi, ever the older brother, was at his side in a second.

"Are you alright? Does it hurt anywhere? Is he going to be fine? How long is this going to take? Is it going to hurt? Is-"

Naruto was trying not to laugh, but Sasuke was scowling again.

"Itachi, calm down. You are a trained shinobi, and an Anbu squad leader, now act like one." Naruto snapped as Itachi showed no signs of stopping anytime soon. "If you want to make yourself useful, go help Sakura with the water." Itachi gave a hasty salute, something that Naruto had never seen his do before, and hastened out the door in the direction that Sakura had gone.

Tsunade, bent down so that she to was on level with Sasuke. "Breath." She ordered. "In, out, in, out." Sasuke mimicked her feeling rather foolish, and altogether to much like someone on an old sitcom. The sound of metal scraping on wood met their ear, and they looked up in time to see Kyuubi carrying a cot through the door, and the metal legs were getting caught on the door frame.

Sasuke scowled again. Great, he had just painted that too. Kyuu finally managed to get it through the door way, and placed it carefully as close to Sasuke as he could without it being on top of him. "Are we going to try and move him?"

"We have to. I can hardly help him down here, and it won't do him any good either. But we'll have to wait for Itachi to come back."

Naruto, for the first time that day, scowled himself. He didn't need anyones help to take care of his husband. "I'll do it." He growled. He picked Sasuke up bridal style, ignoring the fact that Sasuke seemed to be attempting to hit him, and placed him gently on the makeshift bed.

Kyuubi, thinking quickly, grabbed the nearest thing to a chair, the stool, and placed it directly behind Naruto, who sat quickly, crooning comforts to Sasuke, who was now biting into his lower lip in an effort not to make any noise.

"Um. . ." Tsunade started nervously. "There's something else we need to do too" Naruto raised an eyebrow at her hesitant tone.

'Well, we're going to need to take his pants off. But I think I'll leave that to you Naruto." She said quickly. Naruto nodded curtly, muttering something that sounded vaguely like 'Yeah, you'd better'. Tsunade averted her eyes as Naruto removed the pants, then covered Sasuke up with a sheet.

Sakura and Itachi entered, Itachi holding a basin full of water, Sakura carrying a small pile of linens. "Perfect timing Sakura!" Tsunade exclaimed, rising to take the rags from her, and indicating that Itachi should put that basin on the ground. "Alright, this may be a challenge, seeing as I never learned to jelp a guy give birth, because we never actually anticipated that coming-"

"That's Naruto for you." Kyuubi shrugged

"But we're going to get through this anyway. Itachi, you heat the water, but don't burn the carpet. Sakura, get some of the rags wet before he does that and give them to Naruto. Naruto, you just keep Sasuke calm and cooled down. Kyuubi, stand by me, and hand stuff to me as I need it."


Two painful hours later, Sasuke held a blond baby with blue eyes, Naruto leaning over his shoulder. "He's beautiful." Naruto to whispered, and Sasuke nodded.

"What are you going to name him?" Sakura asked, also staring in awe at the boy. He was the first baby of their generation, son of the Sixth Hokage, adn destined to be a legend like his parents before him, and theirs before them. Naruto and Sasuke exchanged glances.

"Ryou." They said in unison. "It means dragon." Said Naruto "And symbolizes strength and cleverness." Sasuke finished.



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