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A Tale of Two Bunnies

Chapter 1:

In the city of Domino, approximately forty-nine hours, fifty-two minutes and three seconds after Ryou Bakura was struck with Joey Wheeler's football… all was normal. Normal. No riots, no monkey sex, no jets or boats or Pharaohs or giant fat men destroying the town. And because of that little fact, a small group of boys were extremely worried. Especially Bakura, whose hikari had—on the day of being hit by that football—run off down the street and not since returned.

Said yami stood leaning against a wall in the home of Marik and Malik who were currently both on the couch. Marik had a Nintendo game controller in his hand and was shouting obscenities at the screen while Malik listened to Bakura intently.

"… and he hasn't come back since and—Marik? Ra-dammit, here I am, spilling my guts, and there you are kickin' gomba ass! What the hell?"

Malik stuck out his lower lip. "I'm listening, Bakura."

Marik looked at Bakura with one eye while concentrating on the game with the other. "Hah?"

"Hah?" Bakura mimicked. "What about Ryou?"

There was silence in the room right before an explosion on the television and the appearance of a black screen: Game Over. At that, Marik's jaw dropped and he threw the controller across the room resulting in a broken lamp.

"Hey," Malik shouted, "I just bought that!"

"Well get over it, Mario just died!" Marik shot back.

"Mario? Why the hell should I care about—"

"Excuse me!" Bakura screamed at the top of his lungs, finally gaining the boys' attention. When he had it, he continued quickly before he lost it again, "Ryou got hit on the head with a football by Joey, the same Joey whose fault it was that the world was almost ruled by midgets and gobbled up by Shadow creatures! He's gone and we haven't seen him since and this concerns NO ONE?"

Marik and Malik exchanged glances.

"Now Bakura," Malik said calmly, "We know how you feel. It's devastating to lose the other half of your soul. I don't know what I'd do if Marik were gone."

Marik looked at his other half. "Really? I find that hard to believe seeing as how it was just last night that you told me to go die a hundred deaths and then spend eternity with Bill Cosby."

"… Shut up. Anyway, Bakura, I'm worried about Ryou too but you know him, he's like… uber good, there's no way he could pull off what Yugi and Yami did."

Bakura crinkled his nose. "Don't be so sure. Ryou can be pretty evil when he wants to be."

Marik busted out into laughter. "When?"

"Well… this one time, at band camp—"

"Oh stop it. Listen, suddenly, I'm worried about him too." Malik said, turning to his yami. "Thinking back, we thought it was ridiculous for Yami and Yugi to take over the world too, right? But they did it."

"Exactly." Bakura got up from the wall and stood in the middle of the floor, his index finger raised to the ceiling. "And for that reason, we should organize a search party."

"Oh come on!" Marik said, suddenly annoyed.

"What?" they turned to him.

"Do you honestly believe Ryou, of all people, by himself, is capable of world domination?"

"Well not normally but did you see the look on his face after Joey hit him? It was like… it was like…" Malik searched for the right word.

Bakura cocked his head to the side. "Me?"

"Exactly! He looked like Bakura! Only cuter."


Marik shrugged. "Bakura's not trying to take over the world. For all we know, Ryou could be down the street at Shady Pines, emptying bedpans."

"Always gotta look on the bright-side, don't ya?"

"Someone's got to."

Just then, ceasing this riveting conversation, the doorbell rang and both Bakura and Marik looked at the only hikari in the room to answer it. Malik groaned and shuffled on over to the door. He opened it and, at first, didn't see anyone until, lo and behold, he looked down.


"Malik! Malik, oh thank goodness!" The tiny ball of black hair nearly collapsed and attached himself to Malik's knees. The blond teen blinked and turned back into the living room, hopping until he was back with his yami and Bakura.

Marik looked at him and his new black, furry appendage. "Malik, I told you not to pick up things in the street."

Malik glared. He turned his attention back to the twelve-year-old attached to his leg. "Um, Mokuba? Is there something you want to share with us?"

When the boy looked up again, his eyes were flowing over with tears. "My big brother's been kidnapped!"

There was silence.

"Tch. And we care… why?"

"Marik!" Malik scolded.

"What? That guy has the eternal stick up his ass. Not to mention, he borrowed a condom of mine and never gave it back. I'm supposed to be worried?"

Malik shivered.

"… Dude, that's sick," Bakura said.

Mokuba gasped, pointing his small finger angrily at Marik. "Stop saying mean things about Seto! He wasn't doing anything to anyone!"

"Well tell us what happened," Malik said, picking Mokuba up by the sides and placing him on the couch next to Marik. After pouting and scooting as far from Marik as possible, Mokuba began to explain:

"Okay. Well, we were at Kaiba Corp and I was checking our stocks and Seto was bored. So he went off to the lower levels to see who wasn't doing their job and whoever wasn't would be fired. He does that sometimes when he's feeling rather self-loathing. I tried to talk him out of it but he never listens to me. Anyway, he was gone for a really long time so I thought maybe he'd gotten sidetracked and that balloon man, Morgan, that sometimes sneaks into the building coaxed Seto into his caravan again so I…

Five hours later…

"And the guy told me they were out of sour apple flavored snow-cones so I told him that if he didn't—"


The boy looked up. "Yeah?"

Marik had been waiting for the point of this story for going on five hours and still hadn't heard anything of importance. He had nearly gnawed the stuffing out of the couch waiting and found he cold wait no longer. He shouted, "What is the point?"

Mokuba furrowed his brow. "The point, Mr. Can't Wait Another Two Seconds, is that Seto never came back! I searched the entire building and even went back to our house!"

"Fine, but what do you want us to do about it?"

"Oh, gee, I dunno… Help?"

"Lovely." Marik blinked at the boy and then pushed him off the couch. "Look, Mokuba, that's great and all but you need to get out of here; we're talking grown folks business."

"Huh? Wait—"

Bakura jumped in, "Yeah, my hikari's missing! No one's seen him for two days, your brother's only been missing for what, two hours? He's not as important yet."

"That's not fair," Mokuba shouted, "It's not fair! I helped you guys get your rods back last time! Please help me!"

Malik sighed. "Alright, well, have you tried the police?"

Mokuba sniffled. "They don't know anything…"

Marik quirked an eyebrow, "Then what makes you think we do?"

"I know I don't," Bakura said, picking at his ear.

There was silence again and finally Mokuba stomped his foot on the ground furiously. "Fine then!" He turned around. "I'll just go to Yami and Yugi for help! I don't know why I even came to you guys!"

Just as he was about to storm out of the doorway, the television—which had been turned to the local news station since Marik unplugged the Nintendo—volume turned up and everyone looked at Marik who had sat on the remote.

"I am Marsha Mitsubishi from Channel 8 News, here at the scene of what appears to be a mass kidnapping at Kaiba Corporation in Northern Domino. It has just been reported not two minutes ago that every single worker in the Kaiba Corp building, including their President and CEO, Seto Kaiba, has gone missing. As you can see, police have been asking citizens in the vicinity if they have seen any suspicious men with a fleet of trucks."

The camera surveyed the scene behind the dark-haired woman, Marsha. The Kaiba Corp building's shiny windows gleamed in the sun but those windows that were usually full of unhappy, lonely workers were now desolate and empty. People below were running around like chicken's with their heads cut off and the local officers trying to catch them for some information.

It looked like total chaos, as news-scenes usually do when crazy or illiterate people are the eye-witnesses.

Marsha frowned and decided to take matters into her own hands, sidestepping and grabbing a very fat woman by the tail of her skirt. Marsha smiled. "Excuse me, ma'am, but could you enlighten us on the situation?"

"AAAAHHHH! Oh my gawd, girl! I was like all up in the club and then like—oh my gawd—it was all lights and (bleep)! Then I was like (bleep) and went runnin' from the West Side! Girl! Damn and like it was some kinda spaceship!"

Marsha starred at the woman and then the cameraman. About a minute later, she rounded up another witness, an old man with overalls and white peach-fuzz for hair.

"A-A-And it were some kinda spaceship err m-m-moon rock what picked 'em up, yessiree. I-I-I done saw it and the missus done took out the ol' shotgun a-a-and"

Marsha pushed him out of the way. "Annoying old bastard," she muttered. Suddenly she perked up and smiled at the camera. "This just in! Actual footage of the scene just before the police arrived, taken by the neighborhood's voyeur."

The scene cut to a videotape of Kaiba Corp, the workers' shadows in the windows. A second later, a large aircraft was hovering just above the tall building. The camera moved up to reveal the shape of a large, metallic heart. A green light came down from the tip and covered the building, blinding the camera. Another second before the light faded and both the workers and spaceship were gone.

Marsha blinked. "Holy crap."

Mokuba's eyes were wide and when he looked around the room, each teenager's jaw was hanging. He shouted, "Now will you help me?"

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