Yes, this is a Halo story, but basically nothing from Halo is mentioned in the first chapter except ONI and Ackerson. This is intentional, and I will include more of the Halo story line in this story later.

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/Transmission from Unknown Region to Office of Naval Intelligence, Earth, 2500, Send Recq.

Accept Transmission? Yes/No

Transmission Accepted. Downloading Data…

Receiving Incoming Transmission…

Stand By…

"Greetings, Earth Warrior. I am Kaz'Thud Malzaar, Protector of the Arms, and I bring grave news to all of you on Earth and nearby systems. The Council of Concordance has decided to annihilate your region due to corrupt warfare and unruliness. You have seventeen days to comply. I warn you, if you rebel against our Holy decision, you will bring death upon yourselves. Our fleet of warships are already surrounding your area, so do not think about escape. Take heed, Earth Warrior, we do not take kindly to retaliation…"


Officer Ted Hunts glared at the screen, sandwich wrapper crumbling to the ground. Who was this creep? Hunts typed into his keyboard, attempting to reply the transmission. Nothing happened. He banged on the keyboard with his fists. Still, nothing happened. This was trouble. ONI didn't take kindly to transmissions that didn't replay itself.

Frustrated, Hunts took it all out on his computer, ramming his fists into the screen and keyboard. Right on cue, First Officer Hal Grinwald chose that moment to step into the control room.

"What are you doing?" Grinwald quietly said.

Ted froze.

"There was this weird transmission. It played once, but I only got half of the words he said. Something about destroying Earth and all nearby planets, but I can't get it to play back-"

"Hold on. Something about destroying Earth? Was it from the Covenant?"

"Uh, I don't think so."

"I don't think so, sir." Grinwald corrected him.

Hunts grumbled something unintelligent. He didn't really like being corrected. Still, the transmission sounded serious, and Officer Ted Hunts, ONI Intelligence Officer, had only heard a part of it because of an important sandwich that required eating.

Hal glared at Hunts, but said nothing.

"Replay that transmission."

Both Grinwald and Hunts turned to see Captain Jonathan Apathy standing near the doorway, looking thoughtfully at the screen.

Jonathan Apathy was a corrupt leader at ONI. Possibly even more corrupt than Colonel James Ackerson. Apathy was the one who continued ONI's attacks against the Human-Elite alliance. Apathy was the one who killed one of his own confederates with a plasma weapon, just to frame the Elites. Apathy was the one who was notorious for going all out against the Covenant, willing to sacrifice anything just for victory. Apathy was the one who wanted all the glory for himself. Both Hal Grinwald and Ted Hunts disliked Apathy.

"What are all of you staring at? Replay the transmission." Apathy said.

Hunts opened his mouth and closed it again.

Apathy said louder, "Replay the damn transmission, nitwit, or do I have to sock you three times in the eye!"

Hunts opened his mouth, said nothing, and motioned to Grinwald.

Grinwald stuttered, "He can't replay the transmission."

Apathy glared at Hunts, "And why not?"

Hunts motioned to Grinwald again.

Grinwald explained, "Hunts can't replay the transmission because it was programmed to self-destruct after activated. And," Grinwald glared at poor Ted. "because Hunts here wasn't paying attention to half the transmission itself."

Apathy sighed.


Somewhere in the Middle Americas

Two farmers were drinking beer in the bed of their pickup truck, happily yakking away. They paid no attention to the bright light that hung in the night sky above them.

"My sis, she once wrestled down a cow." One farmer said, gulping down beer. "Yaw could've sworn she was takin' down a shootin' star! Yep, those were the good ol' days."

"If a shootin' star came down upon us, then I would call yer sis…" the other farmer opened another bottle of beer.

Suddenly, the light in the sky grew bigger and bigger, until it crashed into a field nearby. The farmers just stared. One farmer threw away his bottle. The other farmer hopped off the truck and ran towards the crash site.

"I'm a gonna check it out. I'll be back!"

A minute later, the first farmer heard his companion's voice, faint.

"Steve! Steve! Get yer behind here! You will not believe this! Steve!"

Steve jumped out of the truck and ran towards the voice. When he reached there, he saw the farmer was bent down, looking down into a small crater. Steve walked up to the crater's rim and peered down.

"Oh my gawd, what the 'ell is that?"


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