A Shot Rang Out

"Dinner almost ready!" Hop sing assumed.

"Adam could you go and pick up Isabella at the Greene Ranch for dinner?" Carlos asked.

"Sure, I'll just get the horses ready." Adam replied.


"Hello Adam!" Isabella said as she came outside.

"Isabella!" Adam as he tipped his hat and gave her one of those huge grins, "Carlos sent me to get you for dinner."

"I am ready." Isabella said while walking off the porch to Adam.

Adam helped her onto a beautiful brown mare.


Ben Cartwright came into the house. "Smells delicious, Hop Sing!" he exclaimed.

"Little Joe, could you set the table, please?" Ben inquired.

"Yes Pa." he grumbled. He started dragging his feet towards the kitchen.


"How has your stay been at the Greene Ranch?" Adam asked.

"It is wonderful, the Greene's ar…….

A shot rang out. At the same time Adam fell off his horse and landed on his back.

"ADAM!" Isabella screamed.

Isabella jumped off her horse and ran to Adam's side. She saw blood and knew something was horribly wrong. She looked around, but didn't see anybody. Isabella jumped back on her horse and started galloping towards the Ponderosa.