Prolog: (" ": Dead Man's Chest did not occur)

Now that Captain Jack Sparrow has The Black Pearl and a crew in his command it's time for his next mission, finding his girl. It had been close to 12 years since Jack had seen her last and he was willing to risk everything to find her now.

When Jack was captain of the Black Pearl 12 years ago, he had a fiancé. She had sailed the world with him on that very ship, and together they were a terrifying pirate duo. But once the mutiny happened, Barbossa had taken over the ship, marooned Jack on an island, and promised that she would be marrying the captain as planned, only now it was Barbossa.

On their last adventure Jack had shot Barbossa and taken back his ship, but the one he truly loved was no where to be found. There were a few possibilities. One, she refused to marry him and Barbossa had her killed. Or two, she had escaped. Jack was hoping for the latter.

Two years of searching had proven that maybe she hadn't been as strong-willed as Jack knew her to be. He had sailed from port to port. There seemed to be no evidence of her anywhere. The only thing Jack had to go on was a name and a piece of her old dress he used as a bandanna, but he still had hope.

Now, a tip from Will Turner was leading him back to Port Royal. He was hardly welcome there, so his visit would have to be brief and discreet.

Chapter One: The End of the Search

--Part One

Jack stood in the crow's nest, watching his crew diligently. They handled their jobs with such precisionthat the ship glided across the water with ease. The breeze was chilling, but Jack was determined to stay up here until the first sight of Port Royal. He put his arm around the mast and leaned into it. Never had he been so nervous. "Come on," he whispered to himself, "bring me that horizon."

"Cap'em!" It was the voice of Anamaria at the wheel. "Cap'em!" she shouted once more, "Port Royal starboard side."

"Let down the anchor. Slow to a stop." Jack shouted. He held tighter onto the mast as they ship jerked, signaling that his command had been met.

"What now, Captain?" Mr. Gibbs yelled up to him.

Jack slowly made his way to the back of the crow's nest and climbed down the cargo net. Standing on the deck, he looked around as he made his way to the railing. Anamaria was right, they were just off shore to Port Royal. "Prepare a boat," he turned to his crew, "I'm going alone."

"That's daft, captain," Anamaria stepped down from the wheel, "They'll hang you at first sight."

"No, it's what has to be done." Mr. Gibbs sighed. "If Commodore Norrington sees the Black Pearl anywhere near Port Royal, he'll sink it. It's best that Jack goes."

"Then you're both daft." Anamaria muttered under her breath as she returned to her post.

Mr. Gibbs sighed as he motioned for the crew to get back to work. "Cotton, prepare a boat." Jack turned to him and nodded in approval. "Don't worry, Jack. We'll find her."

"Two years of searching and nothing. I've learned not to get my hopes up after so many disappointments. It's not worry, Mr. Gibbs, it's lost hope. Even if we find her, there'll be nothing in it for the men, and they're growing restless. "

"They're pirates, of course they are. We haven't had our hands on any good treasure in a while and seeing our leader this way is a bit unnerving."

Jak turned from him. "Listen here, mate. When we find her, there won't be enough treasure in the world hold us. We'll sail the seas, pillaging and plundering like every pirate should. No one will be able to stop Captain Jack Sparrow and his crew. Not with her by my side, that is. "

"Let's just talk to young William first, eh?"