Voldie-Moldie: Welcome again in my chatbox.

( no one reacts)

Voldie-Moldie: So it's just me and you today, eh, Tom?

TromIddle: I guess so.

Voldie-Moldie: Well, tell me about yourself.

TromIddle: I'm your second personality , and personally, I like myself better.

Voldie-Moldie: Oh. And I suppose I can't just Avada Kedavra you right now, can I?

TromIddle: Unless you want to commit suicide.No wait, stupid question, off course you want to commit suicide,you live with yourself everyday.

Voldie-Moldie: Oh, yes , I totally forgot I hated myself even more than Potty.Let's do it then, sorry people, Chat-Time is over. If you want to watch this, do this at your own risk.

HeirOfSlytherin: Noooo,I don't want to die yet! We haven't reached the ultimate uglyness yet!Wait for another victory of Harry Potter or our Victory as we have complete power over the entire world , muhahahhahahahahahahaha.

TromIddle: Stay focused.

Voldie-Moldie:Where did I deserve this to?

HeirOfSlytherin: When you decided to split your soul not in two pieces, but in SEVEN!

Because, if I remember correctly, "Isn't that the most magical number professor ?"Or something slimy, feet-kissing like that.

Voldie-Moldie:Oh, right, now I remember...

TromIddle: Oh , right , now he remembers...

HeirOfSlytherin: And you told ME to stay focused!

Voldie-Moldie: ...( pouts very cute, according to himself)

TromIddle: Yes.We need to stay focused! Where were we...

(more not-reactions for more than two hours)

Voldie-Moldie: Oh ,OH!I know!You were going to prevent me from killing us!How many points did I earn!

TromIddle: You remember me of someone.

HeirOfSlytherin: Of yourself , perhaps?Maybe he finally found his inner Granger. She has got a nice bum, y'know.Pity she's a Mudblood and working for Harry Snotter and all.

Voldie-Moldie: Well, was I right?

TromIddle:Yes you were,here a cookie.

Voldie-Moldie: Yay! ( Jumps Around Like A Five Year Old Earning His…Cookie)

So , what did you think of this chapter?

Next one I'm planning for some Lady Talk.