Hey Everyone! It's the ChaylorPrincess again with a brand new story! It's kinda based on the movie First Daughter (if you haven't seen you, you really need to. Katie Holmes and Marc Blucas play great characters in the story) but its totally different. Here's the trailer for it so you would know what to expect from it. The story won't be released for another month or so, I think. So here's the trailer. I tried my best writing this trailer; hope you like!

Summary:Taylor's father becomes the new president of the United States so that means that Taylor has to move away from everyone in Alburquerque. But when she goes to college, she meets up with her friends and her lover. Everything's going great until she gets a surprise that will change her life.

Italics are actions/sayings.

Bold Italic is the narrator's sayings.

Bold Italic Underline are the actors/actresses names.

Shows a man behind a podium. He is giving a speech out onto tons of people. Some people are holding up posters and signs.

"And if you vote me for President, I promise to make the United States a better place to live!" the man says to the people. The crowd cheers as he waves to them.

Dims into a big room that has tons of people in it. Three people stand in the middle of the room.

"And the next president of the United States is... Samuel McKessie!" the person in the middle says.

One side of the room cheers as Samuel McKessie shakes the opposing candidates hands and the person in the middle's hands. He waves to the camera as people are still cheering and clapping.

In the fall of 2006, Samuel McKessie became the first black President of the United States. To him, it was the best day of his life.

Shows Grace McKessie, his wife, kissing him on the cheek and they are both waving at the camera. It backs out to it showing on a tv.

Shows Taylor and the gang looking at the tv in shock.

For his daughter, it was inbetween the best and worst day of her life.

"I can't believe that my dad is the new president of the United States," Taylor says as she sits back on the couch.

"Do you know what that means?" Sharpay asks, "you get to live in the White House!"

"Yeah! That's like way bigger than our house!" Ryan exclaimed.

"Well, it's bigger than all our houses combined," Troy said, "I think."

"Yeah I know that, plus I would have to leave all you guys behind," Taylor replies sadly. Chad goes to her and puts her arm around her shoulder.

"Hey, everything's gonna be ok," Chad said as he kissed her forehead.

With her father being the next president, she had to leave her friends and her past life in Alburquerque behind.

Shows a big plane on the airport driveway with stairs leading to the inside.

Samuel and Grace McKessie goes halfway up the stairs, turns around and waves at the people on the driveway. Taylor is in front of both of them now and waves to her friends in the front and she blows a kiss to Chad. Chad fake catches it and mouthes 'I love you'. She mouthes it back with tears coming to her eyes. Then the McKessie's turn around and go into the plane.

The gang turns around and goes back to the parking lot, looking sad.

"I wonder if she might forget about us," Gabriella says.

"I hope she doesn't," Chad replies softly. He halfly turns around to see the plane take off.

Taylor looks out from her window seat and sees the airport get smaller and smaller. "I can't belive this is happening to me," she says to herself as she sits back into her seat.

Then 3 years later...Taylor McKessie became and accepted her role as America's new princess.

An older Taylor comes out from the side and comes down a big staircase. She's wearing a long creme spaghetti dress and smiles to everyone in the room. All the people in the room clap as she comes into the room and joins her parents at the stage.

"We are all here on this special night tonight. Tomorrow, my lovely daughter here will go off to college at the University of Miami," Samuel McKessie says into the microphone as he looks at Taylor. Taylor smiles back at him and looks out onto the crowd and everyone applauses for her again.

Shows her in her bedroom looking at a picture of her, Chad, Gabi and Troy. She scans over the picture with her finger and invisibly draws a heart on Chad's face.

Who wants to come back into the real world again.

Shows the University of Miami and the McKessie's entering a dorm room.

"Who's Taylor's roommate?" Grace asks her husband.

"Some girl named Gabriella Montez," Samuel replies.

"Gabi? Gabriella Montez? No Way!" Taylor exclaims.

Old friends are reunited...

Shows Taylor and Gabi having a big reunion in the dorm room.

"I missed you so much," Gabi says.

"Me too," Taylor replies.

Then the door opens and a guy comes into the room with two guys in suits.

"What are these guys doing outside your room, Gabi?" Troy asks.

"TROY!" Taylor yells as she runs over to him and hugs him.

And old lovers are found again.

Shows Taylor walking down the sidewalk with a bunch of books in her hands. She bumps into someone and knocks down all her books.

"Oh my gosh. I am so sorry," Taylor says.

"No no, it's ok," the person says.

They both touch the last book on the ground. The person takes the last book and helps Taylor up.

"Thank you," Taylor says before she looks at the person.

"Chad?" Taylor asks.

"Taylor?" Chad askes. He hugs her tightly and she hugs back.

Shows them sitting out on a porch for a resteraunt.

"It's been forever since I've seen you," Chad starts, "You suddenly changed from smart girl to beautiful princess in over 3 years."

"I know that's right," Taylor replies.

"You know I still love you, right?" Chad asks.

Taylor looks at him and smiles.

(Shown on screen from now on) But what if old love...

Shows Gabi and Taylor walking down the sidewalk.

"So how's everything between you and Chad?" Gabi asks.

Shows Chad and Taylor holding each other as they watch fireworks.

"Perfect. Just like it was before I left Alburquerque," Taylor replies. (this plays over the last scene above)

Took a new twist...

Shows Taylor laying in her bed with her clothes on. Chad looks down at her. He's wearing a suit and he has an earpiece in his ear and and cord comes from his ear and onto the shirt.

"How could you not tell me this, Chad?" Taylor says. (this also plays over the last scene above)

"Because I didn't want to hurt you," Chad replies. This time Taylor is sitting up on her bed and tears are coming out of her eyes.

"But you didn't have to keep it a secret from me," Taylor says.

"It's my job, Taylor. What was I supposed to do, blow my cover!" Chad yells.

A bright light is shined onto the screen.

Mariah Carey's My All chorus (at the end) starts playing.

When things stand in the way of love...

Shows Taylor and Gabi laying on her bed at the White House.

"He still loved me, Gabi. What am I supposed to do?" Taylor asks.

Shows Chad driving down the road in his truck looking sad.

"Did you ever think that you might still love him back?" Gabriella asks.

Taylor turns and looks at Gabi.

A bright light shines onto screen.

You have to do everything to get love back.

Shows Taylor dancing with her father at a big ball.

"Do you really love him?" her father asks.

"Yes but I can't Dad," Taylor says.

"Who says you can't?" her father asks. Taylor turns and sees Chad in a tux. Chad comes over to her and dances with her.

Shows Gabriella and Troy smiling as they see Taylor and Chad dancing.

"What did you do this time?" Troy asks.

"Nothing. I swear," Gabi says as she smiles.

A bright light is shined onto the screen.

Monique Coleman

"What are you doing here?" Taylor asks as she dances with Chad.

Corbin Bleu

"I'm here to dance with you, my love," Chad replies as he dips her.

(Narraton says) In the epic tale of true love...

Shows Taylor walking down a hallway by herself. Chad's looking back at her as she walks away. Then Taylor turns around and runs back to him.

(Flashback) Shows Taylor coming to Chad and wrapping her arms around his neck and softly kissing him after their date.

A bright light flashes onto screen.

Shows Taylor and Chad kissing like they did in the flashback. They pull back and press foreheads together and smile.

A bright light is flashed onto the screen.

First Daughter 2: So We Meet Again...

"Did you come back for that?" Chad smirks.

"Yeah...plus I forgot my purse in the ballroom," Taylor joked.

Coming to Fanfiction on August 19, 2006

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