She's frozen, she knows that.

Absolutely frozen and not able to do thing.

But then, she contemplates, does she?

After all, despite all manner of weaponry whizzing through the air (and one going dangerously close to her ear), she is perfectly content to stand there.

She loves him; she knows that too, which is why she waits for him, an Enemy fighter, who could kill her if he so wished.

He won't, she knows that too.

She watches him, walking towards her, his dark eyes alight with a flame she has not seen in him for a long time.

Not even when he greets his wife.

His wife.

The force of his Chakra slackened and she could move around. She flexed and un-flexed here fingers. Her hands. She moves her arms, curiously they tingle slightly. She takes a step forward.

But she won't leave.

He knows this.

"I hate you!" she screams.

A part of her means it. A tiny, unbidden part of her.

"I hate you too!" he yells back.

A part of him means it as well.

And a part of her sobs silently, knowing this.

Her eyes are alight with that flame, so similar to the flame in his eyes.

Wordlessly they leave the battlefield, making sure no one follows.

A part of her wishes someone would.

But when his arms encircle her body, the voice quiets down.

His arms, so warm, make her feel safe despite him being an Enemy.

A fighter of the Leaf.

Of Konoha.

She, a fighter of Sand.

Of Suna.

His enemy.

He is, after all forbidden. But then, to him she is forbidden as well and there are no protests from him when her arms wrap themselves around his neck. She does not protest when his lips, on her neck, bring waves of pleasure rippling through her body.

The small Voice pipes up, telling her this is indecent.



But when his lips brush against hers, warm and moist, the Voice fades away. She whimpers at his touch, leaning into his lips, kissing back desperately, wanting it.

Needing it.

"I love you"

It is a quiet, rushed declaration that he knows is true.

"So do I." he tells her.

She knows it is true as well.

She feels a rush of guilt, pride and sorrow.

Guilty because it is as though she stole him from his wife. One who loves him dearly and would do anything for him. Pride because he loves her. And sorrow because he loves her. They...they can not be. They are illicit, lovers sneaking around and it deals a large blow to her.

She pulls from his arms, and he pulls her close.

She wants to stop, he wants to continue.

He holds her closer, his lips seeking hers once more. She stops him.

"No more." She whispers, tears evident in her voice.

He catches her double meaning and his eyes seem to darken.




He nods silently, too numb for anything.

She leaves him, with a whisper of love, and a broken promise of forever.

He leaves, with a single tear drop and a shattered dream of always.


Later on, when all was quiet and the stars twinkled, twin houses had but one light on. Her house, void of all but her and her memories, and his house, filled with long shattered dreams, his simplistic lifestyle and a wife he did not love.

Deep from both houses, silently crying, were the anguished wails of broken hearts.