Chapter 1 - She's a rebel from Suna!

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(We start our ninja quest with a little baby and yes there are time skips and alot of them but I want to get my point across fastly and efficiantly)

A woman in her 20's screamed "PROTECT THE BABY!" She screamed to the clan. The ninjas of Suna guarded the pink-haired baby with green eyes with their life as the Kazekage and his wife fought to protect the city of Suna. Without a doubt they sacraficed their lives to protect this city.

In their will they left some major details.

On the paper:

To all people who will read this:

I Hisashi Haruno, The Kazekage of Suna, leave my city to Hizshi Sabuko. (aka. Gaaras father) I leave my ninja weapons to their family.

I Sakuhana Haruno, Leave this earth with my belongings to the Sabuko family to spilt with my daughter Sakura.

We both leave our daughter in the hands of the Sabuko family. We leave this world with hopes that she will to become a ninja and make both of us proud. Her powers will match of most demons. We leave this world with honor and pride. We both shall be watching all of this city with the past Kazekages of our city.

That was all that they pointed out. And it was followed out. The Sabuko family had given their all to protect Sakura. She was a beautiful baby.

Because both families had no mother it was difficult to take care of two babies with the power to wipe out an entire village as soon as their born.

But thats where nanny's came in. Temari and Kankuro grew to like their new brother and sort-of-sister.

7 Years Later...

Sakura and Temari got along famously. They both looked beautiful for being 7 1/2 and 10. Temari was almost done completing the ninja academy and Kankuro already passed (Lets say Temari is younger than kankuro ok?) Everyone learned of what was in Gaara and hated him. But then there was Sakura, she talked with him like he wouldnt harm a fly. They were the center of attention. But never was it a good thing. Because they knew of what he was, they treated her like dirt because of what she hung with. They would always say "You are who you hang with! And you hang with dirt!"

But yet she didnt care...And that puzzled Gaara until one day. It was Gaara's 8th birthday and people were picking on him. He was scared.

Sakura stood inbetween them. She scolded them furiosly. As they ran like rabbits.From then on Sakura and Gaara became the best of friends.

5 Years Later...

"Sakura." gaara said. She looked at him while running through the forest, carefully and stealthly nearing Konoha. "Yes?" She asked

"How was Kankuros back the last time you checked him?" Temari nodded curiously. When the team was on a mission Kankuros back was kicked harshly, putting him n a hospital and out of the exams. Sakura nodded. "Well he should be fine but that kick was definatly holding alot of chakra in it. I swear if he does step into the exams, it will and would be his last time as a ninja." She said sadly

Gaara and temari nodded. They understood if Sakura talks about the medical feild it is true. Its always good having a medic on your team. "We're almost there." Gaara said. The girls nodded. The Chunnin Exams were held in Konoha this year and they dont want to make a intirely bad impression by being late.

When they reached the place Temari wanted to site see alone. So that left Gaara and Sakura alone. They unpacked and stocked up on supplies. "We should be at least somewhat concerned, who knows what they have in for us.' Sakura stated unemotionally.

gaara simply nodded. "We should see who Temaris killing." Sakura said. Gaara nodded and fanished in a mixture of sand and water. Sakura vanished with the water gaara with the Sand of course.

End Of Chapter 1! Reveiw please!