Chapter 12: Disappear. The Final Wish

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Sakura sat in the Hokage's office for a hole 20 min. until the others arrived. What were they doing? Shopping?


"Hey Sakura...?" Naruto asked "What?" Sakura asked. "Whats the mission about?" Sakura shrugged. "Like I would know." She said carelessly. Truthfully, she had a pretty good idea what the mission was about...and she did NOT want to do it.

"Well what a surprise...your late AGAIN TEAM 7!!!!!!!" Tsunade, the new hokage yelled.

Sakura smirked. So this team was as bad as she heard.

"Dont worry Lord Hokage, I'll make sure they come early from now on." Sakura sent her new lovely teammates a death glare. Naruto and Kakashi shivered and Sasuke winced.

"Okay then sakura.Now lets talk about your mission.." Tsunade stated as she took out some files.

"Your next mission will be to infiltrate Akatsuki.Now, I know your all thinking that this will be risky for a bunch of gennin, but I need you to just go along with the program..."

As she explained it all (AN/ Yeah don't worry it will all be told soon)

Sakura packed all her belongings up. She locked her house up tightly seeing as she won't be coming home. Sakura sighed heavily. Today was the day.

She didn't even know if she was coming home or not. Then again, was this ever her home?

Sakura walked down a shadowy alleyway. Many people looked at her. But never gave the second glance. Did anyone care?

Maybe her parents cared….do they remember me? Sakura was deep thought when she bumped into a muscular chest. She didn't fall, seeing as her ninja skills would NEVER let her.

"Oh my goodness I'm sorry. I wasn't watching where- Sasuke-san?" Sakura said in disbelief. Sasuke looked at her questioningly. 'Sasuke-san? Wth.' Sasuke thought to himself.

Sakura looked down at her feet. The way she always would when she was a little girl…

"Hn." Sasuke said coldly. As he walked away.

Sakura sighed. What the hell was she doing? She scoffed. Looking down like some pathetic 5 year old.

'Why did I look down? I know I don't like him… he is the enemy. I got stuck here; it doesn't mean I have to make friends. Remember get in and get out. ' She thought to herself as she collected herself and continued her way down the street.



I was so stupid to think he liked me…

Why did I like him?

All he did was hurt me…

Just like my so called friends…

Just like I was told they would…

I didn't believe that they would…

I trusted them…

All they did was back stab and hurt me…

Why didn't I listen to you, Kazekage-sama?

I told you not to worry; that I could handle it.

And I couldn't….I lied to you, and myself….

No one like me could handle them…

So why hide it? I did not want to show my fear, my sadness…

My emotions…

Sakura's P.O.V:

I was told when I was little that emotions made someone weak. I was taught that hate would lead to my downfall, and in general.

It Did.

I never listened to anyone. I had thought that all they would say would hurt me. And I didn't want to hurt…

I don't want to hurt anymore…

I walked towards the gates… it might very well be the last time I ever see them.

The Uzumaki boy frowned at me. He looked 'troubled', but I could tell that there was more to it.

"Sakura-san…" the boy started…

His eyes were watery… like rain that was ready to explode.

What I said coldly, not that I meant it, I don't like emotions. I'm a fighter, as everyone had said when I was little.

"Gaara's gone…" He spoke softly.

My eyes widened with horror.

I was a fighter…right until the end.

"No…" I spoke softly as a tear came down my eye, for the 1st time. In 4 years.

Naruto looked down. I hated it. This was not happening. It felt like my world was spinning. I have lost everything. Now I lost him?

The only boy who ever loved me?

It was too much, now the mission…

I held my head up high as tears streamed down my face. "Well? Aren't we going? Or are we going to go shopping?" I asked tearfully.

Naruto looked up in disbelief "Your- your still going to go?" He stuttered.

I nodded. "Why wouldn't I?" I had my priorities and seeing my old traitorous village, would devastate me. I could not let that happen.

The man that I presumed was Rock Lee, looked at me sorrowfully. They all did. Those eyes…

The same eyes…

Why do I receive such cruel eyes?

Why me?


The one word I was destined to be filled with. Oh god I sound like the Hyuga.

Where do I go from here?

Why exist.

"You are a tool to the world, Sakura. Remember that, as you leave this place." – The 4th Kazakage.

I wish not to leave, but to disappear

And not receive these stares,

They could cut through one's soul.

I cannot bear it.

And if I do;

I belong in the world. A shadow.

Do I know them? How dare they.

How dare I…

To take it all for granted. Is to take all and not live for it.

Proceed with caution… For I cannot live without death.

Can you?

Can they?

Can I truly be someone among such glorious people.

May those who defeat there destinies, be granted eternal glory.

I want that glory. Though I shall never get it.

Gaara wanted love. I gave him it. He took it for granted.

I want glory. I want power. I shall receive it. And not live to see it.

Is glory visible?

Is glory a procession?


I am the procession.

I am the tool.

I am needed.

I have a place in this world…

I belong to Suna and Konoha.

Sakura sighed as she and the other now glide through the trees, awaiting the gates of the Fire Country. Where Sakura will be dropped off.

I belong to Konoha and Suna no more…

I am now Ayame of Akatsuki.


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