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Silver and Gold
By Silver Sailor Ganymede

Mokuba stared out the window, his grey eyes fixated on the summer rain that had veiled the evening sky on that day. If indeed it was still day: twilight was eternal when the rain came in such a way. He loved the summer as a whole, but by far his favourite part was the summer storms. The storms would appear to both envolpe and embrace the charcoal skies at the same time while the lightning began its flitting dance through Heaven to Earth.

He wondered if his brother even knew that it was raining outside; Seto seemed completely unaware to the outside world unless he had to interact with it in some way. Mokuba thought, no he knew, that this was Gozaburo's doing. There was only darkness left for Seto, darkness, ice and machines. Seto had become a machine himself; riches were all that mattered to him now.

Mokuba turned away from the storm as tears threatened to spill from his eyes: no, he would not risk ever letting Seto see him cry again, never. He could not afford to be weak like that; the weak have no place in a world of steel. He closed his eyes and let the tears dry out; he would not allow himself to cry.

He jumped around when he heard a crashing sound, then looked and saw that a book had fallen off one of the shelves. He walked over to it and was about to put it back when a particular sentence in there caught his eye.

'Don't gain the world and lose your soul; wisdom is better than silver and gold'.

He read the quote again and again; it was so poignant to him that he felt tears rising in his eyes. Seto would never know the meaning of it, and even if he did he would be unable to appreciate it. Seto had the whole world at his feet and riches beyond imagination now… but emotions were alien to him, so alien. Mokuba didn't think his brother knew what emotions were any more.

Seto had lost his soul a long time ago.