Broken Healing

A mistake from the Kyubi while healing Naruto in the fight with Haku gives him the Sharingan. But how will Naruto use this new ability, especially when the Kyubi offers to do it with other Bloodlines?

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters, or quite a few of the lines included within this chapter, as many are quoted from the manga.

Chapter One: In Which Naruto Loses Something Precious and Kyubi Makes a Serious Mistake

Perhaps it had been wrong to keep doing the mission after all…

There was pain. It ran up and down his body in a hundred cuts that had been slashed over his skin by the masked hunter-nin. Naruto felt his body fading again, back into darkness.

"I see… You too share the legacy of a kekkei genkai bloodline!"

He knew he shouldn't. He could still hear the faint rush of the battle unfolding around him, caught in the ninja's ice mirrors. Without him, Sasuke would be taking on the powerful ninja all by himself…

He could hear words been spoken as if from a long distance away. They kept fading in and out, one moment hazy and indistinct, the next sounding so close they could be being shouted in his ear.

"I can't let this fight go on!"

His body ached to fall unconscious, to abandon the feelings that made it scream in protest.

"…tain that the longer our duel drags on the greater your ability to perceive my movements will become! Especially since…"

Behind closed lids, his eyes felt as if they were on weights as he tried to force them open.


A yell, that sounded louder than any previous, finally begun to rouse his body. He couldn't let a comrade die while he just lay on the floor, useless. He had made a promise to protect his precious people! Naruto cracked his eyes open. He turned his head achingly, to see Sasuke stood in front of him, his back to the blond boy.

"Sheesh… No matter how many times I tell you, you still keep getting in my way…" Sasuke said, turning to look at him out the corner of one eye. Fallen against an ice mirror was the crumpled form of the hunter-nin.

"Sasuke! You…" Naruto said happily, only to stop suddenly as he noticed something.

Sasuke's neck was filled with senbon needles. A trickle of blood ran from one corner of his mouth to splat onto the ground. "Get that lame expression off your stupid face, dobe," the black-haired boy croaked.

Needles through his neck…? But doesn't that mean that he will… Die! The thought filled his mind and Naruto stared at his rival wide-eyed. "… Wh-Why…" he stammered out, before trailing off ineffectively. ­He was trying to cover me…?

"Humph…" Sasuke managed. "I used to hate you, you know…" The boy trailed off, staring down at his team mate.

"Why… Why did you…?" Naruto twisted round to get a better look at Sasuke. He didn't know what he felt suddenly. "Why… Me…?" Sasuke was going to die and he- "You should have just minded your own business!" Naruto yelled at him furiously.

"How should I know?" Sasuke said. "My body just moved on its own, idiot!"

Naruto started forward as Sasuke rocked back on his heels. He caught the boy as he fell to the floor, before easing him down the rest of the way onto his knees. Black eyes glanced up into Naruto's.

"I swore I wouldn't die…" Sasuke murmured, his voice fading slightly. Something warm and wet trickled over Naruto's hands where he held the boy's shoulders. "Until I killed him… my brother… thought the oath would save me… but…" Sasuke raised an arm slightly as if to grab a hold of Naruto's jacket. "But don't you dare die also…"

"Sasuke!" Naruto yelled, even as the black pupils of the other boy widened suddenly, and went dark. The arm still rising fell again, the pale fingers hitting the ground silently.

The blond dug his fingers into Sasuke's shoulders, taking in a hissing breath. His eyes were itching again, but this time it was tears forming, making the still figure he was holding blur.

He's… dead…?

"He struck one blow at me, and without flinching sacrificed himself for you," a voice said, cutting over that single thought. Out the corner of his eye, Naruto saw the masked ninja stand up a little unsteadily. "He was a shinobi worthy of the utmost respect…"

Naruto pulled the body upwards, wrapping his arms around Sasuke in a hug. He was completely lifeless in his hands.

He's dead.

"-who in order to protect someone he cared about threw himself headlong into what he knew was a trap," the ninja continued.

Naruto ignored him, instead setting the body on the floor carefully from off his knees.

"Is this the first time a comrade of yours has died?" the hunter-nin asked, even as his body began to dissolve back into one of his mirrors. "Such is a ninja's path…"

"Shut up," Naruto ground out.

In his mind, where before it had been blissfully blank, something was uncoiling. Chakra burned through his system, and flooded his mind. I hated you too, Sasuke... But at the same time, I… And you also, it seems…

Quite suddenly, Naruto knew exactly where the other ninja was, despite his many mirror reflections. The least he could do was see that the rest of the team survived. That he survived.

Sasuke's eyes were closed and blood had dried falling down his chin.

I'm never gonna forgive you for this…

Something burned.

"I'm gonna kill you!" he screamed, his gaze turning towards the other ninja.

Inside his mirror, the ninja stepped back from the ferocity of the gaze turned upon him.

- - -

"He was my team mate and my friend," Naruto replied, clenching his fists. "One of my precious people. I'm gonna make you pay for taking away his dreams!"

"It seems you mean to make this your final stand," Haku said out-loud to the blond ninja stood in the centre of his ice mirror jutsu. "Are you prepared to meet death, as any shinobi should be?"

"Only one person will die today," the blond growled. "And that will be you!" With that, Naruto charged forward.

Here he comes! Haku thought, readying his senbon between his fingers. NOW! He pulled back his hands and released the needles. They flew through the air towards the figure hurtling towards him. I have him!

The senbon hit all over Naruto's shoulders and upper chest, riddling him with silver metal. The boy swung off course, rolling over the stone floor and coughing in sudden pain.

"I have restricted your breathing," Haku told him. "Soon lack of oxygen will make you tired, and you will fall to sleep. If you do not receive help in time, you will die."

To Haku's complete surprise, the blond laughed. "I don't care about all that shit!" the boy declared. "If I'm gonna die, all I wanna do is take you down with me!"

Haku frowned. He was out of needles and the blond still looked ready to fight. If he breaks out this jutsu it could mean trouble for Zabuza-san! I must incapacitate him before it is too late and I have no choice but to end his life… I need more senbon!

Haku eyed the fallen Uchiha's body, riddled as it was with his needles. Making a split second decision, he flew down from a mirror above the genin and fell beside Sasuke's body, tugging three senbon out of the less lethal places they had become lodged.

Naruto spun to confront him. "Get away from Sasuke! Leave him alone!" The blond was so angry at the apparent violation he didn't even stop to think, but charged blindly at the ninja.

"I'm sorry," Haku said.

And threw the senbon with precise accuracy.

- - -

"I'm sorry," the ninja said and threw his senbon.

Caught unaware, Naruto didn't even have time to blink, before everything went dark.

The pain came seconds later.

He screamed.

His eyes felt as if they were on fire, and floods of something wet ran down his cheeks. Worst of all was the darkness, as the senbon had cut through his optic nerves, and burst the eyeballs in their sockets.

Naruto was blind.

The boy dropped to his knees, his hands falling onto the stone ground, feeling the roughness of it beneath his fingers.

"Now that you have no eyes," a voice said, cutting across his private darkness, "you are no longer a threat to Zabuza-san, and I may spare your life. I'm sorry, but you will never be a ninja again."

Naruto could hear his own harsh breathing- rapid, panicked pants. There was nothing else. He had no idea where the other ninja was, nor where he was. Everything had been snuffed out all at once.

The ninja's words echoed through his head. "You will never be a ninja!"

Naruto heard the soft Tak! Tak! of sandals moving over stone. "I must go help Zabuza-san complete the mission. I am sorry, Naruto."

Naruto clenched his teeth. He couldn't let the enemy ninja leave! If he did, then surely Kakashi-sensei would loose to Zabuza, and then Sakura and Tazuna would also be killed. And if the bridge-builder died, Inari would loose another part of his family, and the little kid probably wouldn't be able to cope with it. They're all counting on me! I can't let them down! Naruto told himself determinedly.

Slowly and unsteadily, he eased himself upwards, to totter slightly on his feet. "Wait," he demanded. "You're not going anywhere! I can't let you hurt my friends! I WON'T!"

He screamed the last part, and as he did so, invisible to him, a fiery glow raced all over his body, swallowing him in a field of red chakra. Inside Naruto's mind, the blackness suddenly contracted, and was filled with fire. In the centre of it, an eye opened, huge and threatening.

"So you have come!" a voice boomed. "I finally meet the crawling piece of worm food that presumes to be my master! But what use are you as my vessel? All I see is a pathetic, blind human!"

"Who…?" Naruto questioned.

"Who it asks!" the voice said, voice full of malicious mirth. "Why? Do I scare you? Make you wish you had crawled up and died to be more useful as carrion to the maggots?"

Naruto was annoyed. "Get lost!" he told the voice. "I'm trying to fight!"

"Fight! With no eyes?" There was resounding laughter. "Well, filth, today happens to be your lucky day! Because I value my life, I'm going to fix your eyes for you! But you better not tap into my power again for a long time, or I'll grind your soul to dust!"

"Nine-tails!" Naruto realised at last in shock, only to receive a mocking laugh in reply.

All at once, pain filled his eyes again. His scream filled the bridge, making even Kakashi and Zabuza stop their battle to listen.

Naruto! the silver haired Jounin thought, before he once again had to go on the defensive from Zabuza's attacks. Hold on!

- - -

There were two distinct popping noises as the senbon were forcibly ejected from Naruto's eye sockets.

Haku stared in shock as steam began to pour out the wounds. What is this evil chakra? he wondered. How is this boy able to control it?

Before his very eyes, he saw red consume the bloody sockets, enlacing them with chakra strings that began to take on circular shapes. The boy screamed again, and put his hands up to his face, covering his eyes, before doubling over in pain.

Slowly, the screams died down, as did the smoke pouring out between the tanned fingers. Haku watched with morbid curiosity as the boy lowered his hands slowly away from his face. "What power was that?" Haku asked. "Have you been injured mo-"

He cut off as the blond boy swung to look at him. Behind his white mask, Haku's eyes went wide.

For where blue eyes had been before, there were now the whirling wheels of the red Sharingan.

It looks like the Sharingan, but that's impossible… The dark haired boys glance darted between the boy laid comatose on the floor, and the blond stood glaring at him. "The blood?" he wondered aloud. That chakra healed his eyes, but for some reason he has now the same Bloodline as the boy I removed the senbon from…

Meanwhile, Naruto stared about him in awe and delight. My eyes! That fox really did fix my eyes! I can see! He frowned slightly at the odd cast everything had though as he glanced around. I have to end this quick though, he thought to himself. Either my vision has healed all weird or I'm going to pass out again…

Unknown to him, Haku was thinking something similar. I took the other boy out first because with a Sharingan he was a major threat to me… But now Naruto has it as well, and my senses tell me he has more chakra to give it power. If I do not do something quickly I will not be able to hold up the mirrors, and he will surely win.

I must act NOW!

With that, Haku threw his remaining senbon needle, once again aiming for a less lethal pressure point. Despite everything, he did not want to hurt either of the boys.

Naruto started in surprise. Senbon! his mind shrieked, and he dodged out the way, rolling to his feet again quickly. Seconds later, he saw the silver glint of a needle hit the ground where he had been stood. I saw them coming from a long way away, I must be finally beginning to follow his moves, just like Sasuke did! Naruto thought with a grin. Ignoring the odd black shadows in his vision, he formed the seal he wanted and yelled, "Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!"

A dozen Narutos suddenly filled the space inside the mirrors, and they all began moving in separate directions.

He intends to smash the mirrors again! Haku thought. I shall have to move quickly again!

Naruto sent his clones to each different mirror. A sudden, black blur darted out of one, sending a clone up in a puff of smoke. Another followed as it drew close to a mirror. The third clone however, intercepted the attack by ducking out the way, sending Haku over his head and back into the mirrors, snatching up a dozen scattered senbon off the floor as he did so.

The real Naruto rushed ahead, already drawing back a fist to shatter the glass. From directly in front of him, the white mask appeared in the mirror, followed by a body. Pulling a kunai from his pouch, Naruto batted the senbon needles thrown at him aside with ease.

No! Haku thought in surprise. This was not one of the clones! He threw himself at the blond boy, who slid to a stop and met his kunai against the senbon needles Haku held between his fingers with a metallic twang. The black haired ninja flipped over the boy's back, before twisting to send a kick between his exposed shoulder blades.

Acting on instinct, Naruto dropped into a crouch and swung round on the ball of one foot to face his opponent. He darted under the blow and punched a fist into the ninja's thigh, sending him sprawling back towards the mirrors.

Picking himself up, Haku stared to reassess his opponent. He too has improved since we last met! Naruto, your hard work has paid off I see. And yet… Perhaps his taijutsu has not improved; he has merely become better at reading mine! Haku told himself, before starting another series of moves. I will move faster than he can, and overpower him like that!

Suddenly behind Naruto, a deafening crack was heard. One of the clones had thrown himself through a mirror and the whole thing shattered in pieces of jagged ice, even as the clone turned back into air.

"I've got you now!" Naruto said triumphantly, while Haku looked on in shock.

"My distraction has cost me one mirror, but it will not happen again!" Haku told the blond. "From now on, I will take your Sharingan seriously!"

"My… My what!" Naruto started in surprise. His gaze darted to one of the mirrors, where a blond haired boy with red eyes stared back at him. "My eyes!" he started, his hands moving toward them. "But how…?"

Is this because of Sasuke's death? he wondered. Kakashi-sensei said only members of the Uchiha clan could get the Sharingan, I'm sure he did! So how come…

Deep in the recesses of his cage, a fox demon winced slightly at the boy's shock as it reached even the far back of his mind. "Oopps," it managed, rather lamely.

Haku stared out the mirror at the blond's shocked face. He did not know…? Either way, I must make use of his distraction!

Jumping from the mirrors, Haku once again prepared to attack.

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