Title: Walking Talking Disaster

Author: Kaytee

Disclaimer: No, I don't own Roswell. I am sorry too. It would be a nice Christmas present though…

Summary: Set right after End Of The World. And instead of the Skins coming to Roswell Kivar does. Relationships heal and people begin to finally move on. Couples/Groupings: DREAMER. CANDY. STARAZERS. And a little LAMP TRIMMERS.

Liz walked out of her adjoined bathroom to her empty bed. As she lay down to rest her eyes for the night, something jabbed her in the back. She pulled out an Asian styled hair clip. Tears ran down her pale face. As she was holding the clip, she got a flash.

"Max, I can't believe you said that!" Liz playfully smacked Max's arm.

"Why?" he asked back.

"Because, that actually happened!" Liz said.

Max and Liz were walking towards the Crashdown Café after being out all night in search of something that turned out to be an orb of some sort. Probably Alien.

"Well then what can I do to make up for it?" Max asked with the eyes of a little boy who broke an old cookie jar.

Liz was staring at Max wondering if he was serious. "Max I was joking. I really am not mad." Still looking at him for an answer. Nope, no answer. "Really." She reassured him.

Max chuckled to himself, "I know but is there anything you would want me to do?"

Liz smiled inside at his compassion and pulled him into a deep kiss. "That." She said after catching her breath. She seemed to have always had trouble breathing around Max, and it didn't help when they kissed.

"As much as that was rewarding for you," he said showing a playful smile. "I really do have something for you." He pulled out a little box wrapped up in red paper.

"Oh Max, you didn't-" Max stopped her with his index finger against her lips.

"Just open it."

Liz unwrapped the box to find a little clip. It was reddish brownish, it had Asian writing on it. It looked expensive. "Max," Liz said trying to calm down herself before fainting. "I love you." She said breathlessly. "I have always loved you." He hugged her. "I love you too, Liz Parker."

More tears were staining her face once she realized she was still in her room. That feeling of love from him was so relieving.

It had been an hour since Kyle left her house, and Liz still hadn't felt any better about what she did than before. Future Max had came to her and told her to fall out of love with Max him and make him fall out of love with her. Apparently within 14 years the end of the world would come. How she heard it, she was to blame for it. In the short future her and Max became irresistible to each other, which lead to Tess leaving Roswell for good. Max, Michael, and Isabel weren't strong enough without Tess. So, they tried to battle the enemies but saw no light at the end of the tunnel so to say. They figured out how to use the Granolith as time travel. And, that is how he had ended up telling Liz to do the last thing she ever wanted to do to Max, to make him fall out of love with her. She knew much she loved Max so she did what she had to do.


Max laid his head on his arms while trying to tackle some geometry. It was like every other night when he was lost in thought of Liz, he never got any of his homework done. Why did she do this to me? I know she wouldn't do that to me. He started to tremble with tears building up in his eyes.

He heard a tap at his window. He hopped it was Liz, but once he walked over to the window he saw Tess' troubled face. He hesitated to open the window for her, but he too needed someone to talk to. "Hey," Max said uneasy.

Tess didn't say anything she just nodded and walked over to his bed. No longer able to hold the tears in, she began to cry silently.

"Tess?" Max said while joining her by the bed.

"Kivar." She said simply.

"Kivar? What?" Max said.

"It's bad." She said looking at the ground.

"What is bad?" Max said as his tone got a bit bitter. He was starting to get annoyed with this game.

"Kivar, he is here in Roswell," she paused. "And he is here to kill us." She started to cry heavily again. She wanted Max to hold her, but she knew what he had been through the past couple of hours. He hadn't told her yet but she guessed their destiny came with a territory. Like Liz, Tess could walk into a room with Max's presences and was washed over with his emotions. She could tell he was hurt, tremendously. But, he was blocking her away from why. So he knows this also. Tess couldn't understand why he didn't accept his destiny, not even when Liz told him he had to. She just didn't understand. Maybe he wasn't accepting it because he is too 'human'. Tess thought to herself Ha! That is something Nasedo would say.

That made it all worst to her thinking of Nasedo. He wouldn't be here when they had to battle one of the most dangerous people they've ever encountered. Kivar, from what she heard from Nasedo, was dangerous. He could do everything the Royal Four could but, at least 100 times better. Tess got more frighten with that thought. No Nasedo, no one to turn to, and Max wouldn't give her a damn hug. It started to piss her off so she said, "I don't have a clue as to what we are to do. He is so strong Max. I don't know how we will face him, let alone beat him." She trailed off while Max got lost within his own thoughts.

Kivar, here in Roswell? It can't be, he can't get here from their planet. He didn't even know how to get home. Why does he want to kill us? Max, why do you ask yourself dumb questions? He knew Kivar was strong, and how weak, or not well trained, they were of their powers. There was no doubt in his mind this would be a challenge. But, the smell of a good challenge was exhilarating to him; he could now focus on this instead of surrendering to his homework with thoughts of Liz.

Liz. Tess thought. He let her in. Did he know he did? Or was an accident? She wanted to believe choice #1, but knew it was #2 when Max looked at her with embarrassment on his face.

They both now knew each of them were in a dark place right now and didn't want to take advantage of it. They just sat there on his bed until Max was the first to speak.

"Do you know his whereabouts?"

"No. I just know he is here." Tess said.

"Do you know how he looks like?" Max asked questionably.

"Yeah, I could pick him out of a crowd," she said turning away from Max to hide the truth from her face.

"Pick him out?" Max repeated while moving over to see her face.

"Remember when I helped you focus on your other life?" Max nodded. "Well, and you know how I said you only remember their energy?" Max nodded again getting irritated. "Well, I can feel his energy." She got up from the bed and started to pace around the room. "I was at school today,"

Max interrupted her "At school? Today? Why didn't you tell me this earlier?" Max began to raise his voice.

"MAX! Lower your voice! Um I didn't tell you because you have been having issues."

Max was now beyond ticked. "Tess, I am really starting to get annoyed with your guess what games." Max saw Tess was still scared to death so he lowered his voice and got up off the bed and walked over to where Tess was.

"Your issue with Liz…" Max couldn't believe what he was hearing, did he even tell her?

"Oh." Was all he could say. "Sorry I haven't been able to talk lately." He apologized.

"It's okay Max I understand," Max thought to himself, No, you don't. "So, what are we going to do?" Max asked.

"That is your role, as King." Tess said sweetly. Oh, crap, forgot about that job. So, Maxie what are we going to do? He asked himself. "Right." He said back.

"I guess we should call a meeting." Tess started for the window. "Yeah, that is a good idea." She said as she prepared herself to leave. Before she left she turned around and said, "Max, if you need to talk, I am here anytime, anyplace, anywhere. Just give me a call." She smiled and propped herself on the window ledge, swung her legs over, stood up and walked home. "Thanks." Max said long after she left.


Liz didn't know how she was going to face Max on Monday, tomorrow. When he saw her and Kyle in bed, she saw the look in his eyes. He was so hurt. She knew it would take a long time before he would forgive her. Liz only wished Max knew why she did it. She had done it for him, for love, their love. She remembered what her grandmother used to say; always follow your heart. And for the life of God she couldn't understand why her mind said it was okay what she did, and then her heart said it was stupid. She couldn't help but to wonder if she screwed up. Her cell phone began to ring softly then loudly. She answered it, it was Maria. "Hello?" Liz answered.

"Hey Liz, so?" Maria asked questionably.

"So," Liz was confused, what was Maria on?

"So-when were you going to tell me about sleeping with Kyle?" Maria was pissed off that her best friend was going to not tell her what she had done.

"Oh, that. Well we slept together. That isn't much news. High school kids sleep together now days."

Maria was turning red and probably had steam shooting out of her ears. "Isn't much news? Liz, isn't much news! Well it is to me. You and Kyle? Yuck!" Maria made a gagging noise. "For one that is gross, Two, you didn't tell me, and Three, you're acting like it is no big deal!" Maria yelled in to the receiver part of Liz's phone.

Liz pulled the phone away from her ear then replied, "I was embarrassed. I didn't want to talk about it." Liz finally exhaled after lying to her best friend.

"Well, even if that IS the real reason for you doing that, you still never told me. I had to find out from Pam Troy, Freaking Pam, Liz!"

Liz was nervous. "I am sorry Maria."

"Sorry doesn't cut it, Bye!" And with that Maria hung up. Now, I have two people who hate me.

Liz needed to talk to someone about it. Alex popped into her mind. She dialed his number and the phone was ringing.

"Hello?" Alex sounded pissed.

"Hey, Alex! I need to talk to you." Liz said anxious for a reply.

"Why? Needing another friend to lie to?" Oh no, Maria had already told Alex.

"Alex, please?" The line went dead. "Hello? Alex? Damnit!" Liz threw the phone onto her bed and stepped out to her balcony and opened her dairy and started writing.


"Maxwell, this isn't good, this is real bad." Michael was saying while waiting for Tess and the others.

"Don't you think I know that?" Max said as he was staring at an ACDC poster on Michael's wall. He thought to himself He doesn't even listen to those guys.

"What are we going to do? Oh wait let me guess… nothing."

"Michael, don't start." Max said looking up at Isabel waiting for her to say something. But all Max could read on her face was the same thing he could hear in Michael's voice.

Tess walked in with only Kyle.

"Where are the others?" Max asked as he got up. He was thankful they walked in right then before Michael blew him up.

"Maria and Alex are pissed at Liz right now, something about lying." Kyle said as he looked at Max.

He had a look of plea in his eyes for Max not to say anything about what had happen. Max smirked a bit but, then said, "Well I guess we'll have to speak with them later. Right now we have a problem."

Kyle welcomed himself to Michael's fridge and got a Snapple. "Alien problem?" Kyle asked. It was more of a rhetorical question. But, he still got an answer.

"Yes, and it is going to be hard. Kivar, our enemy on our planet, is here in Roswell." Tess said. "He wants to kill the Royal Four, but, he doesn't know how the Royal Four look like, just their energy." Tess informed everyone as she found a seat next to Isabel on the dirty couch covered with Michael's laundry.

"So, what you're saying is he can be right in front of one of us and not know who it is?" Michael asked.

"Precisely, but he can, and will, feel our energy." Tess said. Isabel was worried.

"So, how are we going to keep ourselves safe and alive?"

"We have to stay in the Pod Chamber." Tess said. "All of us." She looked at everyone, including Kyle.

"What! Why everyone?" He asked furious and confused.

"Because if he finds one of you, humans, he will strip you of your memory to find us and we cannot risk that." Tess said getting up to get water. "So how many people are we talking about whom have to stay with us?" Max asked.

"You, me, Isabel, Michael, Kyle, Maria, Alex, Valenti, and Liz." Tess answered.

"I don't know how we are going to convince them to do it." Kyle stated.

"We will find some way. But, we need to hurry." Tess urged.

Max spoke up, "I will talk to Liz." Tess looked over at him wanting to say something but Max just nodded and walked out the apartment.

"Well, I will talk to my dad; he'll have no problem with it." Kyle said as he walked out.

"Yeah and I will talk to Alex." Isabel said.

"I'll talk to Maria." Michael said.

"Well I am going home to pack some things." Tess went home.

Dear Dairy,

I am Liz Parker and I have been lonelier then I have my entire life. I have lied to the man I have ever love and done something terrible to him. I slept with Kyle, well correction, faked slept with him. God, I love him so much it hurts. Only if he knew, I would tell him, but I couldn't it would be too hard for me.

Liz was writing in her dairy when Max climbed up the fire escape ladder, he stopped before jumping over to the wall. She was crying while writing in her journal. He tried to hear what she was mumbling over her tears.

"I am… so sorry… Max, but um… I did it for you… for us… all of us………"

Max decided he wouldn't talk to her right then and there; he'd give her some time. As Max was walking to his jeep he heard a voice yell "Max!"

He turned around to Liz leaning over the balcony looking for him.

"Liz?" He studied her face; she looked like she needed to tell him something.

"Come back please, I need to talk to you."

Max nodded and walked toward the fire escape ladder again. He finally got up and saw Liz pacing back and forth. She stopped once she saw he was there.

"What is wrong Liz?" Max asked.

"I – I need to tell you something. Oh, God Max, I am so scared." Max walked forward but Liz put her hands in front of her in defense. Max just stared at her.

"The thing with me and Kyle… what you saw us do, we didn't do. I can't tell you why, but I didn't sleep with him. I am so sorry, but, um I did it for you." Tears streamed down her face, they were more like tears of joy. She was happy she got it out.

Max just stood there, he was so relieved that she didn't do it, but now he was more curios to why she had faked it. "Then why did you fake it?" He asked, he didn't want to push her to tell him but, he had to ask.

"I can't tell you, but just know that I didn't do it." Liz said whipping tears off her cheeks with her forearm.

"Then show me." Max pleaded.

She knew what he meant, she just didn't know if she wanted to show him. Future Max didn't exactly say she couldn't 'show' him the truth. But, he must have implied it somehow. Before she could have time to think it all out Max swooped her up into a blissful kiss. It was so passionate, so relieving, so-so what she needed right now. Liz got some flashes, Max when he was first arriving at school, Liz talking to Maria, Liz at the cave, Liz walking away from Max in May, Max serenaded with the cheesy Mexican song, her and Kyle in bed, and she felt all his feelings. He got the flashes as well. But, there was one he had never seen, a man, a bit old but not too old, like mid thirties. He was telling Liz about how the world was to end in 14 years, he told her to make Max fall out of love with her. He felt how hurt and terrified she felt to hear those words. After the past of them together, everything he has told her, and then to hear him, future version, tell her that they can't be in love.

Tears ran down Max's face. "Who was that man?" Max asked after opening his eyes.

"You." Liz answered.

Hope you all like it.
I wrote this about a year ago so sorry if it isn't perfect.
Its one of my favorite fanfics.