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Maria woke up first before anyone else was awake. She didn't feel like being up alone but, when she looked over at Michael he was sound asleep. It took him a long time to go to sleep last night. He was so worried about her. Maria smiled at the sweet memory of last night when they were the only ones awake.

"I was scared when I couldn't wake you up. I tried but you just kept screaming." Michael said trying not to look too emotional. "I was so scared, I am still scared."

Maria took his hand and kissed it softly and told him, "I love you Michael." She laughed silently.

"What!" Michael asked, which only made Maria laugh harder. "WHAT!" He asked again growing impatient. "Maria, if you don't tell me what is going on right now I am gonna,"

Maria interrupted him, "You're gonna what?" She raised her eyebrows.

Michael took her into his arms and kissed her hard. The kiss was a kiss that told that he would always there for her no matter what. And that he loved her, loves her, a lot. When they stopped for much needed air Michael was the first to talk. "So, why were you laughing?" He then raised his eyes.

Maria smiled and then said "Just, you've never, you've never been so loving." She smiled.

"Well you bring out the good in me." He kissed her again.

It felt good to now finally be with Michael and with him forever. What she went through was so painful, so terrifying and all she could think about was that she hoped it won't happen to Michael. Everything used to seem so casual with him. Maybe casual wasn't the right word. More like nothing to him. Maria started to think that maybe Michael really didn't want to be with her. But, just now made all those thoughts float away. They were nothing to her, vapor, nonexistent. And what were in their place were love, warmth, and caring; three words that were never in Michael's daily vocabulary. When Michael said that Maria brought out the best of him, she smiled. She smiled so big she didn't care if she looked like a total idiot while smiling stupidly.

She made a difference in Michael. Her, She made it happen. He being this thick hard wall and her being a small vulnerable human changed him. And what was even better, she changed him for the better. She could not stop grinning or feeling like she was floating. Oh, what a way to damper the mood, she thought.

She relaxed a little when she remembered she was with Michael. She thought of the way he had kissed her earlier and licked her lips. As she laid there with him thinking about the earth shattering kiss she heard a loud scream and she immediately sat up in fret, the scream sound like it was from Alex.

"What was that!" Michael got up.

"I think it was Alex." she said not liking the sound of it.

Michael ran to where Alex was sleeping. He found him peacefully sleeping, which only made the matter more confusing to Maria. She swore she heard him scream. "I know I heard him scream." Maria pleaded with Michael.

Michael pulled Maria closer to him. "I know you did, I did too."

At that moment Tess ran into the room also with Kyle in tow. "What happen?" Tess asked. Maria told her to be quiet because Alex was peacefully asleep now.

"Well, I am going back to sleep now." Kyle whined. Leave it to Kyle to be selfish, Maria thought.

"Maybe if we wake him up he will be more help." Michael said.

Maria smacked him on the arm. "Owe!" Michael yelled.

"Try to be a little more considerate okay?" Maria said in a kindergarten teacher's voice.

After that was said Max ran in, "Who was screaming? I heard someone yell." Max looked around and saw Alex start to glow.

Michael turned to see what Max was so fixated on. "What the hell?"

Maria held on close to Michael's arm. That was the first time Michael let her.

Liz came stumbling in to see what the commotion was all about. She looked very tired. She had bags under her eyes; they almost looked like black eyes. Her hair was a mess. It looked like a birds nest. She had those red marks from blankets and clothes when you're asleep. She must have had a great sleep, Maria thought. She let a small gasp when she saw he ring on Liz's ring finger. No one heard it though.

"What happen?" Liz said as she trailed over to Max's side and leaned into him. Max reached over and brought Liz to the front of him and wrapped his loving, warm arms around her. "Alex, we think Kivar is after him next."

Liz nodded then gasped when she realized Alex was glowing. She pointed to the glowing body and ran to Maria.

"Wha- what is…is wrong…with…with…" Maria just shrugged and said,

"We don't know." Liz nodded and walked back over to Max. Liz then stood on her tip toes and gave Max a peck on the cheek and whispered, "Find out what happened to my friend, okay?" Max widened his eyes to the tone of voice Liz carried. "I will." Max said.

Liz then playfully smacked his butt and went to go get some coffee made for everyone.

Maria followed her friend into the dining room. "SO, what was that about?" Maria asked Liz.

Liz whipped her head around so fast her hair went flying around her head. "What what was about?" Liz squinted her eyes to look suspicious.

"The appearances, the looks, the whispering sweet nothings infront of everyone, that sexy little smack on the butt; don't tell me you don't know what I am talking about." Maria put her hands on her hips to look more convincing.

"I don't think I need to explain that to you Maria. It's private," She added some extra sugar to Max's coffee and turned around, "Even to best friends."

She walked swiftly by Maria and walked over to Max and the others with the plate of coffees. Maria was still standing in the kitchen area. "You so still owe me an explanation babe." Maria yelled to Liz.

Liz turned around and winked at her best friend and started rubbing Max's back to try to relieve some of his tension while they figured out what to do next.

Tess watched this scene with the glowing and what not. She couldn't understand why it was happening. A human was glowing? How could that even be? What was causing it? Kivar? But, the glowing wasn't an evil glow; it didn't have reddish gold in the mix. It was more of a blue and white; which stood for peace ad calm. So, Alex must be having some kind of dream about Isabel or something like his dog, if he even has one. She stood up so fast she knocked over her tea.

"I got it!" She started smiling like a complete fool. Everyone waited for her to finish. "The glow Alex's body was giving off wasn't evil, so it wasn't Kivar; the glow was more of a peaceful and calming to the soul glowing effect, so he wasn't being tortured by anyone."

Maria stood up. She still wasn't ready to trust Tess. "How do we know that you're making this all up to distract us?" Michael took hold of Maria's hand and pulled her back down beside him on the blankets.

Tess starts to pace around the group. Finally she said something that made sense. "Because I'm in this as well. It isn't just about you guys, it isn't about humans and aliens, or pod squad against me, it's to do with us all. Obviously Kivar wants something we all have or he wouldn't be putting us all through hell." Tess turned to Isabel who was kneeling next to Alex.

"Take Isabel for example. Don't you all think if Kivar was after anyone, anyone at all, it would be Isabel? He had his chance earlier. And Kyle and Max; they were trapped in a dream plane with him. He would have taken them both if he was after a single person! Do I need to go on?" It was a time where no one had anything to say, no words of wisdom from Max, no comebacks from Maria, no rude remarks from Michael. Everyone was speechless except Alex.

"Hey can a guy get some rest?" Alex sat up and scratched his head.

Isabel looked down and clanged herself to him. "You are okay! You are okay. Thank God!"

Alex was a little confused, but, pushed the confusion away for a while so he could enjoy Isabel Evan's arms around him. That would probably be the closes to his dreams he would ever get to.


Isabel held onto Alex as if he was her life jacket and she was drowning. She knew Alex was cherishing every precious moment of this rare action.

"Alex, I need to tell you something." Those were words Alex didn't want to hear. "What?" Alex said sounding bored.

"I have been rude and selfish and any other word you have to explain my attitude towards you. I want you to know it was never to do with you it was always about me and my stupid instincts about you. I thought you would just slow me down, you know keep me preoccupied and stuff. But, I am just as slow and preoccupied without you with me. So, what I am asking is that maybe you would reconsider being my boyfriend or whatever you call it." For the first time ever Isabel blushed.

Alex thought it was adorable because it was just for him. "I'd love to take you up on that offer."


Liz was writing in her journal when Max walked into their sleeping space. He stopped himself because she looked so beautiful. God is there anything she does that isn't beautiful Max asked himself. Liz felt someone was there so she stopped writing. "Don't stop writing on account of me." Liz looked up to smiling Max. She had to smile back. There was her knight and shining armor, her prince on the white horse, her alien King. She then got up from her spot and walked slowly over to him making him wonder what she was up to. When she was about two steps away from him she jumped into his welcoming arms.

"Wow, are you okay?" Max asked as he let her down.

Liz scrunched her nose up and asked "What do you mean? I thought you would like having your girlfriend jump at you."

Max started laughing then said between his laughs, "And smacking your boyfriends butt too?"

Liz smacked his arm. "Hey!" She started to walk away when Max grabbed her arms.

"I was kidding." He started to rub her back.

Liz began to frown. "I am scared that we will fall apart."

"Liz, you know I will never leave you. I wouldn't dare."

Liz wiped her remaining tears off her cheek. "You don't know that, we don't know that. None of us know what is going to happen here or in the future."

Max let go of her hands to run his hands through his hair that hadn't been washed in days. He didn't see that coming. "So, what do you want to breakup? Because I don't think we need to. Do you?"

Liz ran her fingers through her hair as well. "No I don't want to breakup. Or I don't know, maybe I do. I just don't know Max!"

Max walked over to her and pulled her to him ignoring her struggles. "Well, whatever you need to do I will be here and I will support it and give you your space to find out what you need."

Liz started crying again. "What is it love?" Max asked softly in her hair. "I love you too much Max. Not that that is bad. And I wish I could stop crying…"

Max started to laugh. Liz shot her head up fast. "Why the hell are you laughing?"

Max couldn't stop laughing. "I love you so much." He finally stopped to lean down and kiss her.

"But, seriously Max, what are we going to do? I mean what is our plan now? Alex is having weird dreams with glows. And then there is that dream plane that almost trapped you, and Kyle. I am so scared what if that happens again? I don't know what I would do without you."

Max swept her into his arms and kissed her freely. Liz started to giggle softly.

"Liz, what can I do or say that will convince you that I will never leave you?"

Liz pretending she was thinking then said, "Forgive me."

Max looked at her with a daze look in his eyes. He was confused. "Forgive you for what?"

Liz smiled tediously. "For misleading you, you know, with Kyle."

Max hugged her closer and kissed her forehead. "I have already forgave you and forgot about it Liz."


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