Don't think there's something else inside

What you see, is what you get.

This guy has got nothing to hide

If he does, nobody's found it yet.


All that anger, self-induced

Must come from somewhere, so profuse

From a world he can't be part of;

From people's hatred and their fear;

From pretty girls he'll never talk to;

From guys he can't share sport and beer;

From scientists in bright white lab coats

Seeing what he's like inside;

From those who'd put him in a cage

And study how a freak behaves;

From being locked inside a zoo

While humans watch and gape and talk;

From knowing that he came from ooze

Which made him learn to speak and walk;

From walking, talking like a man,

But knowing that he'll never be one;

From isolation with his Clan;

From a childhood without sun;

From brothers who'll just never get it

With their natures, chilled and calm;

From discipline and channelling

Which fail to bring a healing balm.

He's shed his tears in days long gone by

For what he can't have, he won't cry.

His world-view harder, his feelings colder

He has no need for someone's shoulder.

If he did, his Clan could offer four.

But he says he don't care anymore.

Yet grief and fear help fuel the fires

That burn so strongly deep inside

That source of rage and quenched desires

That calms when Enemies have died.

That leaves one question:

What would be, if he could find different release?

In loving arms and open thighs;

Could SEX calm the raging beast?


But could any human woman

Understand and come to accept

The loss of everything that's usual

In a relationship well kept?

No fancy restaurants, dinners for two,

No trips to the park or walks in the zoo,

(Well, not in daylight anyway…)

Accept the blood he's spent and spilled,

Welcome him when he's just killed,

(Morality might go astray…)

Not expect to share his secrets,

Not expect his heart to open,

Not expect consideration,

Not expect "I love yous" spoken.

And could any human woman

Be truly blind to tail and shell?

Never question the cross-species?

Bestiality? Going to hell?

Never TALK about her boyfriend,

Not even when sorely tested,

Never tell her closest friend,

Be "single" but not interested?

Not a word to breathe or whisper,

About this unusual creature,

Who she has allowed to kiss her?

Never think about a preacher,

White dress, church and wedding bells

Never THINK about the children.

Human beings wearing SHELLS?

He's accepted this won't happen

Sealed his heart to love and hurt.

Magazines and adult videos

Are his only, lonely comfort.

Any wonder that he's bitter?

Any wonder that he's cold?

Any wonder that his anger

Never dulls, never grows old?

Don't think there's something gentle hiding

What you see, is what you get.

This guy has anger over-riding

No sympathy and no regret.