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Hard Candy

Prologue : Animation

The woman walked towards her destination in a flurry of snow, her dark red hair making her stick out like a sore thumb amongst the scene of white. Wrapping her arms around her self as the wind picked up and she quickly entered the small store, a smile ready on her lips when she spotted the owner. Walking to the back to retrieve the milk she came for she stopped in her tracks upon seeing a bush of spikes moving on the other side of the aisle. So familiar...

She shook her head and dismissed the idea. It's not him.

He'd been gone for five years.

She heard one of the freezer doors open and she snapped out of it.

"Do you have sea-salt icecream?" A distinct male voice asked up front. Kairi's heart started to beat faster, she could hear it in her ears. Very few people liked that stuff, or admitted it. It wasn't exactly the most popular treat in Radiant Garden. She knew one boy who had loved it.

But it couldn't be him, because almost everyone believed he was dead. Maybe she was even starting to believe it. But a year ago it hadn't been like that, she had been killing herself with the hope that he would come back. And when day after day he didn't, she began to see him. Everywhere.

"Don't you get it! He's not coming back." she could only stare into his eyes, bright and angry. Riku hated it when she talked like that, she knew it. And she knew it was probably because he wanted to believe her, because he was angry that his best friend had tried to take on the darkness himself. Kairi let her tears fall.

"He's alive, I saw him Riku!" Riku looked at the ground.

"Just.. stop it."

And between that time and now, everything seemed to put itself back together. She had accepted it. Accepted that she would never see him again. So why was this happening now? She was even feeling happier than she had in a long time. She shook it off and went to get her milk, making a quick purchase and exiting the store. But she was still immersed in her thoughts and she collided with someone.

"Sorry." she said quietly to the man's back.

"It's fine." was the almost weary response and he began to walk away, but something made her call out.

"Wait!" she grabbed his hand and he turned around almost in slow motion. Kairi gasped when she caught sight of the deepest sapphire orbs she'd ever seen. She knew those eyes. But at the same time she didn't, there was something almost wintry about them now. Something that ironically matched the weather they we standing in.

"Sora?" she whispered. The man looked at her and then at the engagement ring on her finger. He let go of her hand and she called again. "Sora? Is it you?" His answer was almost sorrowful.

"No, Sorry." With that he left her, and she let him.

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