AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story is connected to Night Laughing, so you may want to read it before you read this story.

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Double Wonder

By Red Blaze 16

Chapter 1

Arkham Asylum, for the criminally insane, is located outside the city limits Gotham and home for many men and woman who have been put there by the city's protector. Early in the wee hours of the morning, one of those criminals is being returned to the cell that has been his own while he is housed. Joker, Clowned Price of Crime, was caught and sent back to his insane jail after having gotten out to attack the Batman's former partner.

Being dragged down the hall in a straight jacket, Joker vents his anger at being caught. Many of the criminals who are still in their cells stop near their doors and stare out at the white skinned, green haired man as he walks by their cells.

"I almost had him," vents Joker, tugging against the guards that are pulling him along. "But nooooo, Batman had to show up and ruin it all."

Passing by yet another cell on the way to his own, Joker hears a snicker coming from the cell with the name Harvey Dent marked on it.

"Go ahead, Puke-Face!" shouts Joker, as he walks by. "Like you could do better!"

Staring at Joker, Two-Face continues to flip the ever-present coin.

Some night ago, the criminals had been gathered for one of their rare social evenings. During the glories shared, the criminals discovered a truth that they had not realized till then. It was that night that the criminals of Arkham realized that Nightwing had been Robin the Boy Wonder, Batman's first partner.

Joker had broken out of Arkham soon after the discovery to try and kill Nightwing. He had failed.

As soon as Joker passed by Two-Face's cell, the scarred man turns from the barred window and stares back into the prison that had been his home for too long.

He's old enough to be the first Robin. Oh, I remember that Robin very well. I put that boy through pain at our first meeting. Why should our last meeting be any different?