"Now, Master Dick, you must let these stitches heal," says Alfred, as he ties off the last stitch.

"Yes, sir," replies Nightwing, with a grin.

Shaking his head at the younger man, Alfred puts away all his medical tools and moves aside. Sliding off the bed careful, Nightwing slowly makes his way over to where Batman is sitting at the Batcomputer.

"Tim left?" asked the younger man.

"Yes," replies Batman, without glancing up at his former partner.

Looking at the screen, Nightwing watches as Batman adds a new file about the case they just completed. Taking his eyes off of the screen, Nightwing stares down at his former partner and mentor.

Feeling the eyes on his back, Batman stops his typing and turns his head to look up at the boy he helped to raise.

"First Joker, then Two-Face," says Nightwing with a shake of his head. "How many more, Bruce?"

"I don't know, Dick," answer Batman, then turns back to the 'computer. "I don't know."