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What Are You Listening To?

There was no other way to describe it, Seigaku's Starters had no luck.

They had somehow managed to get themselves locked into the club house.

With nothing else to do, Kaidoh found himself sitting in a corner, listening to his head phones.

He was listening to Elton John. But it's not like anyone else was going to find out, right?

Wrong, of course.

The Golden Pair were doing God only knows what to each other in a different corner, Momoshiro was trying to convince Echizen that he wasn't looking at Tachibana Ann, and Echizen seemed to be stuck to the idea that he was..Buchou was in Germany, so Fuji sat alone against the lockers messing with his cell phone. He would probably have called for help, but there was no reception. And Inui?
Right next to him. Writing in his notebook. No surprises there. Or, that was, until…

"What are you listening to, Kaoru?"

"Nothing, Senpai."

"Surely it must be something."

"No, it's nothing."
"May I listen as well?"

"I, uh.."

Now what to do? He couldn't refuse his Senpai.

So reluctantly, he handed an ear bud to Inui.

And he watched as his Senpai's face lit up.

"Ah, Elton John. I listen to him all the time while I shower."
….And that was when Kaidoh could have died of embarassment.

Yeah.. I don't know……