Lonely Too Long

Her name is Cir-El. Jason isn't nearly gone enough on her that he thinks it's pretty, but it's nice to have something to call her during sex besides 'Supergirl.'

Not that she is Supergirl anymore. Just like he's not Robin. It isn't exactly the same, but… She understands him, sort of. Just like he understands her. He was a blond punk in a family of dark-haired orphans, and she's a dark-haired misfit in a family of golden girls and boys.

Neither of them fit where they used to belong – used to think they belonged – and now they don't belong anywhere. Anywhere but where they want.

Sex, spars, and shared scars aren't nearly enough to build a 'relationship' on or anything, but Jason doesn't really care. He doesn't really expect this thing between to become more than sex, or to last longer than it takes Cir-El to figure out what her next move is now that she's been exposed as a fraud. He doesn't give a shit about Batman or anybody – he doesn't – but sometimes…just sometimes, mind you…he gets a little…


And it's nice not to be lonely anymore. Even if it's just for a while.