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Chapter One

"I don't give a shit about your sister. She is nothing but a whore and hardly worth my time," Draco spat from behind the end of Ron's wand. He was backed up against a wall in a seventh floor corridor.

"You take that back or I will hex you from here to Hagrid's. You used her and you know it. She trusted you. I don't know why, but I frankly don't care. You better watch your step and keep your hands off of Ginny if you ever wish to have children." Slowly, he dropped his wand and smiled lightly at the twisted hate written on his face. Just as he let go fully, Harry flew into the hallway and made his way to the pair. Without speaking, he launched his fist and hit Draco straight in his perfectly chiseled jaw.

"You are an ass not worthy of breathing. If you ever touch her again, I will make sure you can't hurt anyone like you have hurt her. Understood?" At this point, Harry was holding Draco by the neck. The blood from Draco's lip was drizzling onto his hand, but Harry didn't notice. "I asked you a question, do you understand?" Harry slammed Draco's head hard against the wall behind him.

"Yes," Draco managed to choke out, gasping for breath. Harry let him fall to the ground, but he did not leave. He just stood and stared at Draco, who was still trying to gain his composure and grasp onto what dignity he had left. He slowly raised his head and met Harry's eyes. They stayed like this for a minute. "I'm going to try a different approach to this, and you can bring this back to Ginny too. I never meant to hurt her. It wasn't supposed to end like that." He lowered his head again and broke his eye contact with Harry, who knelt down in front of him. He got as close to Draco's face as he dared.

"And exactly how did you mean for it to end? The way I see it, Ginny would always get hurt, so why ever tell her that you love her? Why make her believe something that can't be true? Are you even capable of love? After all the pain you have caused her and her family and people she cares about, you have the nerve to tell her you love her?" He was still only inches away from Draco's face.

"Regardless of what you think, St. Potter, I do have a heart. Just because I think you unworthy of sharing it, does not make it nonexistent." Draco saw the hurt and anger flash across Harry's eyes and fed off it. "You gave that right up a long time ago, Potter. I do have a question for you though. Now that you have truly seen us, would you still choose Weasley over me? Now that you know what a hopeless sod you have befriended and what you gave up, would you still turn me away?" Draco moved his face an inch closer to eat up every glimpse of confusion that shown there. Suddenly, Harry's hands were once again around Draco's neck, and he was slammed against the wall as he sat.

"I hate you!" Harry screamed. Draco stopped all his thoughts of witty comebacks and drank in the sight before him. Git, as he may be, Harry Potter looked stunning when he was truly angry. Draco had never really taken the time to respect his handy work before, but now he could not draw his eyes away from the rage that was swirling in the depths of those green eyes. To him, it was truly captivating. Before he knew what he was doing he leaned in slightly, catching Harry's lips with his. It was a chaste but fierce kiss. Not a drop of sweetness and driven by pure lust. Harry looked shocked at his own reaction and pulled away immediately.

"The feeling is quite mutual," Draco drawled as Harry stood up. He could still feel Draco's eyes upon him, but walked right back down the hall from which he came.

Ron finally caught up with Harry half way down the corridor.

"What the hell was that? Did he- did he just kiss you?" Harry turned and saw the disgusted look on his face. Ron could never understand what he had to say, so he remained silent as they made there way to the Gryffindor common room.


A week passed and everything was just starting to go back to normal. Ron stopped asking stupid questions he knew he would never get answers to, and Malfoy was finally at the back of Harry's mind. After Potions, Ron and Harry were walking with Hermione, chatting. Suddenly, Ron's books dropped to the ground. They all turned to see Draco, smirking. Hermione held Ron back by the arm.

"Now, now, Weasel, do try to control yourself. It isn't becoming. Of course, I can't really think of anything that would become you, but I'll get back to you on that." He paused and lowered his eyes to Hermione. "Now, Mudblood, I knew you were multi-talented, but leash is not one that I pegged for you." Hermione blushed, but held Ron's arm harder. "Potter." Harry put his hand up, side stepped Draco and began to walk away. "Yes, you seem to be getting good at that. Here I thought Gryffindor lions were blindly brave and incredibly stupid. Ironic how the leader of the pack keeps walking away from me." Harry stopped and turned to walk back to his friends, who were still far too entranced to do anything coherent. As Harry reached Draco, Draco bent down slightly. Harry flinched, thinking he might try to kiss him again, but soon felt breath on his ear. "Scared Potter?" Harry was seething.

"You wish." He spoke quietly and met Draco's silver gaze. Draco was immediately taken aback by the intensity in Harry's eyes. Sure, he was angry, but something was different. Draco leaned in again and whispered.

"You know I do." Without another word, he brushed past Harry, maybe a little too closely, and headed toward his common room.

"Come on, you guys, I still have an essay to finish," Harry said calmly.

"Are you mad, Harry? Draco Malfoy just insulted you, me and Hermione and you did nothing," Ron almost squeaked.

"It's nothing, Ron, he just isn't worth my time anymore." He paused to make sure Ron wouldn't make any objections, but apparently he was incapable of speech at that time and remained silent. "OK, now let's go to study hall," he said as he slowly started to walk away.

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