1Chapter 2

Later that night, Sonic and Amy had a huge party to celebrate their One Year Anniversary. Everyone was there, even Shadow. Sonic even hired a DJ.

"Well well well, if it isn't the man and woman of the hour" Vector said coming over to Sonic and Amy. "But seriously, congratulations you two" Espio said. "Thanks" Sonic said. "Isn't it amazing Sonic ? One year ago we were just dating and even longer before that I was just your annoying friend Amy" she said. "Aw, now your just our annoying friend Amy" Knuckles said. Amy glared at him, which made him take a few steps back before walking away. After words she left too.

"Anyway thanks for coming guys" Sonic said. "Hey it's the least we could do" Charmy said. "You saved our skins more than once" Shadow said.

"Heh, what can I say ?" Sonic said smiling.

Meanwhile Amy was talking with Rouge. "So Amy, exactly how many times have you and Sonic had sex ?" she asked. "Oh lots of times" Amy said smiling. "But, aren't you technically fourteen ?" Rouge asked. "What's your point ?" Amy asked. Rouge just sighed before Knuckles called her over.

"What's going on ?" Knuckles asked. "I don't know, I guess it's just hard to picture Sonic and Amy actually being like this" Rouge answered. "Well they do love each other" Knuckles pointed out. "Oh come on, you actually believe that When it comes to love, sex shouldn't be an issue as long as you're together ?" she asked. "Well yeah it worked on you" he said. Rouge was a little stunned since she knew he was right. "Oh come on, you know everything works out for us" Knuckles said smiling. She smiled as well right before they started to kiss.

Suddenly, Rouge heard something "Psst..Psst". She turned around and saw Amy calling her "Psst Rouge, can you come here for a minute ?". "Hold those lips I'll be right back" she said.

Amy led her into the bathroom. "Okay, I need your help" Amy said a little nervous. "What is it ?" Rouge asked. "Well...it's actually kind of a funny story, you see last night me and Sonic...well you know, and he was out of condoms, but we didn't let that stop us...anyway long story short, I think I might be pregnant" Amy answered.

"Oh my god Amy, have you told Sonic ?" Rouge asked. "No because I want to be absolutely sure, but I didn't have time to buy any tests" Amy said. "Okay, let's calm down, we can figure this out, we just need someone with an IQ higher than a doctor" Rouge said.

Tails was dancing by himself until Rouge came over "Hey Tails, can we see you for a minute ?". "Hang on I like this song" he said. "Get in here" Rouge said pulling him in.

"You want me to what ?" Tails said shocked. "Check and see if Amy's pregnant" Rouge clarified. "You know, I don't know a lot about medical science" Tails said trying to get out of it. "Please Tails I need to know" Amy said.

"Is there a way ?" Rouge asked. "Well yeah, I guess I could take a look at her endometrium layer, but in order to do that I'd have to.." Amy finished his sentence by spreading her legs. "Oh man you can't be serious !" Tails said even more freaked out. "Come on Tails, the sooner you look the sooner you leave" Rouge said. Tails realized he had no choice. He looked down again at Amy. "Oh, I'm way too young for this !" he said going down.

Back at the party, Sonic and Knuckles were chatting. "So, what's it like being married to someone who use to practically stalk you ?" Knuckles asked. "Oh come on, she wasn't that bad" Sonic said. "Right" Knuckles said not believing him. "Well the important thing is that's all in the past and nothing is going to ruin this evening" said the confident hedgehog. It was right about then that Tails and the girls came out.

"Hey guys, we've got big news" Tails said. "You're finally coming out of the closet ?" Knuckles said. "Ha ha, very funny, actually I should say Amy has big new" Tails said. He handed her a microphone and she walked into the middle of the room.

"Hi, I...uh...Sonic, could you stop the music ?" she asked . "Oh yeah sure, cut the music" he said to the DJ.

Now that it was quiet, Amy said "Hello everyone, once again thank you all for coming". "Anyway, we knew we would be celebrating a joyous occasion, but I didn't think it would be this joyous" she said.

Everyone was starting to get more intrigued. "Everybody...I'm pregnant" Amy finally said. Some gasped while the others were dead silent. "That's right, I Amy Rose am carrying the child of Sonic the hedgehog" she said smiling and putting her hand on her stomach. Soon the silence turned into cheering.

"Wow, awesome huh Sonic ?...Sonic ?" Knuckles said. Sonic's eyes had gone blank, his jaw had dropped and he it looked like he was stuck that way.

"Sonic ?" Knuckles said before snapping his fingers. Afterwords Sonic fainted.

Eventually he woke up and everyone was around him. "Wha...what happened ?" Sonic asked. "You fainted right after Amy said she was pregnant" Cream said. Sonic then looked at Amy, who was at his side like always. "So Sonic, what do you think ?" she asked anxious for his reaction. "Wow, I mean, you pregnant I..." he saw the worried look in her eyes "I...I think it's Great !". "Really ?" Amy said happy. "Yeah, were having a kid !" Sonic said happy. They hugged. "Yeah...were having a baby" Sonic said silently depressed.

Sorry the last chapter was so short. Hopefully this will make up for it.