Shoe-Lacing Methods

Dawn heard Spike's drunken voice cursing at his feet. She giggled, he was so wasted that he couldn't lace his own boots.

"Dawnie..." He pouted childishly, motioning to the stubborn boots.

Disregarding all warnings, she kneeled in front of him. Taking the laces and sing-songing just as her mother used to do:

"Here's a tree, here a little rabbit. The rabbit runs and runs around the tree and finally hides in this little hole."

She secured the knot and did the same with his other foot.

Spike stared at her quizzically, "You are a strange kid, Nibblet."

Dawn only smiled.

Some Things I Have Done to Disgrace My Family Name

Summers women never...

...aim half-innocent, half-wondering and all hungry looks at soulless vampires.

...befriend said vampire but secretly hope it doesn't stay a friendship.

...steal a brief kiss with deliberate, premeditated advantage.

...are jealous of their older sister. Even if Buffy's prettier and braver and of course he'd prefer her.

...hate the sister they come from. You don't have that mercy.

...let newly-souled vampires steal brief kisses back. Much less just because he tired of chasing her. But it wasn't brief, much less stolen, and you really enjoyed it...

Maybe Summers women would never do it.

But you don't care.

Not Very Scary Movies

Screams of horror come from the TV.

Dawn hides her face into his shoulder, purposely tracing his skin with hungry lips.

She's not the girl blowing raspberries as he was chained in Giles' living-room. She hasn't been since he entered her dreams: She's always bound defenceless, and he does more than laugh at her predicament.

He watches the movie stoically, wavering on the fine line this girl always draws for him. He wants to shiver at her heat, but holds back and laughs. "It's not that scary, Dawn."

Spike pretends not to hear the half-hurt, half-angry huff against his skin.