post-The Gift. Rated F for Fluff. Yes, I realise those two shouldn't go together, but I couldn't help myself. +G+


Spike heard the weeping as soon as he stepped inside. He grimaced; now the smallest thing set Dawn off. He nodded to the two witches on the couch. "What happened?"

"Dawn lost the tickets for tomorrow's concert."

"Tickets?" He frowned. "All this rattle for slips of paper?"

"You don't get it. Buffy bought them. They'd have this big sisterly bonding L.A. night..."

"So? Buy the tickets, go with her. That'll calm her."

Willow sighed. "We don't have the money."

"Even if we did," Tara added, "they've been sold out already."

Spike shrugged, already bored, and headed for the kitchen. "Whatever."


"Again, why are you doing this?"

"Because I need quick cash and you want cheap help."

Anya studied him. "How cheap?"

Spike rolled his eyes. "Cheap enough."

"Xander would do it for free."

An eyebrow quirked up.

"Okay, you would handle any boxes without endangering the merchandise." Anya relented. "You can only work nights, that's half a shift. No benefits because the undead don't get them, and I'm discounti---"

"Discount away, Anya," he interrupted her. "Just hand me the money now and I'll be yours next week." His eyes narrowed. "But remember, not a word."

Anya smiled winningly. "Deal."


"This is great!" Dawn shouted over the engine's rumble. "How did you convince Willow to let me ride the bike to L.A.?"

Spike shrugged. "She never said you couldn't."

Dawn giggled, the sound muffled under the helmet. "So I shouldn't tell her, huh?"

"Good call," he shouted back.

"How did you get the tickets anyway?"

"I have a friend, he likes the band." Had a groupie-based diet, too, but Dawn didn't need to know that. "He gave me two for the right price." His life; Spike had used the money to repair his bike for the trip. "You like?"