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Shawn Hunter winced as he swung his backpack up. Not only was his stomach dying from lack of food, but his hand felt like it wanted to fall off. After school, he'd drop by Cory's and see if he had anything to wrap around it. Maybe.

Shawn went out the window, which, other then being infinitely better then the door, was a sure way to make sure he didn't wake up his dad. Then he started walking.

In his opinion, the best part of the day was the walk from his house to Cory's, where he'd get on the bus. The walk meant he was going back to school, yes. But it also meant he was getting away from home.

Between school and home, he'd pick school any day.

Shawn smiled at Cory, sticking his hurt hand into a pocket. He tried not to wince at the pain that got sent up his arm. From the passing look of worry on Cory's face, he could tell he didn't do a good job.

Shawn also saw a paper bag in Cory's hands.

The bag probably contained food.

It took all of Shawn's self-discipline not to rip the bag out of Cory's hands.

Shawn and Cory clamored onto the bus, taking their usual seats towards the back. Shawn tried to act normal and talk and laugh. But his throbbing hand impeded him progress.

He didn't even want to think about school. It was his right hand that was hurt. He was right handed. Even though he avoided writing like the plague, he'd have to do it sometime.

Shawn winced every time his hand hit something. He could barely even remember hurting it. All that he remembered was that his father had come home drunk. Again.

There was also some yelling, and a couple punches thrown. Luckily, Chet Hunter had bad aim. But there was also a push, onto the floor.

He had stopped it with his hand.

The bus stopped in front of the middle school, screeching to a stop and jarring Shawn's hand once again. He groaned.

It was going to be a long day.

Really, really short. The other chapters will be longer!