Title Missing

Chapter 1 Boom.

It's been a month since Razor told Shadow that he loved her.

Aleewood and Chance were working on a car and Jake was tinkering with some of his missiles.

Hey Aleewood can you hand me a wrench, asked Chance.

Here Chance, answered Aleewood.

Next thing Chance and Aleewood heard was this big boom coming from the hanger. They both ran to the the ladder Chance took the ladder and Aleewood just jumped down to the hanger.

Jake, yelled Aleewood and Chance.

Jake please answer us, shouted Aleewood.

Then they heard groaning. Aleewood ran to where the groaning was coming from.

Jake are you okay. Aleewood asked.

Yeah I'm fine, replied Jake.

While they were talking and helping Jake of the floor. The alarm went off.

Swat Kats , Shouted Callie.

What is it Miss. Briggs, answered Chance.

T-bone Dr. Viper's attacking Mega Kat City Labs, replied Callie.

We're on it Miss. Briggs, said Shadow.

Chance, Jake, and Aleewood ran to their lockers and got changed flight suits quickly.

T-bone and Razor were in the turbokat and Shadow was on the cylotron.

Shadow where are you over, asked T-bone.

I'm on the street's dodging all of these cars so I can get of Mega Kats City Labs over, answered Shadow.

What do you think Viper is up to, asked Razor.

I don't know Razor he could be doing anything at the MKC Labs but I do know that it's no good over, answered T-bone.

Let's hurry up and get there before the news crews get there, replied Razor.

Oh yeah, T-bone responded.

So they raced off to MKC Labs. Outside MKC Labs the Enforcers where lined up outside waiting for the order to go in and get Dr. Viper. Then Shadow showed up in front of the Lab. Shadow got off of the cylotron and ran past the Enforcers. She pointed her glovatrix up in to the air and shot her grappling hook up at the roof. It latched and Shadow began to pull herself up.