Chapter 5 Finding Razor and T-bone.

Oh my head, said Shadow.

Shadow looked around the room that she was in.
All I remember is Cal..., Shadow groaned.

CCCCAAAALLLLLLLLIIIIEEEE,"Shadow screamed at the top of her lungs."

What was that, asked Felina.

Protect me Felina, Callie pleaded.

A very angry Shadow stomped out of the room and into the hall. When she saw Callie hiding behind Lt. Feral she gave Callie a sort of death glare. Shadow rushed over to Felina and Callie.

Shadow jumped up into the air, but Felina slammed her into the floor.

Felina get off of me now, ordered Shadow.

No your not going to hurt Callie, responded Felina.

I wasn't going to Felina, said Shadow.

How do I know your not lying, Felina asked.

Because I would have already punched you in the face Felina that's why replied Shadow.

Felina got off of Shadow and helped her up. Shadow was about to say something.

Shadow I know what your going to say, I'm sorry I hit you with a frying pan but.

Callie never got to finish what she was saying.

You hit me with a frying pan, WHY, shouted Shadow.

I was afraid that you were going to have an accident and get hurt, screamed Callie.

You still didn't have to hit me with a frying pan Callie, Shadow yelled.

Then there was a knock on the door, Callie walked over to it and opened the door. It was Commander Feral. He walked in and saw Shadow and Felina talking and he became in raged.

Felina, Feral shouted.

Shadow looked at Feral, she ran to the table grabbed her glovatrix ran to the window and opened it. She stuck her whole body out the window and fired the grappling hook at the roof. It latched on to the roof. Before she could pull her self up she felt something tugging at her leg, It was Feral.

Feral get off of of me, Shouted Shadow.

No your under arrest, Feral yelled.

Shadow struggled and she finally got her leg loose and pulled herself up to the roof. Shadow ran to the turbokat and jumped into the cockpit, and took off she circled the roof, then Feral ran out on to the roof. Shadow laughed at the brown feline she turned around and headed toward the south side of the city. Feral grabbed Shadow's ankle so hard that it left a mark that soon become a bruise.

Hey whats this button do, wondered Shadow.

Shadow pressed the button and an arrow came up. Shadow followed to where very the it pointed.

Why is the arrow pointing to that old warehouse, asked Shadow.

She walked over to the warehouses window and looked in. What she saw shocked her beyond belief.

Oh Shit it's Dark Kat and Viper, squeaked Shadow.

But she didn't see Razor and T-bone anywhere. Shadow feared the worst for her family.


Mommy, Daddy, young she-kat cried.

Doctor will my parents be okay, Aleewood asked.

I'm sorry but your parents didn't make it I'm sorry, said the Doctor.

What they have to who's going to take care of me, said and tears rolled down her cheek.

(Flashback ends)

Shadow snapped out of it and tried to find away in. But then she looked at the roof, when she got up their she found an air shaft. She took the cover off and got in. Shadow crawled through the vents. When she finally got to were she wanted to be. Through the vent cover you could see these big yellow pupil. Shadow slowly took off the cover of the vent and when she had the cover off she jumped down on the the floor. Shadow got ready to fire mini missiles just in case anything went wrong. Then Shadow heard screeching from behind her. Dark Kat and Viper heard the noise and ran to where the noise was coming from the creatures were trying to climb up the steel girder. Dark Kat looked up and saw Shadow and punched the steel it made Shadow loose her grip and fall into the mob of creatures. They grabbed her legs and arms, She was caught.

Hello Shadow so good to see you again, laughed Dark Kat.

Shadow gave Dark Kat a death glare. You assholes if you've hurt them I'll personally kill you, Shadow said coldly.

Dark Kat punched her in the face but not hard enough to knock her out. But Shadow was smart she pretended to be unconscious. The creatures carried her off toward her cell. Now Shadow had a little gash on her cheek from Dark Kat's rings. But what Dark Kat didn't know that Shadow had a plan of her own. The creatures and Shadow finally reached her cell. The creatures through her in and closed the door and walked away. Shadow landed right next to Razor. T-bone and Razor where scared to see Shadow in with them.

Poor Razor sat up and put his hand on Shadow's gash. Then he looked at T-bone.

We're trapped here now that Shadow's in here with us, replied Razor.

I know buddy,added T-bone.

Shadow heard the whole thing, so she finally said something.

Trapped I don't think so boy's, said Shadow.

Razor and T-bone looked at Shadow. Razor lunged himself at Shadow hugging her tightly.

Shadow we thought that you were knocked out but why , questioned T-bone.

Because I needed to get to you two, added Shadow.

She got up and walked over to the door, she took two pieces of metal out of her pockets and put them into the lock until she heard a click. She got up and pushed the cell door open.

Are you guy's coming or not, replied Shadow.

T-bone picked up Razor and ran to the door. Shadow, T-bone, and Razor ran down the hallway, Then one of Vipers creatures got in front of them. Shadow ran in front of them and lunged herself at the creature. She gave it a roundhouse kick to the head sending it into the wall. T-bone and Razor passed Shadow. They finally reached the front of the warehouse.

T-bone wait, whispered Shadow.

What for Shadow there's the door, replied T-bone.

T-bone look it's Dark Crud and Viper maybe that's why she said stop, added Razor.

Good call Shadow, said T-bone.

How are we going to get out Shadow, questioned Razor.

I'll distract them while you guy's head for the door.

Shadow ran out to the middle of room.

Hey Dark Kat, yelled Shadow.

She ran off with Dark Kat and Viper following her. Razor and T-bone ran for the door. Shadow saw them go through the door, and now she had to loose Dark Kat and Viper. She pressed a button on the glovatrix. A gas grenade popped out she took it and took out the key and throw it. Shadow ran behind some barrels until Dark Kat and Viper ran off. Once they were gone she ran the way she had came and out of the building.

SUCKERS, shouted Shadow as she laughed.

She met T-bone and Razor at the turbokat. Razor and T-bone were in the back sit and Shadow was in the pilots sit and took off.

Shadow the hanger is the other way, said T-bone.

I know but someone wants to see you first.

Shadow, T-bone, and Razor had reached Callie's apartments. She tapped the window with the turbokat's wing. What Shadow didn't know behind the curtains was Feral and some enforcer troops.

Did you here that, asked Callie.

No why, replied Feral.

Callie walked over to the huge window and moved the curtains, and gasped at the site that she saw.

Shadow, Razor, and T-bone waved to Callie.

Feral was shocked to see the SwatKats.

Callie opened the window, Shadow opened the canopy.

You found them,cheered Callie.

Yeah now I can get some sleep without the help of your frying pan Callie, laughed Shadow.

When Shadow looked back Callie was gone then she came back with something.

Hey Shadow, Callie shouted

What, replied Shadow.

Callie took a frying pan from behind her back. Shadow just sank in her seat.