Went looking through all of my 'non-posted' stories and found this little gem. I forgot about it, but I'll post what I have and work a little on it here and there. It's sort of angsty, which you all know isn't my usually cuppa, but I like it.

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The Highwind had landed in a large field for the night. No one on board had gotten much rest for the past three nights, so Cid had issued the command to land. The safety of his airship was of utmost importance.

Yuffie, thankful for the ship being still, was laying on the roof of the ship, wrapped in a blanket and watching the stars. She was so rarely quiet or still, no one would have believed it was her laying there. The night sky was different from that of Wutai. None of the constellations were the same and the stars were all different. It made her homesick. She wanted to look up at the stars and see mighty Leviathan winding his way up to the heavens.

She sighed sadly, frowning at the night sky. The truth of the matter was that she was lonely. Not even the stars were familiar enough to give her company as they did at her home. She was the youngest of the group, and treated as a child for the most part. They never expected anything out of her other than mischief and trouble. It continued to surprise them when she said something intelligent. They cared for her, she knew, but she still wished they would realize that she was not a little girl to be taken care of.

Yuffie almost growled when her solitude was broken by most of AVALANCHE coming out onto the deck. She wrinkled her nose at the smoke from Cid and Barret's cigarettes. They really need to quit, the jackasses. I hate smelling like smoke. Tifa was not among them, having turned in early, as had Red XIII. Lacking anything else to do, she stayed where she was, listening to their conversation.

"Man, I can't wait for this to be over." Cid said.

"Want t'go home to Shera?" Barret replied, teasing the pilot.

"Can it, $&#&." Yuffie could imagine Cid's glare as he puffed on a cancer stick. "Cloud's the lucky one. He's got Tifa here with him."

"What do you mean, with me?" Cloud asked.

"Man, you're $&#$ retarded. You don't even notice she's hot for you. &$, if you don't want her, I'll go after her." He paused for a drag. "One # of a looker, that one."

"I'll say!" Cait Sith said. It was hard to believe that a man as serious as Reeve was in control of the stuffed cat and moogle. The cat was obnoxious at times, but serious at others. No one could figure out if it was an act Reeve put on, or if he was really like that in real life. "Nice curves!"

"I'm agreein'." Barret put in. Yuffie rolled her eyes at the men below her. Of course they would be talking about the brunette bombshell Tifa. She loved Tifa like a sister, but it was hard not to be jealous of all the attention her body and looks got.

"What'd ya think, Vincent?" Cait put in, surprising Yuffie. Vincent usually kept himself absent from any and all unnecessary conversations.

"She is quite lovely." Yuffie sighed. Even Vincent, the man still obsessed with a dead woman, thought Tifa was beautiful. She jumped when a loud yelp was heard from below, followed by Cid's curses.

"&# brat! I told her to quit leaving these &$ star things layin' around!"

"Must you call her that?" Vincent said, once again surprising Yuffie. Not only was he talking, he was almost defending her.

"Yeah! Cause she's a $#&#$ brat!" Barret grunted, supposedly in agreement.

"She's not that bad, Cid." Cloud said.

"Yeah! She's nice if you give her the chance to be!" Cait put in. "She's cute too."

"Cute? You're head really is stuffed, ain't it?" Cid said.

"HEY! You're gunna tell me you don't think she's even the slightest bit cute?"

"Alright, maybe a little. Never gunna be in the same league as Tifa, though." Yuffie could feel her heart sink with Cid's words. She agreed with him personally, but hearing it said out loud hurt. "She's a #$& tomboy. So what if she's got a nice waist? I've seen men with a bigger chest than she's got." She heard him light another cigarette, tears pooling in her eyes.

"That would be because she binds her breasts down." Vincent said into the short silence. His words were clipped, but no one would notice that but Yuffie. She was the only one to spend time with him outside of battles.

"How d'you know, Vampire? Isn't she a bit YOUNG fer you?"

"I do not take underage girls to bed, Cid. I will thank you not to imply otherwise." Vincent was a gentleman in every way, and they all knew it. Cid was just trying to push his buttons. The logic behind that must be faulty, seeing as no one in their right mind would want to annoy a man with demons in his head. "And I know that because she had to change her shirt on a trek earlier in our journey. I heard Tifa and Yuffie speak of it."

"What's yer point? She'll never be one to stop the #$#$&#& traffic. It'd be funny to see her try and be a girl, though." They all laughed, with the exception of Vincent, who must have gotten up from his seat.

"I have no wish to listen to you speak so of a teammate. Especially when she is undeserving of it."

"What's up wi' you, Vincent? You're all protectin' her and $#" This was from Barret.

"Yuffie is the only one of you who can meet my eyes without fear." The others stayed silent while he left the deck. They waited for the door to shut before continuing.

"She's still a &#&#$( brat."

Yuffie, who now had tears streaming down her cheeks, was fighting to keep back sobs. She silently got up from her perch above them, dragging her blanket along behind her. She opened the small hatch that lead to the storage area behind the cockpit, letting herself back inside without anyone knowing. Yuffie waited until the door to her room was shut and locked before letting herself truly cry.

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