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This fic is Alternate Universe and a yaoi type at that. Yaoi meaning male x male. Don't like don't read. I will also try to put the least amount of commentary as possible, so here it goes.

Pairings: multiple

Disclaimer: Nothing in this story belongs to me but this plot line and I have no monetary gain or profit. The only thing I have is your approval or disapproval of this story and I always appreciate constructive criticism. Vulgar criticism is by no means accepted. Keep in mind that things in the story might change, so be patient. Thank you.

Katan Yue

A Cruel Fairy Tale

Chapter One: Fragments

Once upon a time, when the world began anew, there was a beautiful queen by the name of Jenova. She was the fair and gentle monarch of a kingdom far beyond the sea. Queen Jenova had three beautiful sons. The first born son, had very tanned skin as dark as the earth and eyes as golden as the sun itself. The second son of Jenova had skin as white as Ivory, and eyes as green as the deep wide sea. He was ten years younger that his brother, but was skilled with a sword. But when things became dire, Jenova bore a third son. Jenova's third son had creamy skin and deep blue eyes that were as vast as the pretty sky above. He was full of justice, love, and compassion for all of mankind. His name was




Sora…!...So…ra…wake up..Sora…


"S-O-R-A…wake up Sora or you'll be late for class, Sora?"

"Whaaat…?" The boy named Sora was abruptly awakened from his sleep. Frantically, he woke up reeling towards the edge of the bed and falling to the floor with a light thump sound.

"Mom…?" Sora whined dazedly, dizzy, and confused as he unwrapped his lithe, petite body from the white cotton sheets. "Come on Sora. You don't want to be late for class." His mother said moving towards the window and drawing the white curtains to the sides. "Mom…? Today is Saturday…why would I be late for class…" He complained dramatically as his sapphire blue eyes blinked almost rapidly in an attempt to adjust to the morning light. "Don't give me that little cute pout of yours, mister. Did you forget the promise that you made to your girlfriend Kairi? You said you'd help her with the school testing preparation seminar starting this Saturday, remember?" She chided her forgetful son with a ruffle of soft, spiky hair.


"Don't you oh, mother me and start getting ready." Sora's mother ordered before she left the room. "Arghh…" The blue eyed boy groaned in exasperation while he rubbed his sleepy eyes, walked towards the closet to pick out his uniform, then turned to the bathroom to take a quick shower.


"Ahhrghh…this is so fucked-up…just move the damned piece will ya." The flamed colored hair seemed to flair with fire at the spat of his frustrated words.

"Shut up Axel." Warned the other voice.

"Just move the fucking piece, leech" Axel shot another nasty glare at his red-head companion.

"Look…" the red-head started sarcastically "we have all the time in the world, in fact we have an eternity to play a fucking game of chess. What haven't had your rabies shot yet, mutt?" The red-head finished with a proud smirk plastered to his pale face. "Com'ere boy…" The red-head whistled "fetch…" and he waved his retractable baton in front of Axel. Being the last limits of Axel's patience, he shot forward with one swift movement and toppled the table over; scattering all of the frosted glass chess pieces onto the white, cold marble floor. "Great, now we're going to have to start the game all over again thanks to your temper. Are all lycanthropes as smart as you…?" The red-head man inquired impatiently. "Very fucking funny Reno." The flamed color-haired man summoned a small fire ball and shot it at his companion who barely dodged it.

"Shit Axel? The alarmed Reno began smothering a few burning flames from the tips of his riled-up hair. "Don't get your panties all up in a bunch. It was just a game oookay. Oookay"

"Vampires…" Axel shot indignantly.

"Lycanthropes…" Reno responded in a mock tune.

Before they could once again resume their cat and dog behavior, the massive wooden door shot open with a terrible thunk sound that reverberated through the empty building. The snowy, cold storm oozed through the open doors and dashed with a powerful blow inside the room. Both Axel and Reno snapped their heads simultaneously to take a good look at the unknown intruders. "What the hell are you doing here!" Axel and Reno questioned in unison, their eyes glaring at the three black clad intruders. A tall, black-robed hooded figure stood in the middle of two other men. The man to the right was clad in a black leather pants and vest, while the other man was clad in a simple, black cotton trench coat with a military collar.

"Get the crystal…"

The deep, dark, rich voice of the hooded creature commanded imperiously; his black gloved fingers pointing to something beyond the second double set of doors ahead of them.

"No fucking way you assholes!" Axel began to summon a fire wall surrounding Reno and himself.

"Stormy…" The other black clad figure began "finish them off."

"Whatever you say Belthie" The black leather clad man transformed his human appearance into one of utter death. His eyes turned white, his jagged teeth a mesh of white and yellow, his lips an icy bluish purple, and his skin pale with black veins seeping through his flesh in a beyond twisted facial expression. He raised his arms to the sky and opened his mouth to release a hollow, piercing shriek that immediately had Axel and Reno covering their sensitive ears. Once the shriek had rendered his opponents useless, he called upon a powerful gust that sent both guardians darting through the rock covered walls of the next chamber.


"Your turn. Belthezor." The hooded figure commanded.

At the command, Belthezor lounged forward and his human appearance changed less dramatically that his companion. His skin turned black, a red strip of red skin across his eyes and bridge of the nose, another strip of red skin running from his forehead trough the back of his bald head. His yellow piercing eyes, locked on his two rising opponents.

"Very well…" His eyes skimmed the two targets as they rose a little wobbly to their feet. Their disorientation apparent in the clumsy movement of their hands brushing the debris of sand and rock wall; they began their stance.

"Game over boys." Belthezor stated coldly. With the speed of a blazing demon, Belthezor launched his body towards his opponents and grabbed them by the neck. With a jolt of powerful electricity, he sent the two pained wracked bodies like projectiles into the end wall of the rock chamber. Both bodies crashed into the wall; immediately smearing blood as their bodies plummeting to the floor.

"We finally found him." Were the last words both guardians heard as they began to loose consciousness.

"They stole the crystal……we need back-up……" Axel's labored words could barely be said to his companion who was steadily regaining consciousness.

"To-though sh-shit bro…" Reno tried a faint laughed that failed miserably. His body ached like hell itself, and every broken bone in his body screamed for help. "Ghnnh…I think that my phone broke into a trillion pieces…" Reno clarified looking at his broken cell phone when his companion somehow managed a death glare.

"Gahhh……" Axel groaned in excruciating pain as he crawled next to Reno.

"Use your v-vampire p-powers to…argh……to c-all them, you ass." Axel breathed when he painfully reached his destination. "I'm ble-eding t-to death. I don't h-have any powers right now. N-no blood n-no p-powers, re-mem-ber?" Reno closed his eyes again as a lapse of dizziness swept through him. "You're already dead r-remember?" Axel countered with dry sarcasm. "Shit…I…don't wanna die……in this hell hole……I…refuse to." Axel stated stubbornly wile he dashing the palm of his hand, and lifting it to Reno with the last of his strength. "This…is the last…t-time……it's gonna happen…ok…" Axel slowly placed the bleeding palm of his hands to Reno's lips, and winced when he felt the twin sharp teeth pierce his skin followed by a sucking motion. "Ahh……fuck…" Axel cried as he felt the pain and pleasure from Reno's bite.


Without being told to stop, Reno left the other guardian's hand and started his Blood Summon.

Reno's body felt hot and burning. The new acquired blood boiled trough his veins and rushed to his eyes making them blood shot. His vision blurred as it skimmed over towns, cities, and continents until the astral presence reached its destination. There was a young man peacefully resting in a large bed between crimson covered sheets. His silver hair sprawled along the many pillows, while some of the strands framed that peaceful angelic face.

RI-KU came the voice like whisper ghosting around his ears. RI-KU


And the young man sat up with a start.

"It's done……" Reno said flatly.

"I can't die in here…Axel decided "I have someone……someone who is waiting for me…" Axel closed his eyes and the picture of a beautiful, young spiky-haired blonde popped into his mind.

Axel?...Axel?…Promise me that you'll come back ok.

"Is it Roxas?" Reno inquired.

"Fuck you, Reno" Axel retorted "it's not fair…you saw it in my blood…" he whined.

Reno smiled a true smile and gave a shaky sigh. "I too…h-have someone waiting…" Reno confessed. "Her name is Tifa…and she'll be one hell of a pissed bitch if I…die on her." He closed his eyes and saw Tifa's pink lips smiling gently at him.

"She that bad?" Axel questioned.

"Na, she's the sweetest, well mannered girl I've ever met. She jus hates my sailor-cussing mouth." He responded with another genuine smile "plus…she warned me that if I ever used another bad word in front of her, she'd wash my mouth with soap…"

"Go Tifa…" Axel tried to sound enthusiastic, but the pain would not allow him.

"Shut-up Axel…Roxas also dislikes you sailor-swearing mouth."

Axel! Don't use such foul language! I've never met another man that swears as much as you do.

Ha, if Roxas only knew he was working with another man that swore just as much as he did, both Tifa and Roxas would be washing both him and his companion's cussing mouth with a brand new bar of soap.

"Fucking dog…" Reno commented.

"Stupid leech…" Axel responded.

Soon, both their pain wrecked bodies fell into unconsciousness once again.

Another comment form the author: So what did you think of the story? Was it worth to read it? Or not? Please forgive the exstensive use of profanity, but its goes perfectly with the characters in this story. Hence the M rated prject. Not all chapters will be like this, so don'tbe frightened.Should I continue or should I just dump the whole project? This is my first fanfic so do go easy on me k? Like I say, I like constructive criticism, but no vulgar criticism please. If I get one positive comment I'll keep writing the story just for them k? Ideas are always welcome.

Katan Yue